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Among Us Xbox and Playstation Release – Smart Move?

Among Us hit its peak during the pandemic lockdown, where people had the chance to talk to their friends while playing this game. The game’s concept is very interesting and similar to the popular game ‘Mafia’. You have impostor(s) who have the goal of killing every crewmate while sabotaging their tasks. The crewmates win either by voting out every impostor or by finishing their tasks. After its lavish glory when bigshot YouTubers played this game with other streamers, it seems that Among Us almost died. Further on, we will be reviewing how will this release on the next-gen consoles affect the lifeline of Among Us, Among Us was released on the Xbox and PS4 last year on the 14th of December. The game supports crossplay and online multiplayer across mobile, PC, and now consoles, much like it does on other platforms. 

Among Us Xbox and PS4 release

Among Us Xbox imposter runing

What platforms is Among Us released on?

You can play Among Us on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android! With the cross-platform feature enabled, you can play with your unique profile on each of these consoles!

Is Among Us free on Consoles?

You can play Among Us for free on every supported console! With this move, developers probably aim to increase the number of active players. However, the game still contains ads to compensate for the free-to-play offer.

Is there anything different on the console gameplay?

The main difference between PlayStation and Xbox versions is that PlayStation gamers will be able to purchase exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetics. There’s a skin and cap for your character to appear like Ratchet, as well as a Clank-themed pet.

Is “Among Us” Dead? Is the expansion a good move?

Among Us Xbox

In December 2021, Among Us had an average of 500 million active players. This might seem like a large number, but in reality, every month they are losing about 13 million players on average. Especially with the beginning of 2021, when almost every month showed a huge percentage in decline in player count. Despite this, the developers of Among Us, InnerSloth, have no plans to abandon the game. They’re introducing new areas and playable maps to keep people engaged and immersed in the game as much as they were previously. The recent airship update is an excellent example of this effort.

The Airship Update

This update brought the fourth and biggest map to date, The Airship. This map contains seventeen new areas and many new tasks.

The locations go as follows:

  • Vault
  • Electrical
  • Kitchen
  • Main Hall
  • Showers, and many more!

New tasks that were added to The Airship include:

  • Clean Toilet
  • Develop Photos
  • Rewind Tapes
  • Dress Mannequin
  • Start Fans, and many more!

The art style was also completely enhanced with clearer outlines and character animations! Very importantly, this makes the game much more visually appealing to the eyes of the gamer. Moreover, except for the visual remake, the lobby limit has been increased! With this update, players can now make a lobby of up to 15 people! Undoubtedly, The Airship is the perfect map for this, with the spacious new areas and a plethora of tasks to complete, this is the ideal place to have fun with a larger group of friends! Inspired by The Henry Stickmin Collection, the developers also gave out many new cosmetic choices, including hats and hairpins for players to choose from.

Among Us Manga?

In an attempt to keep the game alive, Innersloth announced a manga debut for Among Us! The one-shot manga feature will be in the well-known Bessatsu Corocoro magazine in April 2022. Not much is known about this manga feature, however, we anticipate that this is an amazing attempt to deepen the lore behind Among Us. This just might give the edge for more people to give Among Us a try and keep the game alive.

Final Verdict

With still such an impressive number of active players, Among Us is certainly not dead. However, one might say that it is slowly dying off. You might notice that Among us is no longer on the top chart on Twitch and that your youtube feed no longer contains every single celebrity playing the game. However, we should not overlook all of the efforts that the developers are making to keep the game alive and make it as enjoyable as possible for its player base!

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