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Arianna Bloodborne | Guide and FAQs

While waiting for a potential Bloodborne 2, we can’t help but notice Bloodborne’s worldbuilding and immersion are unreal. The Victorian-era-inspired city of Yharnam is plagued with a mysterious illness, and it’s up to the player character to figure out what’s causing it.

Along the way, you get to discover the mysteries hidden in the deep cobweb of Yharnam’s secrets. You also get to meet a bunch of NPCs, most of whom are not all that impressive. However, you’ll find one NPC that stands out in the crowd, and that’s Arianna Bloodborne.

Arianna is one of the few notable NPCs in the game. She’s not all that weird in and of herself. However, the questline which involves her can go awry with just a few simple mistakes the player can make. That’s why it’s important to follow a guide to ensure you’re getting the outcome you want.

How to Find Arianna | Bloodborne? 

To trigger Arianna’s questline, it’s important that the player has access to the Oedon Chapel. Once you’ve gained access to this Chapel, you can find Arianna Bloodborne in the lower section of Cathedral Ward. 

Once you get to the Lantern, you need to exit using the stairs on your left. After that, you need to hook right and run up the staircase until you reach the courtyard. Once there, you’ll have to turn left past the carriages. Don’t enter the plaza! Once you’ve gone past the carriages, follow the stairs leading to the back alley. After that, you’ll have to turn left one more time and go down the street.

Arianna Bloodborne

Down this street is where you’ll find Arianna’s home, conveniently marked by a red lantern.

Should you kill Arianna in Bloodborne? 

This choice is entirely up to you to make. However, you should know that Arianna Bloodborne can be saved. Whether this is the more humane option or if you should put her out of her misery is a different question entirely.

However, if you want to get one-third of the Umbilical Cord, you need to kill Arianna and her infant. This also requires having any two remaining thirds including Mergo’s Cord, Workshop’s Cord, and Iosefka’s Cord. This cord is important to access the third ending of the game.

How to get Arianna’s Shoes 

Getting Arianna’s shoes is a simple task. You can kill Arianna Bloodborne, or you can complete her questline. There are no special requirements for either. Doing this will grant you Arianna’s Shoes.

How do you save Arianna Bloodborne? 

It’s important to note that only players who have killed 3 total bosses or killed one boss from either Old Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, or Hemwick Charnel Lane can save Arianna. Once you have these, you can go back to this part of the questline.

save Arianna Bloodborne

Once you’ve done that, Arianna will ask for a safe space. You can direct her to the Oedon Chapel, and she will be there the next time you warp to the Lantern along with all the other NPCs.

There is also a time limit to save Arianna Bloodborne. She will die after the Blood Moon sets, presumably killed. As a result, you won’t be able to save Arianna and you also won’t be able to get the Umbilical Cord either.

However, you also need to keep an eye on the NPCs you have in the Oedon Chapel. The Suspicious Beggar seems to be prone to killing her should he ever get to the Chapel. There is another NPC that can kill Arianna, but we’ll get to that part soon.

What happens if you take Arianna’s blood? 

Players with a keen and observant eye will notice that Arianna wears the Noble Dress you can find in Castle Cainhurst. The fact that she’s wearing this dress insinuates that Arianna is related to the nobles that lived in that castle.

Additionally, her blood has been likened to the blood forbidden by the healing church, which implies that her blood might be Vileblood. Still, it’s worth taking Arianna’s blood, as it heals HP, boosts stamina for 20 seconds, and unlocks the Curtsy gesture. 

However, you need to be careful with accepting vials of Arianna’s blood. It may lead to her untimely demise.

What is Arianna’s baby in Bloodborne?

Once you defeat Micolash in the Nightmare of Mensis, you’ll find that Arianna has gone into labor. As a result, she has left the Oedol Chapel and it’s up to you to find her. Once you get to the Lantern, you have to turn around and go down the stairs into the aqueduct. This will lead you to Arianna Bloodborne and her baby.

You’ll find her sitting down, watching her baby, and both crying and laughing at her misfortune. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that her baby is the Child of Blood, or a Celestial Child.

Arianna's baby in Bloodborne

These children are small and seem to somewhat resemble slugs. They have no visible eyes and they have unusual growth on their faces. You may also note the small wing-like appendages on their back. Players who have already seen the Daughter of the Cosmos, Ebrietas, may point out the resemblance between the two, hinting at a connection. 

However, these children are not dangerous, and they only become hostile when they are threatened.

Will Adella kill Arianna Bloodborne?

If you send Adella the Nun to the Oedon Chapel, this may spell bad news for Arianna. Well, at least if you’re not careful.

If you take 3 vials of the blood Arianna Bloodborne offers you, Adella will become jealous. Upon your next return to the Oedon Chapel, you’ll find that Adella has killed Arianna.

Her death results in the loss of the Umbilical Cord for the rest of the game.

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