Elden Ring Gameplay 2023 – What we know so far (leak, trailer) 

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It’s time for one of the most awaited titles in the past few years, Elden Rings! The well-known Japanese gaming publisher giant, Bandai Namco will publish this brand new thrilling action role-playing game, developed by the studio behind Dark Souls, FromSoftware. Hidetaka Miyazaki directed Elden Ring. He is also extremely famous for his work on the Souls series, Sekiro, and Bloodborne. But, probably the biggest figure here, is George R.R. Martin, the mastermind behind the Song Of Ice And Fire novel series, later adapted to the cult TV show Game of Thrones. With such huge names behind this title, it is more than expected that the Elden Ring will leave a mark in gaming history. On February 25, 2022, Elden Ring Gameplay 2023 will be released for Playstation4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. 

The lore has a very fantasy-esque feeling to it. The story follows the shattering of the Elden Ring which dispersed into small fractions which are called the Great Runes. The story is set in the Lands between, which is a domain ruled by the evil Queen Marika. Furthermore, her offspring bear the Great Runes which tarnishes their souls and grants them immense power. The goal of the player is to collect all of the shards of the Elden Ring, thereby restoring and becoming the Elden Lord.

Elden Ring Gameplay 2023: Trailers tell us a lot

elden ring watching land

The developer’s Elden Ring gameplay trailer showed mercy to all of the gaming community. It reveals everything about the game, from the monsters you fight along the way, up to the technical aspects of gameplay such as stealth and crafting. The most significant difference between Elden Ring and the other From Software games, such as the Souls series, is that it is completely open-world. Players can ride a spectral horse through The Lands Between, encountering NPCs and engaging various enemies in battle. Players will also be able to attack enemy convoys and take valuables from the carriages they transport. You can also prepare for battles by creating essential equipment, such as arrows, from resources found across the game. 

Combat and Customization

On the PC version of Elden Ring, players can expect a similar combat experience to its console counterparts, featuring the challenging and rewarding combat mechanics that FromSoftware is renowned for. PC gamers will have the advantage of utilizing various input methods, including keyboard and mouse or gamepad, allowing them to choose the control scheme that suits their preference and playstyle.

In terms of customization, the PC version of Elden Ring is likely to offer additional advantages. Players can expect enhanced graphical options, allowing them to fine-tune the game’s visual settings to their PC’s capabilities. This may include options for resolution, texture quality, anti-aliasing, and more, enabling players to achieve the desired balance between graphical fidelity and performance.

Furthermore, the PC gaming community often benefits from the creativity and ingenuity of modders. Elden Ring’s PC release may provide modding support, opening up possibilities for players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience even further. Modders may introduce new weapon skins, character customization options, gameplay tweaks, and even entirely new content, offering players an extended and personalized journey through the world of Elden Ring.

The PC version of Elden Ring will provide players with a unique and customizable experience. From the precise combat mechanics to the depth of character customization, PC gamers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast and intricate world created by FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin.

Is Elden Ring related to Skyrim or Dark Souls?

There are some obvious similarities between these titles. Players will not feel restrictions of the same limits as in other Souls-like games while approaching enemies at a very slow pace. Elden Ring’s movement resembles Dark Souls, with fast dodges available in combat. Giving players the ability to jump without requiring you to “wind up”, allows them to be much more nimble in combat. Climbing across roofs or into open windows allows players to explore numerous routes around Elden Ring’s dungeons. Elden Ring, on the other hand, isn’t entirely unlike FromSoftware’s prior games. 

Players can still call other players for co-op gaming or invade other players’ homes to ruin their day. Even though Skyrim is situated in a fictional world, its setting is based on ancient Nordic civilization. Elden Ring thinks the same way. The big tree, which serves as a useful way to navigate the wide-area in Elden Ring, is immediately noticeable. It reminds me of Yggdrasil, the Norse mythological world tree. Elden Ring’s armor and weapon designs include Nordic elements as well. From observing Elden Ring gameplay in 2023, we can say that combat draws its inspiration more from Dark Souls. On the other hand, the setting and general feeling of the game give off Skyrim vibes. 

What excites us the most about Elden Ring 

Elden Ring gameplay

Fans have shown a lot of excitement when they found out that George R. R. Martin would be joining From Software to help construct the world and characters of Elden Ring. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire story has wowed the world, and fans of both he and Miyazaki have a lot to look forward to. Consider the level of detail the NCPs will contain. Consider how much more information there will be about the player’s character. 

In previous games, the player embarks on his adventure on a primarily linear map. Maps that look stunning, beautifully detailed, and maze-like, but linear. One of the most exciting aspects about Elden Ring was the announcement that it will be a full-fledged open-world game. There’s a chance there could be linear dungeons, but for the most part, fans are excited to explore an open world as stunning as the teaser depicts. Things will be drastically different in the courtyards of a doomed city and the halls of a gothic castle. From a field of slain warriors to a field of enormous beasts, we could encounter anything. 

Elden Ring day/night dynamics and weather mechanisms are another entertaining and unique feature. For an open universe, these make sense. The game will feel more realistic with rainy afternoons fighting monsters, blood-soaked sunsets, and misty mornings. When the snow starts to fall in white sheets in the middle of a boss encounter, it will cause some unexpected reactions. We’re curious as to how all of these aspects will affect the player. The makers appear to have put a lot of thought into this game, and fans are confident that the long wait will be worth it.

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