Will there be a Luigi’s Mansion 4? Here’s what fans want to see…

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Ever since Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out, fans have been dying for another taste. It’s not that fans don’t like Mario, but Luigi was always the underdog, so it’s only fair for him to steal the show every once in a while. 

The Luigi’s Mansion series is quite unlike anything you’ve ever played. In fact, the series’ dark tone distances it from the other titles. There’s no jumping that usually accompanies Mario games, but there is something more sinister at play.

Due to the series’ popularity, and Nintendo’s tendency to give the fans exactly what they want, we might actually get Luigi’s Mansion 4. If you’re just as eager as we are to find out the latest info on Luigi’s Mansion 4 release date, stick around.

When did Luigi’s Mansion 3 come out?

The third main installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series came out in 2019. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is everything you’d wish for in a game and more – it plays great and it looks amazing. The games’ fog effects and lighting only further add to its spooky vibes.

Another great addition to Luigi’s Mansion 3 is Luigi’s new gooey assistant – Gooigi. You see, Gooigi is Luigi’s deployable clone, similar to the T-1000, except he’s made of Jello. Once you’re armed with your ghostbusting vacuum backpack and flashlight, 17 floors of adventuring await you.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Luigi, his ghost dog Polterpup, Mario, a trio of Toads, and Princess Peach, are all invited to The Last Resort hotel. You play as Luigi and explore the haunted hotel while attempting to rescue your friends from King Boo. 

Luigi’s Mansion 4 release date

Unfortunately, there’s no official Luigi’s Mansion 4 release date. Frankly, we don’t even know if we’re getting Luigi’s Mansion 4. Don’t fret yet, there’s still a sliver of hope remaining. 

Remember, Next Level Games was a huge part of Super Mario Strikers in 2005. Furthermore, NLG also produced Luigi’s Mansion 3. Having this in mind, the question that’s been on everyone’s mind is could this lead to Luigi’s Mansion 4. 

Luigi’s Mansion 4 | What fans want to see

Although nothing’s been confirmed yet, our minds are still reeling from the possibility of Luigi’s Mansion 4. Apparently, we’re not the only ones. In light of this, we’ve rounded up some of the things fans would like to see in Luigi’s Mansion 4

How to play Luigi’s mansion 4 – game controls

If you’re wondering how to play Luigi’s Mansion, the fans covered that one too. Much like in the previous versions of Luigi’s Mansion, you’d control Luigi. As expected, some form of rescue would ensue. The rest mostly depends on the setting, but the overall consensus is that you go around said area, and explore every nook and cranny. In each area, you rescue one member of your posse, and they become playable characters. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Luigi’s Mansion Characters 

You can’t have Luigi’s Mansion without Luigi, obviously. The whole posse should be there too: Mario, the Toads, and Princess Peach. Now, Polterpup is way too cute to get rid of, so he’s staying for the ride. 

When it comes to other Luigi’s Mansion characters, we’re hoping Nintendo ends up bringing back Hellen and Vincent Van Gore as King Boo’s minions.

Luigi's Mansion Characters 

Source: https://youtu.be/u7aY16K_9Us

Some are also still puzzled by the fact that Luigi’s girlfriend Daisy is not in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Could the two of them possibly have a co-op moment in Luigi’s mansion 4…? 

Game settings

Luigi’s Mansion series fans got a bit creative with this one. Some think Luigi’s Mansion 4 should be set in an entirely new city, with lots of areas to explore, such as buildings and corner stores. Others thought it would be cool if Luigi’s Mansion 4 featured a Resident Evil style Mansion, with themed areas that coincide with the ghosts that occupy them.

Weapons and gadgets

The superpowered suction upgrade of the Poltergust-G00 that we got to see in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is something we’d like to see more of in Luigi’s Mansion 4. The upgrade made a lasting impression despite the fact that it didn’t come back for any sort of puzzle or boss fight in the previous game.

Another thing on our wishlist is definitely the possibility to buy costumes because we’d really like to see a Luigi ghostbuster costume.

Nintendo, Give Us Luigi’s Mansion 4

These ideas are just something to help pass the time while we wait for any official news on Luigi’s Mansion 4. Keep in mind that Luigi’s Mansion came out in 2001, and Luigi’s Mansion 2 came out in 2013. In reality, it could take as long as several years, but we’re hoping Nintendo will work their magic and give us more Luigi content sooner rather than later. 

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