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Manor Lords Release Date – Everything We Know So Far

An upcoming title coming from an independent creator Slavic Magic has spent many years in development. Through its development and time spent on the drawing board, the title came out to be an incredibly ambitious project. After three years of the process, the first light of Manor Lords came to the surface in the form of the first trailer. First appearing on the Steam marketplace the game immediately caught the eye of many gamers who are wondering when is the Manor Lords release date. 

Here we will explore the answer to this question and everything we know about the title so far. Considering the first reveal was in the midst of 2023 we have a lot of information to share with you. Without further ado let’s get into everything about Manor Lords and its release date.

What Is Manor Lords?

Manor Lords is a real-time strategy and city-building game that takes inspiration from late 14th-century Franconia. The game might remind gamers of titles such as Age of Empires and Total War. This upcoming title will provide a historically accurate portrayal of its set period with great detail. Through the title you can learn about the area and how lords governed bustling cities. This includes details such as trade and new opportunities to take advantage of to evolve and prosper.

Like many other RTS titles, the end goal isn’t just one goal such as building a community that just survives. However, this can be expanded in many ways depending on the scenario your manor finds itself in. Whatever the case, players will have lots of crucial decisions to make be it based on the wrath of the eternal winter, aggressive neighboring territory, or anything else the game throws at them. Ultimately you will foster a community that can withstand these issues and all other trials and tribulations.

Manor Lords Gameplay

As for the gameplay Manor Lords from what we can see is based on a gridles system and an open world. This opens up many opportunities to build without any limitations in this medical haven. As the lord you can manage the town’s resources and trade, which are the main ways you expand your opportunities and options. Furthermore, you can control units to maintain the social system and your town’s defenses. This gives players the option to determine how their town will act around others. You can choose to invade their territories or build alliances depending on your preferred playstyle. 

Players can also expect grand-scale battles with engaging mechanics. From what we can see you will be able to rally your troops to fortify the city walls and protect your assets. This also means that you can prepare attacks on other towns if you choose the offensive route. No matter the choice you will have to manage and train your troops in an effort to have a capable army. How deep this will go we will see, but our hopes are high as we approach the Manor Lords release date.

The Story of Manor Lords

Story of Manor Lords

No title is complete without a story and Manor Lords is one with a promising potential. Just like other games of its kind, the majority of the story is up to the player and their decisions. With the many areas up for grabs and exploration as well as the many neighboring towns the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, every story will start from a small village aspiring to grow into the new era. Through this journey, you will see how your choices pan out and develop the world around you as well as your people.

As an RTS title the story will be very flexible and differ from player to player, we might see some overarching story but we doubt it. Players will have the objective to transform their town and create a blooming metropolis which will have some interesting developments. If what we could gather from the trailers was just the tip of the iceberg the came could surprise us with its depth. While we don’t know anything so far we can be hopeful that Slavic Magic has some secrets in store for us ahead of the full release.

Manor Lords Release Date

Manor Lords Release Date

Based on the most relevant information Manor Lords will launch exclusively on PC on Steam upon its release. Through the Steam Marketplace, we can see that the planned release Date is set to be on the 26. April 2024. While this may change it is noise to have a set date on when we can expect the title. Furthermore, this exclusivity might not pan out as there are still five months left ahead of release when the plans could change. But if you consider the type of title and how it’s controlled it doesn’t quite steer toward consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

One thing that we know so far is that sadly we won’t see any physical special editions on the game’s release. While it would have been amazing to see a statue or some merch it simply will not be available so far. Slavic Magic might bring something of the sort onto the table a few months ahead of the confirmed Manor Lords release date. Until then you can only wishlist the game on Steam as it is only available there for now.

However if you are interested in any new developments regarding the title we advise that you keep up to date with the developers X, formerly Twitter

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