Is Mineko’s Night Market FINALLY here!?

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With fans fuming for years while waiting for the release of Mineko’s Night Market, we will give you all the information you need about this title. We will guide you through the current development process of the game, how much has it been since the official trailers, and so on. We know that many gamers including ourselves are extremely excited to play this cozy and cute little game, but we hope that reading through this article will give you the strength to pull through! Join us as we dive right into this cute Japanese-themed adventure game where you can collect all the cats you want!

How long is Mineko’s Night Market in development now?

Mineko's Night Market

We have no official info on how long the developers have been making the game. People assume that the development started around 2015. That’s because Mineko’s Night Market Twitter account was created in 2015 where developers showcase most of the game updates.  

What’s taking so long!?

Meowza Games Inc is developing Mineko’s Night Market. However, a not-so-well-known fact is that Meowza Games Inc consists only of two people. With the entire burden of game development being put on only two people, it is more than expected that the game development is going slow. Not only because of the number disadvantage, but if any obstacles in life come across the two developers (which happen to everyone) the entire game development comes to a halt. They don’t share much info about the game development except for a teaser trailer every two years or so, but the release has been scheduled for 2022! 

What’s Mineko’s Night Market?

Mineko’s Night Market is a story-driven, adventure social simulation game that follows Mineko, a girl who has recently relocated to Mount Fugu Island. She presently owns and operates a market, but it has recently been experiencing financial difficulties. Players spend their time on the island gathering strange things, creating, and selling their wares. The developers claim that the game is inspired by Japanese mythology and intends to be more of a narrative adventure than a resource collection game. Mineko’s trip will include solving the mystery surrounding Abe, who has recently been observed about the island.

Mineko’s Night Market gives off Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Stardew Valley vibes. Mineko’s Night Market takes place in a cat-filled world. Mini-games revel in their misadventures, and they’ll occasionally follow you about like little newborn babies follow their mothers. On Mount Fugu Island, they worship cat gods, particularly the Sun Cat, a portly, erect figure known as Abe. Meowza Games has made its affection obvious for one particular cat, but the pleasant visual of its next game simply adds to the overall warm, approachable vibe.

Game Features:

  • Play and compete in activities like Octopus Pull, Sumo-suit Wrestling, and Cat Racing at the Night Market.
  • Explore the settlement and its outskirts in quest of rare resources and new companions.
  • At the weekly Night Market, barter with locals to sell practically anything you manufacture or find.
  • Resolve the mysteries revolving around Fugu Island and Sun-Cat Abe!
  • Make unusual objects out of the resources you find throughout the island.

Mineko’s Night Market Release: What we know

Mineko's Night Market

The game’s two creators declared in April 2019 that, after a very hectic period, they needed a well-deserved break. They took a hiatus from the limelight and development of the game for a while. Fortunately, they are back to full strength and are more enthusiastic than ever about the game’s progress. They revealed on Twitter that Mineko’s Night Market is presently in full production. They also let fans know that additional news and announcements would be coming shortly. Meowza Games Inc also indicated that they are receiving some assistance to expedite growth.

Game release details

An interesting detail about this game’s release is that it is going to be published by Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is known for its amazing social cause, where they give a chunk of their earned money to charities. Keeping this in mind, we know that this game will make a social impact. Even though the developers probably don’t have the budget to outsource more people to work on this project, it is more than commendable that they are putting up a forefront for a great cause. 

Mineko’s Night Market does not yet have a firm release date, but additional information and announcements will be forthcoming shortly. Henceforth, we should know soon when we can play with the abundance of cats this game has to offer! Mineko’s Night Market is now available for wishlisting on Steam, and a Nintendo Switch version has been revealed. While you wait for the game release, have another look at the trailer for Mineko’s Night Market.

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