Will there be a Bloodborne 2 (or a Remaster)? News and Rumors

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In the context of Souls-like games, it’s hard not to mention Bloodborne. The FromSoftware action RPG has captured the hearts of many since its release for the PS4 back in 2015. The Dark Souls II spiritual successor managed to score critical acclaim with its gameplay, atmosphere, and general themes of the game. For that reason, fans are eager for FromSoftware to release Bloodborne 2.

There have been several calls to action and fanmade trailers for Bloodborne 2, giving us all some perspective on what the game might look like. However, there are still some questions that fans want to know the answer to. What has FromSoftware said on the subject if anything? How would Bloodborne 2 be structured at all? And could the original game live on in the PS5 era?

We unpack all of these questions below, so keep reading to get the scoop!

Is a Bloodborne 2 in the works?

It’s unclear when the first rumors about Bloodborne 2 began. Fans weren’t just ready for it while they were unlocking all the hidden areas, learning about their favorite characters, and trying to get all the achievements. It’s pretty hard to find, but most posts detailing Bloodborne 2 rumors start in 2017.

Since then, it has been a steadily progressing market of false rumors and hopes for a sequel. Supposed PC requirements, release dates, new features, the whole lot. Overall, the gaming world has been ready for Bloodborne 2 for a while now.

One fan-made trailer even seemed pretty convincing. Between looking at Bloodborne concept art and experience from playing the game, we’d say it looks pretty convincing. However, it’s pretty widely known that at this point (April 2021) FromSoftware was pretty busy working on Elden Ring and preparing the game for release.

It’s a great trailer that shows off new bosses (which you can fight in the new Boss Arena), different NPCs, and the possibility of Blood Rifts. Blood Rifts allow players to travel through Yharnam, the fictional world of Bloodborne, and “return to when it all started”. All pretty exciting concepts for Bloodborne 2, the possible sequel.

Not long after came the rumors of certain insiders revealing that Bloodborne 2 was in development for the PlayStation 5. While that makes sense given that most developers have moved on to the next generation of consoles, how true is it?

Not very, it seems. Although there have been multiple questions both in the direction of Sony and FromSoftware, neither have answered them. Despite this, the company’s executive Hidetaka Miyazaki hinted at a new game coming from the company soon.

Considering they just finished developing and releasing Elden Ring, it seems like it’ll be a while before we even get to see this new project FromSoftware is planning. It’s safe to say that Bloodborne 2 is a shot in the dark at this point. However, this still doesn’t stop fans from hoping for a PS5 re-release of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne PS5 Rumors and Speculations

In a sense, fans can already enjoy Bloodborne on the PS5 in place of Bloodborne 2. This is because of the PS5’s backward compatibility feature, which allows you to play PS4 games on the PS5. It’s a temporary fix for something fans have been wanting since the PS5 entered into general use.

And when you think about it, it’s not a very effective one. What we want from Bloodborne on PS5 is the 4K, 60fps, high resolution, and improved performance gameplay. And it seems like it’s a lot easier to remaster the game for the PS5 than it would be to make a Bloodborne 2.

There have also been rumors about Bluepoint, the new company Sony has acquired, and the minds behind the Demon’s Souls remake, working on certain Bloodborne projects. For all we know, one of the projects could be a PS5 remake of the original game!

Bloodborne 2 – a sequel, or a remaster? Or Both!?

All the speculations have also reached the lore of the game. As a result, it raises questions about whether Bloodborne 2, if it even happens, would be a sequel, or a simple remaster. Maybe a combination of the two?

The story involving the Great Ones and all the Lovecraftian nightmares of the first game would just be too obvious in Bloodborne 2. The sequel just wouldn’t be engaging or exciting with the knowledge we already have for the first game.

On the other hand, not including some major remnants of the story from the first game would ruin the sequel, too. It wouldn’t have the same charm to the game that the original Bloodborne did. Overall, it just seems like Bloodborne 2 would be doomed to fail either way.

As a remaster, on the other hand, it would receive considerably more success. Fans who want to enjoy the game in higher resolution and better performance, as we’ve said before, would surely purchase the game. Not to mention, the amazing lore of the original game would stay untouched.

Some think otherwise, that Bloodborne 2 could stand out from the first game as a sequel. However, we just don’t see it happening with what we know about the original game right now. It would either undermine Bloodborne’s lore or fail to genuinely catch the attention of players.

What we know for sure

Although a lot of details are still out in the open, there are some things that we know for sure.

First, we know that Bloodborne is going under maintenance on August 31, 2022. While this maintenance is pretty routine, recent rumblings about a PS5 showcase in September 2022 have fans more excited than ever. Some Twitter users think this may be more than just pure coincidence. Others are not so convinced.

Second, we know for sure that neither Sony nor FromSoftware has officially said anything about Bloodborne remasters or sequels for sure. Despite this, fan speculation is still going wild.

The bottom line is that, when it comes to Bloodborne 2 or a Bloodborne PS5 remaster, we know nothing for sure.

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