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Black Ops: Cold War Update 2023

Black Ops Cold War is considered one of the best Call of Duty games to release in the last few years. Many fans list it as the last classic Call of Duty game in the series. The first-person shooter was released in 2020 worldwide on multiple platforms. Despite its age, the game is still getting some attention from its developers. Many fans are talking about the Black Ops Cold War Update that should happen in 2023. 

Fans believe this will happen due to some occurrences that have been going on in the last few months. While you may be skeptical at first once you look at all the evidence and everything happening you may think so too. Here we will show you everything we know so far about the state of Black Ops Cold War and any updates it may receive.

Black Ops Cold War’s release on Steam

Since the release of Black Ops Cold War, the game was not made immediately available on Steam for PC players. But was initially available on the Battle.net launcher up until recently. Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty Vanguard were made available on the Steam store on 8. March. This is a well-welcomed release from fans since many PC players prefer Steam to other competitors.

Though, this may not be the end platform for these games because of the potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft is working towards acquiring the company right now, would the $69 billion deal be approved the games could see new light. If this does happen Call of Duty games would be on platforms other than Xbox. These include Steam, PlayStation, and even Nintendo consoles for the next decade.

Call of Duty has not been on Nintendo consoles since the ill-fated Wii U. What seems like an unnatural pairing worked quite well back in the day. Sadly, the shift in tone back then made the collaborations stop but due to Nintendo’s newer standing nowadays, this could change. Even Microsoft recently stated that they believe Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 could be optimized to run natively on Nintendo Switch.

This is great news since playing these games wherever you are would be amazing. Furthermore, we could maybe see a Black Ops Cold War Update that could support the game on the Nintendo platform. Overall these would be amazing developments for the game.

Further Black Ops Cold War Updates

Black Ops Cold War Update

As Black Ops Cold War is heading into its third year players are hoping to see more updates other than the game’s availability on Steam. While the switch to Steam was well welcomed it did remove the ‘’Hardcore Face Off’’ playlist. This was sad news for the fanbase since the game mode was great to level up camos quickly. Luckily the zombies game mode, a fan favorite, remained unchanged. 

But there is hope for a future update due to the four currently inaccessible prestige. These are believed to have been part of the scrapped sixth season of Vanguard. Players believe if the season was released these would have been available for players to grind across all game modes. While some have tried to get these titles, there seems to be no way currently in the game to do this. There is a possibility that a future update for Black Ops Cold War will make these prestiges unlockable through some milestones. This is further supported by the increased cap of postseason leveling to level 2500.

Furthermore, two maps from the multiplayer have been shifted out, those being Armada Strike and Satelite. They however did replace Amerika and Deprogram which is a bummer for some. But this could be another sign of a rotating map mode as an update for the game. If you love Amerika and Deprogram, don’t worry since you can still play them in custom lobbies.

Zombies Gamemode News

Currently, the zombies game mode sits in a very good spot with all limited-time events being playable. This is much better than the previous cycling of events every two or three months. Not only does it give more content to new players but eliminates the pesky wait. This is especially true for all onslaught limited-time events, aka the fan favorites. 

Last year the developers also released a super easter egg into the zombie game mode. This was a breath of fresh air for players and proved to be decently challenging. Who knows we might get a repeat of the event this year too.


Even if there has not been any concrete news from developers about the update many fans including us are hopeful. The Black Ops Cold War Update for 2023 is looking promising from the many loose ends that point towards at least a small quality-of-life update. While we can hope for a lot of content we have to realize that the game is quite old. Even last year’s updates were a blessing, if we get anything close this year too it will be a surprise.

If anything we expect a small update that will address any shifts towards a new platform. Furthermore, the currently unavailable prestiges will most likely get implemented perhaps with every 500 levels of postseason leveling. As well as the implementation of all maps being available in multiplayer. For any new players interested the game still has a decent player base as indicated by Steam’s daily player count.

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