How to get and use Stardew Valley Refined Quartz

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Stardew Valley Refined Quartz is one of the many materials you will encounter as you play through the game. This material is very versatile and will quickly prove its worth once you see which items it is used to craft. So let’s get to this guide where you will learn everything you need to know about Stardew Valley Refined Quartz and its uses.

How do you get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley?

refined quartz in stardew valley

While going through the many floors in the Mines and in the Skull Cavern you will run into Quartz. This mineral once worked on produces Refined Quartz. The best ways to acquire Quartz include Mining, searching through Garbage Cans, and killing Stone Golems in the Mines. It is important to note that you can bomb Quartz while in the Mines to gather it quickly. This includes Fire Quartz which can be found past floor 80 in the mines and some other places. 

How to create Refined Quartz

how to create refined quartz

To create refined Quartz the player has a few options, with the most common one being smelting at the furnace. By placing 1 Quartz and 1 Coal, the player will get 1 Refined Quartz. But in the case of 1 Fire Quartz and 1 Coal, the player gets 3 pieces of Refined Quartz.

Furthermore, Stardew Valley Refined Quartz can be acquired by recycling a Broken CD or Broken Glasses. These items can be gathered through Fishing and are a great byproduct of the activity.  The player can craft the Recycling Machine upon unlocking the recipe when reaching Fishing level 4.

NPCs that drop Refined Quartz 

Currently in the game there are no NPCs that drop Refined Quartz which is a shame. Although you can seek out and kill Stone Golems in the mines to get Quartz as a drop. Following this, you can smelt it and farm Stardew Valley Refined Quartz that way.

Places where you can randomly find Stardew Valley Refined Quartz 

Refined Quartz can’t be found out in the wild but like farming Stone Golems there are some ways to get Quartz in the wild. The most common method of locating quartz in the wild is searching through Garbage Cans every day. Not only will this yield some Quartz but also get you goodies essential to a playthrough. Players can also obtain Quartz by multiplying it at the Crystalarium, but this method will rarely prove useful.

One of the best ways to get Refined Quartz is to find Fire Quartz since each yields 3 pieces. Fire Quartz is quite common while opening Magma and Omni Geodes, as well as panning. From a multitasking perspective, this is the best way to acquire Quartz in large quantities while working on other goals.

Is it true that you can farm Refined Quartz in fish ponds? 

It is in fact true that you can farm Refined Quartz in fish ponds. By creating a Ghostfish Fish Pond the player can get an AFK Refined Quartz farm. It is important to note that Stardew Valley Refined Quartz will only drop from this fish pond when the population reaches 9. 

Do any Buildings require Stardew Valley Refined Quartz?

Stardew Valley Refined Quartz

Of all the buildable facilities in the game Stardew Valley Refined Quartz is only used to build one. This building is the Slime Hutch, an independent money-making farm that lets you raise slimes and collect their eggs. To create this building you will need to set aside an 11×6 plot and the required materials. Which include 10,000g, 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, and 1 Iridium Bar. 

How do villagers react to being gifted Refined Quartz? 

Stardew Valley Refined Quartz is not the best gift in the game due to the fact that nearly all villagers dislike the material as a gift. The only two outliers are Clint who is neutral to receiving Refined Quartz. And the second one is Sam who Hates the material and many other materials from the Mines. It is interesting to note that Sam considered unrefined Quartz only as a dislike.

How to use Refined Quartz

redefined quartz

Stardew Valley Refined Quartz is a versatile material that can be utilized for many different purposes. These uses can range from productive ones to decorative pieces to make your farm look better. Other than these crafting recipes the item does not have much use so any excess should be sold.

Crafting items with Refined Quartz

Here are all the items that use Stardew Valley Refined Quartz to be created. For some of these, you will need to do specific things to get the recipes, while for others you will unlock them as you play through the game.

Crystal Floor

Crystal Floor is a decorative Path that you can place on the ground to give your farm that modern look. The recipe for Crystal Floor can be purchased from Krobus for 500g. For each piece of Refined Quartz, the player will get 5 pieces of Crystal Floor.

Crystal Path

Crystal Path is the second decorative Path the player can craft with Refined Quartz. Compared to the Crystal Floor the Crystal Path gives a simpler look and feel to the farm while keeping the design modern. The recipe can be purchased at the Carpenter’s Shop for 200g. For each piece of Refined Quartz, the player will get 5 pieces of Crystal Path. 

Farm Computer

The Farm Computer is an item that once built immediately changes the way the player plays the game. It completely removes the need to go manually check what needs to be picked or if the animals need anything. This makes it an item you will visit daily, even more so if you are playing multiplayer. The recipe is acquired through a special order with Demetrius. To craft the Farm Computer the player will need 10 Refined Quartz, 1 Dwarf Gadget, and 1 Battery Pack

Garden Pot

The Garden Pot is a unique placable object that can be used decoratively and productively within the game. The player can use it to grow fruits on trees within the Greenhouse or decorate the rest of their farm. To get the recipe for the Garden Pot the player must complete the Greenhouse and finish the cutscene with Evelyn. The recipe requires 1 Refined Quartz, 1 Clay, and 10 Stone. 

Lightning Rod

The Lightning Rod is a great item to craft with Refined Quartz since it will eventually yield a Battery Pack. Aside from being a way to get Battery Packs, there are no other uses. The recipe for the Lighting Rod is automatically unlocked when the player reaches Foraging level 6. To craft the item the player needs 1 Refined Quartz, 5 Bat Wing, and 1 Iron Bar. All these items and the recipe can be acquired fairly early on in the game allowing the player to stock up on Battery Packs.

Quality Sprinkler

The Quality Sprinkler is the second-best sprinkler in the game and it automatically waters 8 adjacent tiles every morning. With enough of these, the player can completely skip watering their crops each morning which will save a lot of time. The recipe is automatically unlocked upon reaching Farming level 6. To craft one Quality Sprinkler the player will need 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, and 1 Refined Quartz. The low material cost allows the player to easily make dozens and cover their whole crop field.

Solar Panel

The Solar Panel is the second Battery Pack farming item craftable with Stardew Valley Refined Quartz. Solar Panels slowly generate batteries when left out in the sun, making them a great way to slowly but surely get Battery Packs. To get the recipe the player needs to go through a special order with Caroline. The crafting recipe requires 10 Refined Quartz, 5 Iron Bar, and 5 Gold Bar. When compared to Lightning Rods even with the higher costs the higher consistency to get batteries makes Solar Panels the better choice.

Slime Hutch

Slime Hutch is the only building that utilizes Stardew Valley Refined Quartz in its recipe. The building allows the player to make money off of raising slimes within it. To build the SLime Hutch you will need 10,000g, 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, and 1 Iridium Bar. 

Do you need Stardew Valley Refined Quartz for any quests?

Do you need Stardew Valley Refined Quartz for any quests?

Stardew Vally Refined Quartz is used in a few in-game quests. The most common quest is at the Help Wanted board where Refined Quartz can be randomly requested. The reward for the material here is 150g and 150 Friendship points with the paired NPC. Refined Quartz can also be requested by several fish in Fish Pond quests, the amount can vary from 2 to 10. 

Additionally, if the player is using the Remixed Bundles, 5 Refined Quartz is required to finish the Engineer’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

Using Refined Quartz for Stardew Valley Tailoring 

Refined Quartz has one use while Tailoring in Stardew Valley, and it is to create the dyable Necklace Shirt. Furthermore, the material can be used when dyeing and it will grant a purple dye at dye pots.

Selling Stardew Valley Refined Quartz 

After you have everything you need the excess refined quartz can be sold for 50g a piece. Although not the best money-making method keeping at it can quickly give the player a significant amount of money. This makes it worth picking up while going on Mining expeditions even very late into a playthrough. 

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