Stardew Valley Battery Pack: How to Get & Use

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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator in which players have the ability to get many different resources. There are also many ways to make farming easier for the player and most involve the Stardew Valley battery pack.

Electricity is a key component of automatization in real life and this is reflected within the game. Although the means of acquiring Stardew Valley battery packs is weird at first players can quickly see how easy it is, especially with some investment. They are incredibly useful and even open up completely new ways to earn money so make sure not to miss out.

How do you get a Stardew Valley battery pack?

Battery Pack for Stardew Valley

There are many methods to acquire a Stardew Valley battery pack, and they are far and few. Players have methods that can get them a few instantly, as well as methods that in the long run will net them hundreds. Although realistically you need only a couple dozen for small farms, having hundreds can never hurt. That is because you can not only sell them but build massive Crystarium farms and even more decorations.

Getting battery packs as a reward

If you have chosen the Community Centre you get access to the Children’s bundle. This bundle is important since completing it will not only progress the story of your game but also grant you one Stardew Valley battery pack. This is the only quest that involves you receiving a battery pack instead of needing it to trade in.

“Farming” battery packs in Stardew Valley

Farming Battery packs

As Stardew Valley is all about farming it is only natural that there is a way to farm them. The best way is to select an area at your farm or the island and place as many lightning rods as you can afford. To craft the Lightning Rods you will either have to complete the 10,000 G bundle or create each one with Iron, Refined Quartz, and Bat Wings. After placing all of the rods down all you have to do is wait for it to rain and for lighting to strike them. Following the stormy day, a random amount of rods will be ready to harvest and net you a Sratdew Valley battery pack each. The odds stack up in the player’s favor usually granting an average of half of the rods yielding a battery pack.

If you prefer a steady income from batteries Solar Panels are a great alternative method of farming Stardew Valley battery packs. They yield one battery pack after 10 sunny days if placed outdoors. The location does not matter which makes the island a great place to set all of them up. Crafting one is quite easy and can be done fairly early on in a playthrough. The materials required are 10x Refined Quartz, 5x Iron Bar, and lastly 5x Gold bar.

Does moving the lightning rod change the chances of getting batteries?

Sadly moving the lightning rod does not affect the odds of it yielding a battery after a stormy day. This is because the strikes are calculated on a percentage during the night while the players sleep. So even if you are to move a lightning rod it will still count like before. Only if you add more lightning rods that day can you increase the odds of getting more Stardew Valley battery packs. Inversely if you remove any you will immediately reduce the chances of getting more rods, but also lower your maximum for each lightning rod removed.

Getting battery packs as a gift

The easiest method of getting a Stardew Valley battery pack is to simply receive it as a gift. This depends on your friendship level with Pam and Kent. The higher your friendship level the greater the chance of them sending you one as a gift in the mail. It is important to note that you can simply get lucky and receive one randomly in the mail as you go about your everyday farming.

Can you get Stardew Valley Battery Packs from boxes or crates?

Exploring the dungeon is a great way to get a plethora of resources and goodies. The Stardew Valley battery pack can be attained by breaking boxes and crates in the Skull Cavern. This can net you some great goodies as you work towards floor 200 in the Cavern. 

NPCs that drop Stardew Valley Battery Packs

Hunting for Batteries in the Skull cavern can be done by making sure to kill as many Iridium Bats as you can. This is amazing since they can drop batteries at a 5% chance while also dropping Iridium ore and bars. Although the chances may seem slim once you see this farming method is worthwhile once you see how many you can encounter in the Skull Cavern.

Can you buy a Battery Pack in Stardew Valley?

Can you pay battery pack

Lastly, you can sometimes purchase Stardew Valley battery packs from the Traveling Cart for 1500-2500 G. If you are out of luck you can always buy some of the materials required to craft Lightning Rods, which will grant you battery packs down the line. All you will need to make one is the recipe from Foraging level 6, 1x Iron bar, 1x Refined Quartz, and 5x Bat Wing.

Are there any villagers who like getting a Stardew Valley Battery Pack as a gift?

Almost every item in Stardew Valley has a villager that would like it, some are even universally loved gifts that will boost your friendship. If you find yourself with a surplus of batteries or want to befriend Maru they will serve as a great gift. Battery Packs are one of the best gifts for Maru, this is especially important if you wish to marry Maru within that playthrough. She can be found at the clinic since she works there.

Battery Packs in Bundles and Quests

Bundles and quests are activities that progress the story of Stardew Valley and grant players amazing rewards. You can’t receive Stardew Valley battery packs directly through the bundles although you will need one to complete the Remixed Engineer’s Bundle. Sadly this is the only interaction between bundles and battery packs directly.

Tailoring with Stardew Valley Battery Packs

Battery packs also have a surprising use in Tailoring allowing players to create a special shirt. By using the Sewing Machine With Cloth and a battery pack in the spool you get a cyan dye. Furthermore, it is placeable in the blue dye pot at Emily’s and Haley’s house for use in dyeing.

Which items require Battery Packs for Crafting

Battery Pack for Crafting

Here are all of the recipes that utilize Stardew Valley Battery packs and their required materials. We have also prepared a short explanation of how to best utilize each of these items at your farm.

Iridium Sprinkler

Crafting Iridium Sprinklers is one of the many joys players can experience with battery packs. They cover a stunning range of 24 adjacent toles each morning, with enough of them and some careful positioning you will never have to water the greenhouse or your farm ever again. As per the greenhouse, they allow the maximum yield of your favorite fruit due to their coverage. To craft one you will need, 1x Battery Pack, 1x Gold bar, and finally 1x Iridium Bar. 

It is also important to note that you have to achieve Farming Level 9 to get the recipe for this item. These should be the first investment at your farm since they save you the most time each day.


Crystalariums are the pinnacle of battery packs and are what you will spend most of your on. Nearly every Stardew Valley player aims to have a large Crystalarium farm that produces endless diamonds. Thanks to the large spaces available in the tunnel and across the map you can have hundreds at a time each producing a diamond every five days. Creating one will require a Battery Pack, 99x Stone, 5x Gold Bars, and finally 2x Iridium Bars.

 While the recipe is expensive and requires Mining level 9 they will quickly pay off if you wish to sell all the diamonds you get. Furthermore, you can produce other valuables that can function as gifts for the villagers with whom you are not friendship level 10. 

Slime Egg-Press

The Slime Egg-Pres is a unique utilization of the Stadew Valley battery pack since it opens up a whole new farming method. Players can use this machine alongside the Slime Hutch to farm Slime Eggs and sell them for profit. This is not the fastest means of acquiring money but it sure is a fun one. Make sure to get the Slime Charmer Ring as it will help you out greatly. To make a Slime Egg-Press you will need 25x Coal, 1x Fire Quartz, and 1x Battery Pack.

 It is best to place one or multiple Presses inside of the Slime Hut so you have all your Slime-related items in one spot. The player will need 100 Slime for each egg, this can create multiple types of eggs, each varying in price. Depending on the Slime used you can affect the odds of which color egg you get, with purple being the rarest and most expensive on the market.

Wood Lamp-post

The Wood Lamp-post is a decorative light source placeable anywhere the player would like. Wood Lamp posts are one of the best light sources that provide a good amount of light. They can be crafted with 1x Battery Pack and 50x Wood, making the recipe fairly cheap. To start crafting them you will first have to visit the Carpenter’s Shop and buy the recipe for 500 G.

These lamps work as the perfect yet simple light source for any traditional themed farm. With enough of them, you can make your farm shine even during the night all while not spending too much.

Iron Lamp-post

Iron Lamp-posts are the alternative to Wood Lamp-posts and you may think at first that they are better. But in fact, they are exactly the same with the only difference being the material required to build them. Just like the Wood Lamp-posts, they light up a radius of about seven tiles with the light being strongest near them. The recipe also has to be bought at the Carpenter’s shop, but now for 1000 G. To craft one Iron Lamp-post the player will need 1x Stardew Valley battery pack and 1x Iron bar.

It is important to note that Iron bars can be bought at the blacksmith, this can reduce farming times if you are at the endgame.


The Mini-Jukebox is a placeable item that allows players to select and play in-game music tracks. To get the recipe you have to participate in a cutscene with Gus outside the farmhouse, for this to happen you have to have five hearts with Gus. If you are hunting this item down and quickly want to befriend Gus, simply give him Oranges or Diamonds since those are his Loved gifts.

Upon receiving the recipe you will also get one Mini-Jukebox as a bonus. If you wish to craft more you will need 2x Iron Bar and 1x Battery pack.

Farm Computer

The last craftable item that utilizes the Stardew Valley Battery pack is the Farm Computer. A very useful tool that once interacted with displays key information. The machine can quickly tell you if you haven’t fed your animals, or have any unharvested crops at your farm. This makes it essential to your daily routine and will save you lots of time checking everything by yourself.

To craft the Farm Computer all you need is 1x Battery Pack, 1x Dwarf Gadget, and finally 10x Refined Quartz. The only uncommon material here is the Dwarf gadget, but it is easily found through geodes or Tilling in The Mines on levels 41-80.

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