How to Throw in Gang Beasts | Xbox, PC, PlayStation 

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Gang Beasts is a popular multiplayer game that thousands enjoy playing. The only downside is that the game is missing a proper tutorial for beginners. By lacking one many wonder how to throw in Gang Beasts as well as other basic actions. This paired with the unconventional controls and their systems makes players need a third party for this information. We here have prepared a detailed guide on how to throw in Gang Beasts and some tricks too.

Players that learn this and other Gang Beasts tricks will quickly have the upper hand vs their friends and other players. To learn to control your squishy and blobby Gang beast the first step is to learn how to pick up and grab within a game. While learning can be frustrating at the very start, once you get the hang of the gameplay you are sure to have a lot of fun.

The basics of Picking Up and Throwing

picking up and throwing

Grabbing something is a simple action many have probably figured out even before reading this guide. The difficulty steps in when you wish to pick the item up above your head. From here you can proceed to throw the held item off the map or at another player.

To start the player first must grab the item the wish by holding both punch buttons (LB/RB on console and LMB/RMB on PC), this will grab the item with each hand. Following this, the player needs to hold down the Lift button (triangle or Y on consoles and Shift on PC) to lift the item above its Gang Beasts head. Lastly, release the two punch buttons to throw the item being held currently. With that, you have learned how to throw in Gang Beasts.

The throw range depends on your speed while holding the enemy and is quite short if you are not running. It is important to note that you can run and jump while throwing to get more range. The sequence may feel off at the beginning but you will quickly become an expert.

How to Pick Up and Throw Enemies In Gang Beasts

Throw enemies in gang beasts

When it comes to throwing enemies in Gang Beasts the most difficult part is to get a hold of them. This is because while attempting to grab them they will most likely grab you back or punch you repeatedly. This means that you can’t simply run up to your enemies, pick them up, and throw them off the map as soon as a game starts. Although, this may work against AFK characters. 

The best method to throw in Gang Beasts is to either wait or knock your enemies out yourself. While they are down they can be out for quite a while allowing you to grab them with both hands and lift them over your head. From here you should run over to the nearest ledge to throw them off. Once you learn this you can always teach your friends how to throw in Gang Beasts and make the competition more interesting.

Best ways to utilize Throwing in Gang Beasts

While it is quite easy to learn how to throw in Gang Beasts knowing the best situations to utilize it in is important. Gang Beasts will put you and other players on many different Gang Beasts maps that have their unique quirks. By understanding how each map works precisely you can determine the plays you will make. As a player, you can choose to fight near an edge or lethal part of the map, although this is risky since it can backfire. Once here simply knock out your foe and throw them down or in whatever will ensure your quick victory.

Feel free to get creative with your throws, maybe even implement throwing Gang Beasts into each other to create chaos. Just remember to keep your strategies different so as to remain less predictable.

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