Is Borderlands 2 Cross Platform? Everything You Need to Know

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As one of the most popular and successful games to come from 2K Games Borderlands 2 is a must-play game. Initially, released on September 18th 2012 the game is still played and considered a favorite among fans. With people occasionally pick the game up even nowadays, especially thanks to the recent DLC. Many ask the question is Borderlands 2 cross-platform despite the game’s age.

If the game was released nowadays cross-platform would be an easily expected feature and most likely an available one. However, due to its release in a different era of the gaming world, this is not the case and there is no cross-platform.

Borderlands 2 – Quick Introduction

Borderlands 2 - Quick Introduction

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter game with an amazing and interesting story that keeps the player entertained. From the first few minutes with the intro you immediately see the tone and narrative the game will take on as it sets up its world. The player takes control of one of six vault hunters with the goal to get revenge on the antagonist Handsome Jack.

 The antagonist, Handsome Jack, is one of the best-written villains in gaming and will follow you throughout the game up until you defeat him. Be prepared for the genius wit and cunning of the character as he puts you in difficult situations.

Furthermore, the game benefits a lot from its randomly generated guns and overall looting aspect. Every gun can have different parts to it from set manufacturers which impacts its attributes. This mechanic singlehandedly makes every new gun refreshing and unique as well as every new playthrough. Many players love to hunt for the perfect gun and loadout to use against their enemies. 

The game also features seamless multiplayer that lets players go through the story with up to three friends. Additionally, apart from the amazing story and hilarious side missions the player can play, there are dozens of expansions. Each expansion or DLC has its unique story that expands the world of Borderlands 2. Players can go through these story bits with little challenge but have the option of fighting challenging raid bosses and gauntlets to traverse into the endgame.

Why is there no cross-play in Borderlands 2?

Sadly the answer to is Borderlands 2 cross platform is no, but there are some caveats worth mentioning. While players that play on the PC version of Borderlands 2 cannot play with ones on the Playstation and Xbox version. They do have the option of playing Borderlands 2 cross platform between Steam and Epic Games. Furthermore, this also works for players on the same brand name console, but different version. For example the PS4 and PS5 versions can play together, and the same applies for Xbox.

If this is a deal breaker for the series for you, don’t give up just yet. Since the sequel Borderlands 3 and the latest release Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are both cross-platform Borderlands games. While many consider them inferior to Borderlands 2 they are great games that you should give a shot.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform In 2023? 

Due to the popularity of the game and the fairly recent update in the form of the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC, many are wondering is Borderlands 2 cross platform coming in 2023. Sadly there is no news yet about this kind of update, but we can always hope. An option many fans would love is to see a remake of the game that updates the classic with up-to-date mechanics. By combining the shooting and movement from Borderlands 3 the developers would make many long time fans happy and encourage newcomers to experience Borderlands 2.

While this is an unlikely situation we can hope since we already know the story, characters, weapons, and so much more would be amazing. Who knows we may well see this one day in the future since the original Borderlands has already received a remaster.


While seeing cross platform gameplay on the classic would be amazing the answer to is Borderlands 2 cross platform still remains to be a no. But despite this players should not be discouraged from trying out the game due to the hundreds of hours you can play with your friends. All available platforms have recently occurring sales on the Game of the Year edition of the game and that’s the perfect time to pick up the game for your preferred platform. This edition is perfect since it includes every DLC available and saves the player over 100 dollars.

Lastly, while the game is the most fun with friends, solo players can enjoy the story and mechanics just as much. If anything there i still an active community that plays the game to this day so you will always have someone to raid with.

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