Is Code Vein crossplay? Everything You Need to Know

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Due to the popularity of Code Vein and it being available on multiple platforms, many are wondering if Code Vein is crossplay. The game developed and published by Bandai Namco was released back in 2019 but has aged very well. Code Vein was well received and sold over two million copies in two years. Even four years later players are pairing up to go on the journey together.

The co-op nature of the game often has players checking if it supports crossplay. Before we answer this question we will first quickly introduce the game to anyone unfamiliar.

Code Vein – Quick Introduction

Code Vein is an action role-playing video game that is best played through the co-op mode. Players take on the role of a Revenant in a world called Vein overrun by monsters known as the Lost. As revenants are beings who have supernatural abilities players have an arsenal to fight with. The story takes you on a path to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse and your character’s past. 

Player characters are fully customizable down to their abilities and equipment. This allows players to precisely pick their playstyle and strategize with their cooperators. Because of the fast-paced and challenging combat players must plan out their fights well. Perfectly timing dodges and parry maneuvers while combining melee and ranged attacks is the key to victory.

The game also has a familiar mechanic to any Soulsborne fan through the Blood Code. A mechanic that allows players to spend acquired currency to get new abilities and weapons. Just like the Soulsborne series Code Vein also has a deep and complex story that is told in a subtle way. The deep and touching themes of loss, identity, and redemption make the experience amazing on the first playthrough. Lastly, after the story players will have many optional bosses and challenges to test out their skill and mastery of the game. While playing with friends is advised, a solo playthrough will be very enjoyable and challenging. 

Is Code Vein Crossplay? Explanation

Unfortunately, Code Vein does not support crossplay which should be taken into consideration before purchasing the game. That is if you are planning on playing with a friend. Furthermore, the game does not support cross-progression as it is a different version on every platform.

Players can play co-op with friends on the same platform through the platforms that provide the game. Code Vein is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and on Steam for PC.

Even amits Microsofts recent leads to provide cross-platform for all of their future games, there is no news about Code Vein. While it is not impossible for the game to get a cross-play update in the future. The fact that it has already been a while without any news makes the situation unlikely. However, this should not be a reason to turn away from the game since it truly is a unique experience worth trying.

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