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Is Conan Exiles Cross Platform? What You Need to Know

The survival game genre has many great games that have players captivated and eager to play them. Conan Exiles is one of these games and it is massively popular despite its initial release back in 2018. Due to its popularity many new players ask is Conan Exiles cross platform and on which platforms it is on. 

Conan Exiles – Quick Introduction

Conan Exiles is a multiplayer survival game that was developed by Funcom for all large platforms. These include PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on which the game was immediately made available on release. The game did later on get ported onto the newest consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox series X/S. Players are met with an open-world that is set in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian. As an exile in these barren lands, you must fend for yourself in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged areas. To survive, you must fight, build, and most importantly dominate.

In the beginning, you are hungry, thirsty, and alone, with your first battle being with the harsh environment. Immediately upon starting players must establish a food source by growing crops or hunting animals for meat. Following this, harvest resources and craft weapons, and tools as you work toward setting up your first shelter. With your base of operations up and going you are ready to ride across the vast world of Conan Exiles. On your journey, you have the option to stay solo or pair up with other players to build settlements and strongholds. Each will provide a unique gameplay experience and we recommend trying both. 

No matter which you choose you will encounter glorious battles and wage war against your enemies. Armed with the ultimate goal to dominate the exiled lands by sacrificing enemy players on the altars of the gods. The combat is amazing to play and master with exciting bone-crushing attacks. As the highlight of the game, it is one of the biggest parts of this survival game.

Is Conan Exiles Crossplay? Xbox, PS5, PC

Sadly the answer to is Conan Exiles cross platform, is no. Although there is a bright side since Funcom has stated that they are exploring their options. This means that there is a very good chance that we can see crossplay come to Conan Exiles throughout this year. A great hint at this are some of these features that already exist within the game’s systems. While nothing special since it is simply the ability to switch saves between platforms. But this is a good sign since it means the platforms are already compatible to an extent. While we have no detailed date on when this cross platform might come it is best to keep an eye on Funcom’s social media. 

The lack of crossplay means that players looking to play with friends should get the game on the same platform. By doing this you will be able to enjoy the gameplay of Conan Exiles in all of its glory with your friends. While the game is already great there are some negatives for players that own multiple platforms. These downsides would be fixed as well as the addition of many other benefits when crossplay comes around. Here we have a few of the best perks that will come from the cross platform update:

  • The ability to play with friends no matter the platform
  • No need to buy the game on multiple platforms
  • Crossplay will lead to the game being more popular and bring the game’s world to life
  • Ease of development means more and regular updates
  • The community will unify and grow together.

All of these are great benefits that await Conan Exiles and its players. Soon will come the day when players won’t have to ask is Conan Exiles cross platform. When this day comes the game is sure to thrive and get new life. 

Amar Alimajstorovic
Amar Alimajstorovic
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