Is Fallout 4 Multiplayer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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The popularity of the Fallout game franchise has brought up the question is Fallout 4 multiplayer or any other game in the series. The question gained more traction after the release of Fallout: 76, the first MMO in the series. While the original games and Fallout 4 do not include multiplayer inherently there are workarounds. The main way people play these games with friends is through multiplayer mods for Fallout 4. With the popularity of the game, there are many different ones for players to choose from.

Fallout 4 – Quick Introduction

Fallout 4 - Quick Introduction

For anyone unfamiliar with the game and series it is important to touch up on the theme and gameplay before getting into modding. Fallout 4 just like other games in the series is an action role-playing game. It is developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios. As the fourth main game within the series Fallout 4 utilizes a lot of the worldbuilding and mechanics from its predecessors. This not only gives the game continuity but allows players to go back and appreciate the originals. No matter the title players are plunged into a post-apocalyptic world where they must survive. Each game has a compelling and interesting story that allows players to customize their characters. 

Players always start their journey by resting their character and deciding their traits. These traits determine how you will play and fight within the set playthrough. For example, players can choose to be proficient with close combat or guns or take the uck and communication route. Each skill can be leveled as you play but picking the correct perks early is very important. Furthermore, after this, the game usually sets the pace for the main narrative.

In Fallout 4 the main story takes place in the year 2287, exactly ten years after the events of Fallout 3. The protagonist is the ‘’Sole Survivor’’ of the fallout that emerges from cryogenic stasis in Vault 111. Players quickly realize they are not alone and set out into the world to find their son. The story leads the player on an adventure through the dilapidated world as they complete various quests and locate their son.

The game has received a lot of praise for its amazing story and replayability. Additionally, the many mods made by fans of the game help this greatly. Today we will talk about one of the most unbelievable and unique mods, one that answered the question is Fallout 4 multiplayer. Of course, referring to the Fallout 4 multiplayer mod.

Fallout 4 Multiplayer Mod 2023

Game modding is a very dedicated part of any games fanbase if the game allows for it. Modding has provided fans with stunning mods through the years with many fans falling in love with some mods. One of the most unique that stands out above the rest is the Fallout 4 multiplayer mod. Players were shocked to find out they can play their favorite game, which was made completely for singleplayer, with friends. The sheer impact these mods had on the fanbase is profound, especially since many thought this to be impossible.

The multiplayer mod is one of the first mods to come into prominence years ago, at a time when the series had no multiplayer games. These mods while not perfect give Fallout fans an experience they must try. As a warning the mod can cause some issues for players, simply because the game was never meant to support multiplayer. Even though this the modders have made a miracle and developed this as an option.

To install this mod players simply have to locate the mod and follow the steps on the website provided. Our recommendation is to go with ‘’Fallout Together’’ developed by the Skyrim Together group of modders. The group is not only talented and produced high-quality mods before but most importantly they are trustworthy. Paired with the great guides on how to set up everything we highly recommend them for your Fallout 4 multiplayer experience.

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