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Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform? Everything You Need to Know

The popularity of the Red Dead series is a big attributor to the success of Red Dead Online. The widely popular component of Red Dead 2 has many players wondering is Red Dead Online cross platform. Here we will explore this question and give players a quick introduction to the game mode. 

Red Dead Online Story

As Red Dead Online is the multiplayer component of the action-adventure game, it is connected to the story of the single-player. Just like it is set in the Wild West players follow the story of a gang member in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. To begin players must create their character, a former outlaw looking to start a new life. Players are immediately introduced to the game and its world by Horley, a man that starts their story. Horley employs the player to rescue his boss from a group of bandits.

With a clear goal set players set out to start their long journey. After a successful rescue, the boss offers the player a job to take revenge on anyone that wronged him. This sets an interesting setting that offers a great experience for players. One of the many best features of this mode is the player-versus-player combat. Furthermore, any choice players make while playing will affect the overall story. These mechanics ensures that everyone has a unique experience playing through the game. Lastly, it is important to note that the game’s world is constantly evolving be it through the player’s decisions or new content updates.

Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform

Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform? Explanation

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018 with Red Dead Online emerging a few months later. Based on the time of release it is easy to expect Red Dead Online to support crossplay. Unfortunately, the game is not cross platform in any way and restricts its players to unique platforms. Furthermore, the game does not feature cross-progression so players cant carry over their progress. 

This is quite unfortunate since the game would thrive with this feature. While many had hopes of crossplay integration, it is unlikely to come to the game. Especially when you consider how much time has passed since the game’s release with no announcement of the feature coming.

However, we advise players to try and pair up platforms with their friends to get the best experience. The top-notch multiplayer experience is something that everyone must have. Players that love to grind and progress slowly but steadily will love the games gameplay loop even more. Overall Red Dead Online is an amazing addition to an already great single-player game, and we highly recommend it for everyone.

Amar Alimajstorovic
Amar Alimajstorovic
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