Who are the main Hogwarts Legacy Characters?

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Upon its release in February 2023, Hogwarts Legacy introduced us to a cast of new and exciting characters to discover more about. The Wizarding World in this game currently features more than 50 characters you can meet and interact with throughout the game.

However, it’s also important to realize the main Hogwarts Legacy character is actually you! Well, obviously the player is the main character.

So, let’s check out how you can define your character in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. But, we’ll also take a look at all the characters we’ll find in the game, both familiar and new!

Which houses can you choose between in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are four houses you can choose from, which coincides with the lore in all the movies and other forms of media based on the franchise. These are the most famous houses in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Gryffindor
  • Slytherin
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw

However, unlike in other forms of media, Hogwarts Legacy lets the player choose their own house. Usually, the Sorting Hat does all the sorting of students into houses, which you’ll be familiar with if you’ve seen the movies!

The way it works here is the Sorting Hat asks you a few questions to get an idea of what your personality is like. The following answers are for each house:

  • Gryffindor: Adventurous and headstrong answers
  • Ravenclaw: Book-smart and intelligent answers
  • Hufflepuff: Friendship-oriented answers
  • Slytherin: Cunning and mischievous answers

As you can see, all you have to do is act according to each house’s general reputation. If you don’t like the end result, you can always try again. But keep in mind that your second chance is also the final one.

The Differences Between Each House – Which One Should You Choose?

Generally, selecting your Hogwarts house makes no difference in the grand scheme of the story in the game. You can still interact with pretty much any student from any house, and you’ll only get passing comments on the house you chose.

You will, however, have a different common room depending on the house you choose. Even then, the only difference is the design of the common room, which is great fan service for loyal Wizarding World fans. 

Hogwarts Legacy characters

The house you choose also affects the clothing you wear. This is because most of the clothing you find around the world of Hogwarts Legacy will be adorned with your house’s colors and motifs. Make sure you like the colors you’re picking!

You will also receive house-exclusive quests that you can’t obtain in any other way. Each one is a great representation of the Hogwarts house’s values and strengths.

Overall, the choice of which Hogwarts house to pick shouldn’t be a hard one. Truthfully, there is no right answer to this question. You should pick your Hogwarts house based on your own values, preferences, favorite color, and which house-exclusive quest you think sounds most fun.

Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor Characters

As a Gryffindor student, you’ll meet nine housemates:

  • Cressida Blume
  • Eric Northcott
  • Garreth Weasley
  • Hector Jenkins
  • Lawrence Davies
  • Leander Prewett
  • Lucan Brattleby
  • Natsai Onai
  • Nellie Oggspire

Each student has a few quests they appear in that will help you get to know them and form a better connection with them. In fact, some characters, like Nellie, may even be the source of a few quests (in her case, she gives you the Daedalian Keys quest).

If you let the Sorting Hat sort you into Gryffindor, your Welcome to Hogwarts quest will have you meet the following three students:

  • Cressida
  • Garreth
  • Nellie

Make sure to leave a good first impression!

Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Characters

Placing yourself in Slytherin will leave you with the following fellow Slytherin students:

  • Anne Sallow
  • Grace Pinch-Smedley
  • Imelda Reyes
  • Nerida Roberts
  • Ominis Gaunt
  • Priscilla Wakefield
  • Sebastian Sallow
  • Violet McDowell

Surprisingly enough, most of the Slytherin students have far bigger roles in the story and are well fleshed out. Three particularly interesting students are Anne Sallow, her twin brother Sebastian, and Ominis Gaunt, who seem to have formed a little clique.

Overall, you’ll find these students are cunning and resourceful as is typical for their house to be.

Upon sorting into Slytherin, you’ll need to meet the following three students as part of the Welcome to Hogwarts quest:

  • Imelda
  • Ominis
  • Sebastian

Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff Characters

There are only seven Hufflepuff students to meet in the game:

  • Adelaide Oakes
  • Arthur Plummly
  • Charlotte Morrison
  • Evangeline Bardsley
  • Lenora Everleigh
  • Poppy Sweeting
  • Sacharissa Tugwood

In the Hufflepuff house, you’ll meet some of the friendliest and brightest students with interesting backstories. From the creature-loving Poppy to the ambitious Sacharissa, you’re sure to make good friends with these characters.

The Welcome to Hogwarts quest has you meet the following three Hufflepuff students if you choose this house:

  • Adelaide
  • Arthur
  • Lenora

Hogwarts Legacy Ravenclaw Characters

Finally, the Ravenclaw house consists of the following ten students:

  • Amit Thakkar
  • Andrew Larson
  • Astoria Crickett
  • Constance Dagworth
  • Duncan Hobhouse
  • Everett Clopton
  • Mahendra Pehlwaan
  • Samantha Dale
  • Sophronia Franklin
  • Zenobia Noke

The Ravenclaw house is an interesting bunch where you’ll find all kinds of bright and book-smart students. Players may perhaps find Samantha Dale to be the most interesting student considering the player’s involvement in a quest involving her family line.

As part of the Welcome to Hogwarts quest, a Ravenclaw student will have to meet:

  • Amit
  • Everett
  • Samantha

Overall, every student from each house has something interesting to offer the player regardless of the level at which you interact with them. No matter which house you choose, you’ll find someone that piques your interest!

Are There Harry Potter Characters In Hogwarts Legacy?

Because Hogwarts Legacy actually takes place over a century before the events of Harry Potter, the chances of seeing any iconic Harry Potter characters such as Harry, Snape, or Draco Malfoy are slim.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t see any beloved Harry Potter characters in the game. Below is a list of all the Hogwarts Legacy characters that have also appeared in Harry Potter one way or another:

  • Professor Matilda Weasley
  • Professor Cuthbert Binns
  • Professor Phineas Nigellus Black
  • The Sorting Hat
  • Peeves
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • The Fat Lady
  • Victor Rookwood

There are also a few theories going around here and there about the relations between the characters we meet in Hogwarts Legacy to those we see in Harry Potter. The fact that the official Wizarding World website has also hinted at these similarities has only served to fuel the fire fans have when it comes to making these connections.

With the fans keeping a watchful eye on each character’s lineage from pretty much every piece of media, we can safely say these family trees are well-documented.

Who Created Hogwarts Legacy Characters?

The Avalanche Software developers are the ones behind most of the new Hogwarts Legacy characters we’ve seen. Of course, they’ve also taken to adopting a few iconic names from the Harry Potter and the rest of the Wizarding World series.

This amazing video game development company has gone through quite the journey towards making what is looking to be one of the best games of 2023. Avalanche Software is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Games and before that developed quite a few Disney-related titles under The Walt Disney Company.

For now, it looks like more great things are in store for Avalanche Software thanks to the success of Hogwarts Legacy and the life the devs have managed to breathe into the characters.

Top 5 Main Characters In Hogwarts Legacy

Because the personalities and shenanigans of Hogwarts Legacy characters are so fun to explore, we’ve created a tier list of our favorite and most prominent characters in Hogwarts Legacy. Note that this list is in no particular order, though!

#1 Sebastian Sallow

It’s hard to read any article talking about the Hogwarts Legacy characters without Sebastian Sallow being mentioned somewhere in there. This Slytherin student stands out as one of the best and most fan-favorite characters in Hogwarts Legacy due to his emotional and tragic back story.

Really, Sebastian Sallow is a reminder to us all that we are human and we make mistakes despite what we think is morally right. We also think this character is a step forward from typical Slytherin representation in the Wizarding World, as the driving force behind his actions is just pure brotherly love.

#2 Poppy Sweeting

Hanging around with Poppy Sweeting gives the player a chance to see and interact with some of the coolest creatures in the game and the Wizarding World as a whole. This compassionate and determined character is the #1 fan of pretty much any weird animal you can see out there. Looking at her back story, we can pretty much tell why.

Players will probably find Poppy’s quest line to be one of the most fun ones out there due to both her personality and the quests themselves.

#3 Ominis Gaunt

Ominis is a particularly interesting character because, as you will learn, he is the direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin. However, you’ll also learn that Ominis pretty much beats the Slytherins-are-evil stereotype due to his strong sense of justice and back story.

It’s really only a bonus that Ominis Gaunt is one of the few representations of disability in video games. Still, he remains a powerful wizard who excels in all of his classes due to his resourcefulness.

#4 Professor Garlick

Professor Garlick is one of the quirkiest professors you can find in the game. A plant-lover at heart, she is the head of Herbology at Hogwarts. Despite seeming quite young, Professor Garlick is actually an experienced and capable witch. This character’s gameplay in Herbology class is probably one of the most fun ones out there.

She also has quite the relatable story of finding your place in the world and working through your problems. It’s safe to say that Hogwarts Legacy would just not be the same without Professor Garlick.

#5 Professor Fig

Last but not least we have Professor Fig, the Magical Theory professor who pretty much acts as the player’s sidekick throughout the game. He’s one of the professors who is most involved in the main story and possesses a wealth of knowledge about more than just what he teaches.

It helps that Fig is pretty enthusiastic and impressed by the main character’s magical prowess and talent. And that’s not even mentioning his tragic backstory involving the death of his wife, Miriam, which is definitely a tear-jerker for players who have bonded with his character.

Who is the most popular Character in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are many great characters to get to know and bond with throughout your time playing Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, opinions differ and different characters are likable for different reasons. However, it’s hard to refute the fact that Sebastian Sallow is one of the biggest fan favorites among all the characters.

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Whether it’s due to the fact that his backstory is so well-developed or perhaps his character, it’s hard not to find at least one thing to love about Sebastian. His love for his sister, his family’s past, and the fact that he just seems so human are just a few things we can name right now.

Are Hufflepuff Characters Popular In Hogwarts Legacy?

Due to their qualities of friendship, loyalty, and dedication, Hufflepuff characters are one of the easiest to love in Hogwarts Legacy. Poppy Sweeting is just one example of many.

If you choose Hufflepuff as your house, rest assured you won’t be dissatisfied with your choice. Whether because of how other characters treat you throughout the game, the house-exclusive quest, or the students you share a house with, Hufflepuff is a great house.

Are Ravenclaw Characters Popular In Hogwarts Legacy?

Similar to Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw characters have quite a few positive attributes of their own. While they are generally regarded as the book-smart house at Hogwarts, they’re also witty and wise to boot. Of course, it’s important to know that the qualities students favor in these houses are not necessarily their entire personalities.

As such, most of the Ravenclaw students we see in the game are very popular with their peers. They may have a few quirks of their own or great cooperation with the player, which is what makes them popular and well-loved in the eyes of both other characters in the game and fans alike.

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