Project EVE: What we Know | Gameplay, Release Date & More

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Project EVE was a surprising reveal at the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase. PlayStation fans got to see the reveal along with Spiderman 2 and God of War Ragnarok. This action game takes its inspiration from games such as Nier:Automata, Devil May Cry, and 2018’s God of War. 

About the Studio behind Project E.V.E

Shift Up is a little-known South Korean game studio that brought us Project EVE. Hyung-Tae Kim founded the studio in 2013. He’s the man behind Blade and Soul and the War of Genesis series. ShiftUp’s first mobile game called Destiny Child was one of the top-grossing apps upon its release in 2016. The game showed great product quality and the studio’s strong game development. 

Since 2019 ShiftUp has been developing their newest AAA game and their very first console title: Project EVE. It’s a post-apocalyptic semi-open world, hack-and-slash game with beautiful graphics, and satisfying and fleshed-out combat.

Project EVE’s team is a team of young and talented developers. They all have a shared goal of making a game that their users can enjoy properly. Each developer works respectively fiercely in all seriousness, searching for the best answer in their field. The team has put in a lot of work over the years working towards the game’s full release. Based on what we could see from sneak peeks they have done an outstanding job.

Project EVE: Storyline

At the peak of its golden age, mankind is suddenly taken down by unexpected enemies called the NA:tives after losing the battle. Those who managed to survive flee to a colony in outer space, as the Earth falls into ruin. Once mankind settled in the colony they sent EVE paratroopers to reclaim Earth for mankind.

The story puts you in the shoes of Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad deployed by the colony. Eve must navigate the run-down world while slaying her enemies with style to uncover the secret of this unusual world and reclaim the stolen Earth for mankind. Millions of gamers all around the world are already excited to experience the game’s story. Which will hopefully stun all of us with its unveiling at the full release of the game.

What the Gameplay and First Trailer Glimpses tell us

Project EVE

The trailer and gameplay video gives us a glimpse at the world of Project EVE, the extraordinary graphics, and character designs that explode with distinctive realism. We see that Project EVE is on the next level in terms of graphics and physics and will be perfect for next-gen consoles. In the gameplay video, we see Eve encounter a monster. This gives us a peek into the deliberate combat system filled with attacks, combos, defense, and evasion. All the while it remains fluid and engaging. Countering with precise timing and grasping the attack patterns of various unique enemies is the only way to survive the world of Project EVE. 

Eve acquires Beta Gauge (BG) by avoiding and dealing damage in combat, then expends it to gain skills. These skills can vary from interrupting enemy combos to executing sweeping attacks. Eve also has a burst gauge that accumulates from parries and combos and is used for buffs and powerful attacks. 

As the game progresses Eve masters the terrain by scaling walls, swinging on ropes, sliding tactically, and more. Uncover treasures hidden while exploring and uncovering the secrets of the world. You can also look forward to finding stylish costumes to find Eve’s look.

Project EVE: Potential release – what we know

Project EVE is yet to receive a release date given that the upcoming title is still in development. It also seems likely it’ll be quite some time before it’s available to play. 

Director Hyungtae Kim has said that the team has progressed about halfway through development. Many parts of the system are complete and the resources are currently in the mass production stage. He says that the team is not yet ready to announce when Project EVE will release, but they will keep us updated. They are also working hard to make something that will meet the hopes of fans and supporters. The developer is staffing up and with the game being halfway done, we shouldn’t expect the release date in early 2022.

In some recent developments, Project EVE has been renamed to Stellar Blade. Paired with the rename we got a very in-depth story trailer. The trailer gave us a better idea of which direction the story will go. We also got a better glimpse at the stunning combat within the game. Sadly, there is still no confirmed date for the release of the game. Many speculate that it should come out during 2023 due to previous statements from the developers. The game also did look like it was significantly far along in development even in the previous showcase.

As the game is nearing its release we are sure to get more peeks into what awaits us on full release. If there are no further delays the Korean developer should set the RPG title out to the public before 2023 ends. This would amount to a highly anticipated release for a game that first appeared on everyone’s radar in 2019. 

Will Project EVE be a PS5 exclusive?

ShiftUp has stated that they intended to release the game for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. 

However recent statements focus exclusively on the PS5 version, so there might be some timed exclusivity. But nothing has been officially confirmed yet. For PS5 the developers have said that Project EVE will ‘’take full advantage’’ of the dual sense controller’s haptic feedback and the console’s capabilities.

As the game is assumed to be exclusive on the PlayStation 5 many fans will have to wait even longer to play it. When you consider the fact that usually games are PS5 exclusives for about a year it cuts off many players from accessing the game. This means that those that wish to play it on PC would have to wait for a total of 5 years since the first trailer. As this would be a major downside we truly hope the game will be instantly available on all platforms. Furthermore, the length of the exclusivity could be much shorter. Either way, players are sure to enjoy the game whenever it releases on any respective platform.

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