True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition: A Game-Changing Visual Mod

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Fallout 4 is, without a doubt, one of the best games Bethesda has produced in the past few years. And considering The Elder Scrolls VI has just entered development, it seems like it’ll be like this for at least the next few years.

However, being a 2015 game, some players have stated the game looks a bit dated in 2023. Even back when the game was new and fresh, many thought it could benefit from a few visual improvements.

This is where the modding community has famously stepped in. Right now, there are hundreds of mods both on Nexus and independent websites that can help you achieve the perfect look in your Fallout 4 save. 

Back in the day, players were particularly impressed by the True Eyes mod for Fallout 4. But what happened to the True Eyes mod? Can you still download it? And what do you use instead? We answer all these questions in the article below. Let’s dive in!

What happened to the True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition mod?

The True Eyes mod for Fallout 4 is a mod made to alter the appearance of the eyes of your character in the game. Where the customization options seem rather simple, True Eyes aims to give them detail and help them stand out as one of the main features of your character.

The mod was available on Nexus under the Fallout 4 category, thanks to Nexus user Jimtownirish. It was adequately popular and had a sizable following until one day it disappeared from Nexus.

A quick visit to Jimtownirish’s profile will say that the mod has been removed due to ungrateful users. The creator claims they only had $55 in donations in 3 years and were rarely given any thanks for creating mods, despite having 1 million downloads across them all.

Since then, the mod has been pretty much unavailable and even hard to find for most Fallout 4 players. Or has it?

Step-by-Step Installation Guide for True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition Mod

If you try to find the mod on Google, you’ll mostly end up with some spam sites that aren’t very trustworthy. If you know the basics of modding, you’ll also know not to download from these sites under any circumstances.

In a Reddit post asking about what happened to the True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition mod, there came a hero. A hero who provided a link to the download files for the True Eyes mod, hosted on the GamePressure website.

Although this website doesn’t have Nexus Mods levels of fame, it’s still a pretty good website for pretty much anything. That anything, of course, includes mods.

Read below for a step-by-step guide on how to install the True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition mod!

Step 1: Download Nexus Mod Manager (Vortex)

Although GamePressure provides the game file, you’ll still need Nexus to do most of the dirty work for you.

For the first step, all you have to do is head to the Nexus Mods website and download the Vortex Mod Manager from its page. Follow the instructions to proceed with the download.

Once you’ve downloaded Vortex Mod Manager, open the program on your PC.

Step 2: Download True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition File

After step 1, head to the GamePressure website and find the True Eyes mod. Click on the Download button above the mod info page.

You’ll have to wait 10 seconds. Once the 10 seconds are up, you’ll get an option to choose between Metry or Alamo. These two mirrors are the same, so you can select either one of them to start the download. Save the file, preferably somewhere in the Vortex folder or somewhere where you can drag it over easily, and wait for it to finish downloading.

Remember to extract the ZIP file before proceeding to the next step!

Step 3: Install in Vortex Mod Manager

Now go back to your Vortex Mod Manager. Make sure you’ve selected Fallout 4 as one of your managed games! If the program can’t find the game, you need to point out its download directory yourself. To find that out, you can go to Steam and find the game. Select Manage, then Browse Local Files. This should open the folder the game is in.

To finish installing True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition, go to the Mods tab in Vortex. Select the Install From File option and find the True Eyes files. 

You should now have the True Eyes mod in your Fallout 4 game! Happy gaming!

5 Fallout 4 True Eyes Alternatives

If you prefer not to use True Eyes, there are a few other alternatives in the world of Fallout 4 mods. Here are the top 5 True Eyes alternatives, in no particular order.

#1: The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

True Eyes - Fallout 4 edition
Source: Nexus

We know we said this list was in no particular order, but that doesn’t really apply to this mod. The Eyes of Beauty is, without a doubt, the most popular mod for eyes in Fallout 4. The downloads on the original version are a testament to that fact.

And honestly, we can really see why. They really are beautiful. The striking colors and even realism in some of these eye colors can take your breath away. If you want a step in the right direction when it comes to creating a beautiful Fallout 4 character, this is it.

You can download the original version by LogRaam here as well as the remastered version by Wammy here.

#2: Clockwork Tot Eyes Fallout Edition

True Eyes - Fallout 4 edition
Source: Nexus

If you’re into Steampunk and want to find a way to incorporate it into your Fallout 4 character, look no further than the Clockwork Tot Eyes mod. As the description says, this mod adds about 50 Steampunk-themed eyes for a female Sole Survivor.

While these eyes are far from looking realistic, they definitely look really cool. There are several different colors and styles to choose from. This gives you an ample array of stylish Steampunk eyes to choose from, so make use of it!

You can find the Clockwork Tot Eyes mod here!

#3: Ultra Vanilla 1k Eyes

Ultra Vanilla 1k Eyes
Source: Nexus

If you like the way the eyes look in the vanilla game but wish they were a little bit higher quality, this mod is for you. What it does is just that, it upscales the vanilla eye textures for humans and ghouls to 1k. 

Admittedly, the vanilla eye colors aren’t even that bad. Everyone has had to create their character with them at some point, right? Still, it helps when you see that small extra level of detail in a character’s eyes.

You can find the Ultra Vanilla 1k Eyes mod here.

#4: Default Eyes Enhanced

 Default Eyes Enhanced
Source: Nexus

If the previous mod somehow doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it, we have another solution. The Default Eyes Enhanced mod does pretty much the same thing as the previous one. The creator, Justinlong1991, upscaled the vanilla eyes that ship with the game. However, these eyes have been upscaled using AI!

What we get as a result are eyes that have almost doubled in quality and look more high-res than the vanilla eyes. The creator has even provided an image comparison of the two.

Download the Default Eyes Enhanced mod here.

#5: Alternative Human Eyes

Alternative Human Eyes
Source: Nexus

If you want to pay special attention to the Humans in the game, this mod gives them striking eye colors that are hard to ignore. The creator packs in 21 different high-quality human eyes and improves the lashes on the characters, to boot! You can choose between shorter and longer variants depending on the vibe you want your character to give off.

However, be aware that these eyes replace the vanilla eyes that come with the game. Make sure to back up those files or you’ll have to figure out a way to get them back!

Get Alternative Human Eyes right here.

Are you curious if you can use these in Fallout 4 multiplayer? Read on for more!

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