A Plan to Save Han – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Challenges and Minikits

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A Plan to Save Han is the second story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Here we have prepared a complete guide on how to complete A Plan to Save Han and all its challenges. Learn everything from how to meet the three Level Challenges, collect all five Minikits, and even achieve the True Jedi Rank by reaching 100% completion of the level.

To reach this rank you must complete many tasks during the level, some of which may not be obvious. Furthermore, some challenges will require specific characters to be completed as well as the use of Free Play. Here is a list of everything you must do to complete the A Pan to Save Han mission at 100%. These are all of the tasks listed off in order of difficulty:

  • Level Challenges:

#1: Don’t Blow Our Cover – Complete the Leia and Chewbacca area without causing any trouble.

#2: Learn the Droids’ Fate – Discover the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO within Jabba’s Palace.

#3: Rancor-cussion – Pick up and throw 5 objects at the Rancor using The Foce

  • Collect all 5 Minikits
  • Earn a true Jedi Rank by Collecting 70000 studs.

Each of these can be completed during your first playthrough of the game, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

A Plan to Save Han Story Walkthrough

A Plan to Save Han challanges

Here are all the tasks you need to achieve 100% on the A Plan to Save Han mission in order. Just remember that it is best to do them as you come across them to make the process much easier to track.

Opening Sequence

C-3PO and R2-D2 are found in Jabba’s Palace alongside Princess Leia and Chewbacca. Your party in this mission consists of Princess Leia and Chewbacca. While playing this level it is important to focus on collecting studs, especially during the opening sequence. By focusing on this here and throughout the level you will earn enough for the True Jedi Rank. To ensure you succeed simply break every destructible environment and scenery. Additionally, you can break many boxes and consoles that are found spread around. 

Challenge #1: Don’t Blow Our Cover Part 1

To complete this challenge you must act at the beginning of the level while your party is still Princess Leia and Chewbacca. At the back entrance to Jabba’s, there are many guards in the area and a large turret immediately ahead of you. To keep your disguise you will need to avoid all of these obstacles. If successful continue down the path just right of the turret while not raising any suspicion. The best way to do this is simply to avoid using weapons, walking into enemies’ cones of vision, or breaking objects.

At the end take the next left and walk across the spike trap precisely followed by another left behind the turret. From here turn around and head through the doorway located on the left side. Here you will see a golden box, a grapple point, and a bridge you can lower. By utilizing Leia’s Bounty Hunter disguise you can destroy the golden box and reveal the switch. Then grapple across as Leia and activate the switch to lover the bridge which will allow Chewbacca to cross. Now simply use both characters to press down the buttons and open the door forward. If you make it to the end without the disguise simply reset the level to try again.

Challenge #2: Learn the Droid’s Fate

The second challenge is to Learn the Droid’s Fate and it leads you to discover the fate of two droids. Those in question are R2-D2 and C-3PO which can be located on the left side in the following hallway. They are located behind a black grate that once shot reveals the two of them, who have been captured. 

Challenge #1: Don’t Blow Our Cover Part 2

Once Challenge #2 is complete continue forward down the hall until two guards step out and prevent you from progressing. Here look for a door on the right that opens to a small room and enter through it. Inside utilize Chewbacca’s blast to open the cell door to release many prisoners. They will run into the hall and move the two guards blocking your path, and you may continue.

As you go through the previously blocked door you will see a box the guards left behind. Once you destroy it use the pieces to build the grappe points needed to reach the next door. Here you will locate a movable box that can be pushed under one of the levers. By using Leia uses her grapple to reach and pull the lever. Then have Chewbacca jump on the box to reach the other lever and open the door. With this, you have completed this section but the challenge is not over yet. To earn the challenge you have to complete this area without causing any trouble starting from Challenge #1. Essentially, you would have completed this if you didn’t accidentally fight the guards or set off the alarm. Sadly, if you do not get this challenge you will have to replay the level from the beginning. 

Minikit 1

Once you reach the large room where Han is frozen at the other end you should ignore him for a bit. Take a look at the music booth on the left side of the room, specifically the pluggable slot. Here you will have to grab the power core next to Han and plug it in to turn on the music. Once the music starts playing your first Minikit will be revealed.  

True Jedi Rank

If you have been actively collecting studs, you should already have the 70000 to achieve True Jedi Rank in this room. If you don’t just focus on collecting more in the next few sections. There are plenty of studs to make up for those that you may have missed in the previous stages of the mission.

Save Han

To save Han you must take back the power core used for Minikit 1 and place it into the plug left of him. This will free him and shift your perspective and party to Luke Skywalker and Bib Fortuna. This means that if you missed the music minikit you will have to pick it up later by resetting the mission.

Confront Jabba the Hutt

Fulfill Your Destiny challenges

With your new party consisting of Luke Skywalker and Bib Fortuna keep going past the turret by any means necessary. Once done you will reach a lifted bridge and a large door in front of you. Using Luke Skywalker’s force break the mechanism on the right side and use the pieces to build buttons. These buttons can be used to open the way forward through the door. From here you have a linear path down the staircase up until you reach another door. Here, break the boxes to find more buildable pieces and studs. Use the buildable pieces to create a hologram of Jabba and press the two buttons to progress.

The next hallway is the same Chewbacca and Leia used at the start of the mission but now, the buttons are broken. By using Luke Skywalker’s force powers just lift the door and continue down the staircase towards Jabba.

Challenge #3: Rancor-cussion

Immediately upon entering the room, you are thrown into a short cutscene, where Luke is thrown into the Rancor pit. Here you will lose your lightsaber and only have a large bone equipped. Use this bone to whack away the Rancor and keep yourself safe. To earn this Challenge you will need to pick up 5 objects scattered around the arena and throw them at Rancor. You can do this by using the force, luckily you don’t have to be too accurate since there are plenty of bones left lying around. Once the challenge is complete you can defeat the monster and complete the mission.

To 100% A Plan to Save Han, you will have to return to this mission in free play through the holoprojector menu. The rest of this guide will focus on the free play section as you collect the four missing Minikits in the mission.

Minikit 2

As you start the mission immediately turn right to find a door locked by an Astromech Droid console. Walk up to it and interact with it to open the door to continue. Behind the door is a hall full of obstacles that require a Jedi/Dark Side character to complete. This is because this course involves wall-running, climbing, and jumping across gaps. Simply traverse this course and then follow the path toward a small open room. In which a Kowakin can be found playing a whack-a-mole against you. To collect the second Minikit you must hit the Kowakin until defeated as it drops the Minikit.

Minikit 3

On A Plan to Save Han, there is a Protocol Droid console inside one of the structures on each side of the turret in the first area. You will have to interact with this console to gain a password to use later on. Keep going through the missions up until the guards block your path. Take notice of the door which is the exit and locked by a Protocol Droid console. Walk up to it and use the password previously acquired to open the door and proceed with the mission

Inside, there are three small puzzle pieces spread around the room with an unfinished puzzle on the right wall. By using a Jedi/Dark Side character pick up the pieces with the force to complete the puzzle. The complete puzzle will award you your third Minikit.

Minikit 4

Once you complete the puzzle and collect the third Minikit locate the Astromech Droid console in the room and interact with it. This will open up the door on the left side of the puzzle room. Inside this small space is a mechanism with a switch, use the switch to activate the machine. Once turned on the machine will throw out some buildable parts which can be used to build your fourth Minikit.

Minikit 5

Finally, the last step to 100% completion on A Plan to Save Han is the last Minikit. Exit the set of rooms where you collected the two previous Minikits and return to the hall across the small cell block. Here walk to the last cell at the end and switch to a stormtrooper character. By using the stormtrooper’s grenade blow up the cell to get inside and collect the final Minikit.

With that, you have completed everything in this mission and achieved the True Jedi Rank.

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