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Stardew Valley Guide

Stardew Valley has lots of different features to keep you occupied for hours. From fishing through farming, to exploring through combat, ConcernedApe made sure to put in the effort for every aspect of the game. However, not a lot of casual players know or use a mill in Stardew Valley.

What do mills do? How do you use them? And what exactly are you supposed to put in a Stardew Valley mill? We’ve answered all these questions for you. Take a look!

What to do with a mill | Stardew Valley?

The mill turns items that are generally considered less valuable and useless into items that you can sell for more gold. You can also use these items to craft and cook things.

You can place the mill anywhere on your farm, but make sure to have an empty 4×2 space so you can be sure it’ll fit.

Stardew Valley Guide

As we’ve already said, milling things gives them more value so it’s a great construction to have on your farm. It’s especially good if you want to branch out and do different things in the game to make it more entertaining!

What can you put in a Stardew Valley mill?

A Stardew Valley mill can mill three things: wheat, beets, and rice. Putting wheat through the mill gives you flour, while beets give you sugar. One wheat will always give you one flour, but one beet will give you 3 sugars. 

If you’ve ever planted rice in Stardew Valley, you’ve probably noticed that when it’s time to reap what you’ve sown (literally) you’ll always get unmilled rice. Unmilled rice doesn’t have much use, but once you mill it, it becomes regular rice. One unmilled rice always gives one rice. Now you can use it in certain cooking recipes. It also sells for much more than unmilled rice, so you can profit from putting it through the mill.

How many items can you put in a mill at once?

Technically, there is no limit to how many items you can put in a mill at once. You can put as much wheat or as many beets as you’d like. You can even put them together! The mill will still produce separate items, so you don’t have to worry about losing your items.

Once the items are done milling, they’ll come up in the box to the right of the mill. However, it’s very important to note that this box only has 36 storage spaces. If you’ve filled up all the slots and still have items milling, you should make sure to take it all out. 

Once the mill finishes with the items it’s currently milling, and there’s no storage space, your items will disappear forever. So, in that sense, your Stardew Valley mill does have a certain limit as to how many items you can put in.

How long does it take to mill wheat in Stardew valley?

Milling wheat, beets, and rice in Stardew Valley always lasts one day. This means that you don’t have to worry about how many items you have in the mill – no matter what, you can expect to see the items tomorrow.

Simply place your items in the mill, go about your day, and then go to sleep. The next morning, you’ll wake up with all your milled items in the box to the right!

As we’ve said before, make sure there are free storage spaces in the box, or you risk losing your items forever.

Is the mill useful in Stardew Valley?

The mill is a great farm structure for those looking to make a profit from cooking. Even if you aren’t too into cooking, the mill can make regular items even more valuable. That way, you can simply sell all the milled items and turn up a profit in most cases!

Let’s start with wheat. Regular wheat goes for 25 to 50g, depending on its quality. Regular wheat sells for 25g, silver quality sells for 31g, gold quality sells for 37g, and iridium quality sells for 50g. If you have the tiller profession, you can sell them for 10% more. This gives us a profit of 27g, 34g, 40g, and 55g.

Stardew Valley Guide

However, putting any kind of wheat through the mill will give you wheat flour in Stardew Valley, which sells for 50g. This alone is not too impressive, but you can turn quite the profit by making bread from wheat flour. It’s the only ingredient the recipe requires, too. The bread sells for 60g, which gives you a 5-10g profit depending on the profession. It’s a great profitable recipe when you make bread in large quantities.

Sugar is also a mainly profitable recipe. The trick is to use regular or silver quality beets, as these beets only sell for 100 to 137g (with the tiller profession). Selling the three sugar you get from one beet nets you 150g, almost 15g more than silver beets with the tiller profession! It’s also good to use for several cooking recipes, many of which are profitable.

Rice itself is also very profitable, as it sells for nearly 35g more than unmilled rice. Iridium quality unmilled rice sells for 66g with the tiller profession, while milled rice sells for 100g. You can also use the rice to make maki rolls, rice pudding, and mango sticky rice. 

How do you make a Stardew mill?

Stardew Valley Guide

You can purchase a mill from Robin’s carpenter shop. To build it, you need 50 stone, 150 wood, and 4 cloth. Of course, you also need to pay Robin for her work – 2500g to be exact. She will take two days to construct the mill on your farm, after which you can finally use it. 

Stardew Valley Guide

Is the bone mill a different structure than the mill?

Yes, the bone mill in Stardew Valley is a different structure than the regular mill. However, this one isn’t so easily obtainable.

Stardew Valley Guide

You can’t buy the bone mill from Robin, but you can craft it. To get the recipe for the bone mill, you must complete Gunther’s special order, “Fragments of the past”. The day after, he will send you the recipe in the mail.

What’s the bone mill recipe in Stardew Valley?

Once you get the recipe from Gunther, the bone mill is quite easy to make in Stardew Valley. All you need is 10 bone fragments, 3 clay, and 20 stones. The clay and stone are quite easy to find.

Stardew Valley Guide

You can acquire clay by digging up dirt, sand, and artifact spots. Doing this will usually yield 1-3 clay pieces. Breaking open geodes may also yield a small amount of clay. 

However, a surefire way to find clay is to mine clay geodes. You can find these at the Ginger Island Dig Site, located to the west of the Island Field Office. However, to get to this place you need to repair the bridge with the help of the parrots on the island. You need to give them 10 Golden Walnuts, which can be found all over the island.

Stones are a lot easier to get, as you can find them in a myriad of places. You can mine rocks, buy them from Robin, dig in artifact spots, kill stone golems and gray slimes, and find them in fishing treasure chests. Considering you only need 20 stones, you shouldn’t have much trouble gathering them with all the ways to obtain stones.

What does the bone mill do?

The bone mill is refining equipment. It can give you four different fertilizers to use on your farm. You can get the Deluxe Speed-Gro, Quality Fertilizer, Speed-Gro, and Tree Fertilizer from the bone mill. All of these are great to use on your plants, and there’s even a 10% chance that you get double the items!

However, to get these items, you need to put bone fragments, fossils, and certain artifacts into the bone mill. This isn’t too hard, as you can find fossils and artifacts in artifact spots. Bone fragments are also obtainable from artifact spots, although there’s only a 20% chance of finding them. So how do you get bone fragments in Stardew Valley for sure?

How do you get bone fragments in Stardew Valley?

Getting bone fragments requires you to put in a bit more work in the mines and the Volcano Dungeon. You can get the bone fragments by killing Skeletons and Lava Lurks. 

Stardew Valley Guide

You can find the Skeletons on floors 71-79 of the mines, which means you need to make quite a bit of progress before you get there. Of course, that’s assuming you haven’t already exhausted all the uses you can get from the mines. Once you get to these floors, finding and killing Skeletons will be easy.

Stardew Valley Guide

The Lava Lurks appear on all floors of the Volcano Dungeon and are quite easy to kill with 220 base HP. However, you should be careful, because the fireballs they shoot deal very high damage and can knock you out.

Stardew Valley Guide

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of combat, the Ginger Island Dig Site is here to save the day again. You can find bone fragments in the bone nodes there. The bone nodes also have a small chance to give you a certain fossil, which is great for putting in the bone mill.

Stardew Valley Guide

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