What is a Big Sister: BioShock 2 – Villain Extravaganza

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10 years after the events of the first Bioshock, darkness still lurks within the halls of Rapture. We see a monster operating along the Atlantic coastline, snatching little girls, then bringing them to the city of Rapture. Bioshock 2 has the player take on the role of Big Daddy, Rapture’s most iconic denizen. Traveling as Big Daddy, the player travels through the fallen, decrepit city, on a wild goose chase for an unseen foe. This creepy, unsettling environment makes you feel even more uneasy when you consider the most fearsome enemies –  the Big Sister BioShock.  

More about Big Sister BioShock 2

In the Bioshock sequel, you’ll be bumping heads with the new kids on the block – Big Sisters. Big Sister (Bioshock 2) is the new gatekeeper of Rapture. Born from the BioShock Little Sisters, BioShock 2 Big Sister wears a costume, much like its former protectors called the Big Daddy (Bioshock). 

While the Little Sisters grew older in Rapture, the conditioning they endured left its mark on their bodies. They could no longer produce ADAM by themselves, but the exposure to ADAM made them incredibly tall and strong. Thanks to Dr. Yi Suchong’s conditioning which convinced them to see Rapture as a beautiful utopia, they became extremely aggressive, and slowly made them go insane.

Traces of Plasmids found in the ADAM they recycled began showing in the girls’ genes. Not only that, but it also allowed them to use dangerous powers, and unleash them. More and more Little Sisters began turning into these feral beasts, so Gilbert Alexander employed new conditioning methods to transform them into a new kind of protector.  The Bioshock 2 Big Sisters’ job is to protect the young ones, while also retrieving any stolen ADAM.

Big Sister BioShock 2

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Big Sister VS Big Daddy – Moves and Power

When it comes to raw power and strength, Big Daddies and Big Sisters are evenly matched. As such, they’re the most formidable enemies in Bioshock 2. 

Basically, Bioshock Big Daddy and Little Sister walk hand in hand, so you need to get rid of them in order to adopt the Bioshock 2 Little Sister. Once you rescue every Little Sister in one level, the Big Sister steps in. 

Bioshock 2 Big Sisters 

As for their abilities, Big Sisters’ abilities range between Melee, Charge, Telekinetic Pummel, Fire Barrage, Drain, Reflection, and Teleport. If a Big Sister is engaged in a Melee battle, she’ll attempt to jab you with an ADAM syringe, headbutt you or even stab you. 

One of her special abilities includes an advanced form of Telekinesis. With it, she can lift every nearby object, draw it towards her and launch them at you. The amount of damage solely depends on the size of the object. However, if it’s big enough, she can push you back, in turn disorienting you. 

What makes Big Sisters incredibly dangerous is their ability to perform Teleportation and Reflection. After they disappear, you’ll notice a purple energy ripple, and they tend to use this when they’re in a pickle. Additionally, Big Sisters also create an expanding visible ring of force which inflicts a lot of damage once it hits you. Make sure you move quickly to avoid this attack. 

Beware Big Sisters, if they’re especially low on health, because they’ll scream, thus spawning a Splicer. Impaling the Splicer with the Syringe, the Big Sister will drain health, in turn restoring her health. 

Bioshock 2 Big Daddies

The second entry of Bioshock features 3 new versions of Big Daddy – Rumbler, Alpha Series, and Lancer. 

First up is Lancer, with his arsenal of Mini-Turrets and a shoulder-mounted RPG with non-guided rockets. Less armor makes Lancer more mobile, and his combat style makes him a threat. 

Alpha Series is a bit of a downgrade though. Barely sentient, they’ll basically attack anything that moves with Plasmids, regularly emitting Electro Bolt bursts, Incinerate!, and Winter Blast. 

Lancer makes an appearance in Minerva’s den, Bioshock 2’s final DLC. Aside from being slimmer and taller, Lancer is also more decorated than its counterparts. Furthermore, they have the Ion Laser at their disposal too. 

How old are Big Sisters?

In terms of age, Bioshock 2 Big Sisters are the same Little Sisters from the original Bioshock. Only now they’re aged by 10 years, making them 13-18 years old. 

Examining the Armor on BioShock’s Big Sister model

Unlike the helmets of Bouncers and Rosies, Bioshock 2 Big Sister’s helmet is smaller and rounder, almost insect-like. The main piece of her design is the red light emanation from the portal, and it’s meant to intimidate the player.  

The rest of her helmet is made out of metal pieces, taken from fallen Big Daddies and welded to keep her noggin safe. 

Lethal as a bullet, a Big Sister carries a modified gatherer gun in one hand and shoots projectiles from the other. Now, Big Sisters seem rough around the edges, but the basket on her back says otherwise. Decorated with frilly pink bows, the basket is used to carry Little Sisters on her back. Could there be more to the story? That’s up to you to decide. 

What does it take to beat a Big Sister?

The first trick to beating a Big Sister (Bioshock) is by getting to know your enemy. Typically, confrontations with any Bioshock 2 Big Sister are difficult. Once you anger her, there’s a small delay before she shows up, usually about 30 seconds. Use this time wisely, and prepare – set up traps, and buy ammunition and health. 

Is there an easy way to kill a BioShock 2 Big Sister?

One of the easiest ways to kill a Bioshock 2 Big Sister is to keep freezing her. Freezing her will leave her motionless, therefore unable to deal damage. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to go in with the drill and finish her off. 

Another strategy is to hypnotize a Big Daddy. Since they’re both formidable, this might give you the upper hand. Once you hypnotize a Big Daddy, get them to help you or get them in the middle of the fight. 

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