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As Terraria is now in its final iteration the standing of weapons is now locked in. This officially marks the spot for the best early-game sword for the blade of grass in Terraria. For anyone going through a playthrough in Terraria, this blade will mark a big power spike. This is because the blade is quite powerful, especially after the 1.4.4 Terraria update. Now the sword shoots projectiles which makes it so much better than before. Furthermore, even if you don’t plan to use it much it can come in handy against some bosses in the early to mid stages of pre-hardmode.

How do you make a Blade of Grass | Terraria 

How do you make a Blade of Grass | Terraria 

To craft The Blade of Grass Terraria broadsword you will need to pay a visit to your world’s jungle. Here you will find all the materials required to craft the blade and be set for a little while. For the crafting recipe, the player needs 12 Stinger, 15 Jungle Spores, and finally 3 Vine. With these acquired all you need to do is take them to an Iron or Lead Anvil and you have your Blade of Grass in Terraria.

A great tip for finding your jungle is that it always spawns opposite the dungeon. This is useful if you have already explored that side of the world since now you know 100% where the jungle is.

Where can you get Jungle Spores

Jungle Spores are valuable crafting materials found in the Underground Jungle. Players are advised to get at least some armor before hunting for Spores. This is because the Underground Jungle is very dangerous in the early stages of the game. To get to this area players simply have to follow a cave entrance that leads down or dig a way down into the Jungle.

Jungle Spores are easy to spot since they have a distinct green glow that can be seen from afar. To collect them all you need to do is hit them with your sword. This will yield 2-3 Jungle Spores, so you need about 7 orbs on average for The Blade of Grass Terraria.

Where can you get Stinger 

Just like Jungle Spores stingers can be found in the Underground Jungle, but they are more difficult to gather. This is because this craftable material is a drop from specific monsters in the Underground Jungle. Killing any Hornet or Spiked Jungle Slime has a chance to drop a Stinger. 

  • Dragon Hornet – 1-3 Stinger – with a 50% chance
  • Hornet – 1 Stinger – with a 66% chance
  • Moss Hornet – 1 Stinger – with a 16.67% chance
  • Spiked Jungle Slime – 1 Stinger – 50% chance

If you are unlucky you may be stuck in the Jungle For al little while but it will be worth it once you get The Blade of Grass.

How to get Vine in Terraria

Vines is quite confusing to get since many think they can be harvested off of walls in the Jungle and Underground Jungle. This is the logical solution but sadly acquiring them is a bit harder. To get Vines you must kill Man Eaters in the Underground Jungle biome, which is a dangerous task. They are very dangerous enemies if you don’t have an open area to fight them in. Not only do they do a lot of damage but can travel through walls making them a big threat. If you do manage to take one out you will be rewarded with 1-2 Vine 50% of the time.

How to craft an Iron or Lead Anvil 

With all of your previously collected materials you need to take them to an Iron or Lead Anvil. Here you will be able to craft The Blade of Grass Terraria broadsword. If you are missing the anvil all you need to craft one is either 5 Iron Bar or 5 Lead Bar. With this, you are set to get one of the best swords in Terraira to pair with your best pickaxe.

How did the Blade of Grass in Terraria get its name? 

How did the Blade of Grass in Terraria get its name? 

The Blade of Grass Terraria broadsword got its name from a pun that refers to the fact that individual grass leaves are called ‘’blades’’. Since the blade looks like a singular ‘’blade’’ of grass it matches this pun perfectly. Furthermore, it is one of the largest swords in pre-hardmode, which makes the pun even more comical.

Is the Blade of Grass connected to the Grasscutter Sword? 

Before the 1-2 update, the Blade of Grass Terraria broadsword looked like a sawtooth katana. This is where the Grasscutter Sword parallel comes from, a reference to the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. This blade is a legendary Japanese sword and one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan. The blade only extends into legend but it is cool to see the developers reference it in the game.

Is the Blade of Grass any good? What for? 

The Blade of Grass as of the 1.4.4 update can shoot projectiles and is great with most enemies in pre-hardmode. Its most popular use is against the Eater of Worlds, a boss, since it can shred his HP quickly. Furthermore, it is good against armored opponents thanks to the Lead Blade projectile. The projectile has 20 armor penetration and hones in on enemies within a radius of 9.375 tiles. To top it off it pierces and has the same chance to inflict the Poisoned debuff on the enemy.

Can you make other swords using the Blade of Grass?

blade of grass Terraria

Additionally, the blade is used in the recipe for the Night’s Edge, the strongest sword in pre-hardmode. The best part is up until that point it can easily carry the player to it. With the Night’s Edge buffs in 1.4.4 it is now a viable weapon to defeat the Wall of Flesh and use in early hardmode.

Not having the Blade of Grass Terraria broadsword and thus no Night’s Edge will stunt sword progress in hardmode. Completely locking you out of the natural sword progression through True Night’s Edge and further upgrades. This is just one of the many reasons to craft the Blade of Grass Early into a playthrough.

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