Everything You Need to Know About Bushel of Progenitor Produce in World of Warcraft

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One of the most commonly sought out items is the Bushel of Progenitor Produce. Every wow player will reach a point where they will need to collect some and struggle to find it themselves. Here we will give you everything you need to know about the Bushel of Progenitor Produce in World of Warcraft. 

Even if you haven’t yet reached a point where you need the item this information will be very useful for you in the future.

What is Bushel of Progenitor Produce in World of Warcraft?

Bushel of Progenitor Produce

The Bushel of Progenitor Produce is a lootable item in World of Warcraft located in a locked chamber in the Catalyst Gardens. This makes it so if players are looking for this progenitor they must navigate the dangerous chamber. Players are required to overcome various obstacles and defeat enemies before reaching the Bushel of Progenitor Produce. However, their efforts are not in vain since the item is a very powerful collectible in the game. 

This is because upon interacting with the progenitor players will receive four amazing rewards:

  • Bushel of Mysterious Fruit
  • Chef Pocopoc
  • 200 Cosmic Flux
  • 4 Cyphers of the First Ones

Each item has its use within the game but the Bushel with the first two mentioned is a great memento of your journey. The Bushel of Mysterious Fruit is a cool toy that literally celebrates the fruits of your labor. While the second item is the perfect accessory for Pocopoc lovers, as it is a chef outfit for the pet. Lastly, the Cosmic Flux and Cyphers are very useful and powerful items that are not easy to come by.

How to Obtain Bushel of Progenitor Produce

Bushel of Progenitor Produce

As mentioned before to acquire the progenitor players must go to Zereth Mortis. Here you must locate the Catalyst Gardens, a locked chamber where the progenitor is located. This marks the beginning of your quest to loot the valuables located here. The quest is reminiscent of the Tonsil Stone item quest from Bloodborne. Once there simply unlock the locked chamber by navigating various obstacles and collecting the required items. To unlock the door you will need five stacks of Creation Catalyst Overcharge. These can be found as a drop from Nascent Servitors that are located in that area. Simply, kill enough until you get the items needed. From here you can go and unlock the door to claim your very own Bushel of Progenitor Produce.

Tips and Tricks for Using Bushel of Progenitor Produce

The best trick is to know ahead of time what you need, specifically the Creation Catalyst Overcharge. This is important because you can farm up the required items ahead of time and immediately unlock the door once you reach it.

Apart from this another tip is to do this quest with a friend, not only will it speed up the process but be more fun. Just remember to enjoy the adventure and brag accordingly with your hard-earned loot.

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