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Memory of Sai Mota – Destiny 2 Quest Steps & Extended Lore

With the release of Lightfall, we have experienced a new era of Destiny 2. Now wielding Strand and getting ready to face the Witness, there is a lot at stake. With the many exciting developments to come, there are many reasons to take a look at quests from previous expansions. For those that have the Shadowkeep expansion upon beating the campaign a new quest will be unlocked. The quest we are talking about is the quest Memory of Sai Mota in Destiny 2 This is just one of the amazing quests to be done after the completion of Shadowkeep’s story. And the reward is well worth it considering the length of the quest.

Here is the guide for the quest Memory of Sai Mota from Shadowkeep in Destiny 2.

The story of Sai Mota

Long before our Guardian ever stepped foot on the moon, there was a great war between the Hive. The ancient creatures are governed by a violent Sword Logic. With their master, Prince Crota, they burrowed deep into the rock. As soon as word of this reached the Vanguard an expedition was launched. The sole goal was to rid the Moon of the Hive and bring peace to the place.

However, an unfortunate turn of events fell on the Guardians dispatched for the mission. Many died in the battle only to wander the place as cursed spirits. Among the many dead Guardians that were victims of the massacre, one would take the spotlight as the catalyst for a tale of tragic revenge, Wei Ning. With Mare Ibrium as the centerstage the powerful Titan saw her end at the hands of Crota’s sword, and her lover, Eriana-3 of the Praxic Order, decided to get vengeance right then and there.

With her fireteam consisting of Hunters Eris Morn, Sai Mota, and Omar Agah, Vell Tarlowe the lone Titan, and Warlock Toland they set out. Each with its own motive but one unified goal, to defeat Crota. Thus they were named the first Croa fireteam. Despite their power as individuals and as a fireteam, ultimately they would not succeed. The first to fall was Vell and the last Eriana, all but one, Eris.

But her survival did not come easily, she lost her sight and her ghost deep in the Hellmouth. Determined to survive Eris clawed her sight back from the eyes of an acolyte till her eventual return of Crota’s assault on Earth. Only to guide the final assault on Crota in his ascendant realm.

How To Get Memory of Sai Mota Quest in Destiny 2?

To start the quest Guardians must obtain the weekly bounty called ‘’Lunar Spelunker’’ from Eris. To do this simply visit Eris on the moon and pick it up from her available bounties. The bounty will lead you to complete three lost sectors and collect the contents of the chests associated with them. The three lost sectors you need to do are the K1 Communion Lost Sector, the K1 Logistics Lost Sector, and finally the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector. 

You can find them on the map marked with the Lost Sector Symbol. To complete this quest simply go to each sector and clear them till the end. Upon killing the Servitor boss at the end loot the chest and you will get progress towards the bounty. After all three lost sectors are complete you will get a Firewall Data Fragment.

Head to K1 Revelation

With the Firewall Data Fragment in hand, you must head over to the final K1 lost sector. Here you can skip all the enemies as they are not relevant to the objective and head staring to the final room. Here you will find a broken ledge on the right with two guardian souls looking inward. Go through this passage and you will reach a  glass vault door. Use your Firewall Data Fragment here to open the door and enter the room. Inside you will find a console and once you interact with it you shall receive Sai Mota’s Broken Necklace.

Repairing the Broken Necklace

To mend the necklace you must collect Necklace Scraps from nightmares on the Moon. This can be done through nightmare missions or at Sorrows Harbour.  You will need a total of 20 scraps, each Major will drop 2 scraps while Ultra tier nightmares will drop 3. It is very important to note that you have to use arc abilities to get the scraps to drop. Arc weapons and normal melee hits while on an arc subclass will not yield anything. This step shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to complete.

Once you have mended the necklace simply return to Eris Morn and give her the Necklace. She will immediately recognize the item and reminisce about her old fireteam member. Eris mentions Sai’s last wishes and how she spoke little except when giving toasts. Doing this also frees the phantom of Sai that was haunting Eris.

Rewards for Destiny 2 Memory of Sai Mota Quest

destiny 2 memory of sai mota

Upon completing the quest by talking to Eris a chest will unlock in the Enduring Abyss. To get there use Eris’s portal in Sanctuary and you will be near the chest. Once opening it you will receive a Phantasmal Core and the Facilities of the Skull quest. Completing this quest will get you the Deathbringer, an Exotic Rocket Launcher. Which is a unique rocket launcher with insane damage potential.

Deathbringer Questline

The first step of the questline is to head over to the ‘’Symphony of Death’’ mission located on the moon. To get there simply set a marker on it and follow the path it takes you on. Inside of the mission just kill all of the hive enemies you see. The last one should drop the next quest item, the Silent Skull. Doing so will grant you the next part of the quest aptly named ‘’Tainted Lullaby’’.

‘’Tainted Lullaby’’ will require you to first do a public event in the Hellmouth area. This step may warrant some waiting up until the public event spawns. But doing it is a breeze especially since you don’t even have to bother with the Heroic version. After the public event, you must do the K1 Revelation lost sector in Sorrows Harbour, aka the lost sector where you picked up the Broken Necklace.

Locating a Bone Collector

Finally, you must kill a Bone Collector, which can be confusing for some players. This is because the game does not clearly depict where a Wandering Bone Collector can be found. To find the Bone Collector players will need to head to the Anchor of Light section of the Moon. Once there you should look around to see if a Bone Collector is already wandering around. If not it is yet to spawn so just keep looking until it pops up. This shouldn’t take long a couple of minutes at max until one spawns in.

Doing so will progress the quest and now you will need to load up the ‘’Scarlet Keep’’ strike to kill the High Conductor. This strike can be loaded from the director menu from anywhere. The High Conductor is located near the end while you are on the elevator. When you reach the second stop you are where the High Conductor spawns. 

After killing this enemy you will need to kill about 400 red bar enemies, 50 orange bar enemies, and finally 10 bosses. It is important to note this is best done on the moon since you get additional progress there. We advise doing either lost sectors or the nightmare event at Sorrows Harbor.

Quire of the Damned

The final part of this questline is a mission located down in the Hellmouth Pit. Guardians in this quest will have to defeat some named wizards within a short time span. This time is told by the Deathsong debuff ticking down. If it reaches zero you will die and have to try again. To remove the debuff simply destroy the wizard’s shield and you are good. Once the mission is complete simply head back to Eris and she will give you the Deathbringer.


The Memory of Sai Mota in Destiny 2 is an interesting and fun quest that opens up the story of the Moon and Eris herself. Overall there is nothing too difficult asked of the player and it is an enjoyable experience. To top it all off players will receive the exotic rocket launcher, Deathbringer, which is very unique. 

As it fires a projectile that you hold and release whenever you want. Once you release the blast detonates, and releases void orbs that track down enemies. The catch is that the further a void orb falls the more powerful that detonation is. Essentially you always shoot above your enemies and detonate the blast high above their heads. This is definitely a weapon that is situation oriented but one everyone should have handy for the proper encounter.

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