Drago Animal Crossing: New Horizons | A Complete Guide

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The beauty of Animal Crossing is the fact that you can pretty much pick and choose from any villager you want. Whether you want them to match your island’s aesthetic or you want villagers that are easy to keep around, there’s a different reason for everybody.

Knowing this, some players may just love the concept of having Drago on their island. However, hunting for Drago is the same as hunting for any other villager you may want, really difficult. With 413 villagers in the game, the chances of finding Drago quickly are rather low

In any case, it may be a comforting fact to some readers that while the chances are low, they are never zero. With that, we’ve compiled a complete guide to Drago, including more information about the ‘gator and how to obtain him in your village in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Without further ado, let’s find out who Drago is and how to get him!

Drago Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Quick Introduction

Most avid Animal Crossing fans may have rejoiced in learning that Drago would also appear in New Horizons, given his first appearance was in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Drago is described as a lazy alligator born February 12th, making him an Aquarius. Because he is a lazy villager, many players will find Drago to be a friendly and easygoing character with a laid back lifestyle.

In accordance with his lazy archetype, Drago loves food and relaxing, and has many of the hobbies all the other villagers do. While Drago is easy to get along with, some jock villagers may not find it so due to his love of relaxing and food. This is in direct opposition to a jock villager’s love for exercise and fitness. If you have snooty villagers on your island, Drago may not be the best choice for you either.

Drago Animal Crossing
Source: GameChannelz

Although Drago is an alligator, his appearance, name, and catchphrase all point to dragons. His name in pretty much all versions of the game means dragon in one way or another. His catchphrase is “burrrn”, most likely because dragons breathe fire from their mouths. I mean, he wears a freaking dragon t-shirt! It doesn’t get much more obvious than that.

Overall, Drago is an interesting little alligator fella to have on your island, and we can see why he’s becoming more and more popular. Of course, there’s no doubt that just like every other Animal Crossing villager, someone out there has picked specifically Drago as their favorite villager, and for good reason.

How to Get Drago in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The player can invite Drago to live on their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island the same way they do with any other villager. There are four possible methods to obtaining Drago.

Mystery Island Tours

The first method of getting Drago is by utilizing the Mystery Island tours. However, this one can depend on a lot of luck. The game randomizes the villager that appears during your Mystery Island tour by selecting the species first and personality second.

Drago Animal Crossing
Source: koramora

Knowing this, you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting Drago when the game pulls an Alligator as the species and a 1 in 2 chance of getting him when the game pulls the Lazy personality type. Basically, your chances look pretty good as long as you get an Alligator. Still, don’t feel like you’ve won the war just yet, as the game might give you Alfonso, the other Lazy Alligator villager. 

You’ll notice Alfonso is drastically different from Drago in the fact that his appearance is yellow rather than green. Still, don’t lose hope as you may still have a chance to get Drago! Once you encounter Drago, all you have to do is invite him to your island and you are now the proud owner of an island with Drago on it!


The second method of getting Drago is by waiting for him to show up at your campsite. This may be the most money-efficient way of getting Drago, as all you have to do is log in every day and check if Drago has visited your campsite. 

Once you find him, rinse and repeat the same steps as last time. Ask Drago if he wants to move to your island! He may accept or reject your offer depending on whether he thinks your island is a good place for him to live.

Drago In Boxes

The third way of getting Drago is finding a player who already has Drago on their island ready to move out. By visiting him when he is “in boxes” you have the chance to ask the lazy alligator if he wants to move to your island.

The price of this transaction depends solely on the generosity of the player. Most Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are easygoing and won’t mind if you pop in to take their villager, since he’s leaving anyway. However, others may not be so generous and might ask for some compensation in the form of bells, items, or another villager. Still, you should always be careful to avoid scams.

You can even pay someone to chase Drago off their village and put him in boxes so you can come to pick him up. This almost always comes with a monetary price.

Amiibo Card

Finally, you can also get Drago by scanning his Amiibo card on your Nintendo Switch. This may just be the most expensive method considering the fact you have to spend real money to buy the card. 

Still, if you’re that dedicated to getting Drago on your island, an Amiibo card is a small price to pay. Kudos to your loyalty!

What You Need to Get Drago 

Depending on the method you choose, you’ll need a few different things to get Drago.

If you’re looking to go the Mystery Island route, you’ll need lots of Nook Tickets. Of course, these tickets cost Nook Miles, so be prepared to cash out if you want a chance at finding Drago.

If you want to obtain Drago by taking him from another player’s village, the cost is unpredictable. It all depends on what the other player asks for and what they think is a fair trade for the lazy alligator villager.

Finally, an Amiibo card pack costs around $10 for three cards. You can also look to buy a singular Drago card for around $4, which is the average price for his card. However, this also means you have to find a player willing to sell his card, most likely on eBay.

What You Need to Get Drago
Source: The Hippie Hacker

You may also want to give Drago a gift before inviting him to increase his chances of saying yes. He likes Elegant and Gorgeous clothes in orange and red colors, so you may want to give him a Red Comedian’s Outfit, a striped vest shirt, a silk shirt, or Miko attire. If you’re going to give clothing to him as a gift, don’t forget to wrap it, as that adds to your friendship meter with Drago!

The cozy game fun never ends! If you’re also a Stardew fan, check out our Stardew Valley Lightning Rod guide.

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