Destiny 2: Encrypted and Decrypted Cache Key Guide

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This guide will tell you all the details about how to get and use Encrypted and Decrypted Cache Key in Destiny 2. What do you need them for? What can you unlock with these keys? read this guide to find this out.

You may want these keys just for one purpose: you can get some very powerful items unlocking high-level chest at the end of the Escalation Protocol. This will require some grind. But Destiny 2 has a lot of game modes where a player has to grind, so this isn’t a big surprise.

Encrypted and Decrypted Cache Key

Encrypted Cache Key

First of all, you need to collect 7 pieces of Rasputin Key Fragments which can be converted into one Encrypted Cache Key. To do this you need:

  • Complete the main story of the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion
  • Start playing one of these game modes: Raids, Raid Lairs, Nightfall Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Heroic Strikes or Strikes. Each of this activity may give you a different amount of Rasputin Key Fragments. Prestige Nightfalls will give you the most. You may get 7 of them in just one run, so this is one of the best ways to get key pieces.
  • After you have earned 7 Rasputin Key Fragments visit Ana Bray on Mars. She turns 7 Rasputin Key Fragments into one Encrypted Cache Key. Pay attention that you can do this only once a week! Moreover, you can’t have more than one Encrypted key in your inventory. If you already have that item, use it first and return to Ana after this. If you visit Ana with 7 pieces of Rasputin key and she doesn’t want to convert them this means you do something wrong.

Getting a Decrypted Cache Key

Now you have the key, but it is encrypted.  You need to decrypt it first before it becomes useful. This is where you may face difficulties. The decryption can be done through Escalation Protocol mode introduced in the Warmind expansion. You need to reach level 7 in this mode in order to complete the decryption.

This isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. The game recommends Power Level of 380 for participating in this type of encounter. But such power level is very difficult to reach. You can try to reach Level 7 with lower power but this will be more difficult.

Once you have killed Level 7 boss you will receive a Decrypted Cache Key and you will also see a chest which you can unlock with this key. The chest contains a piece of very good armor.

Is there a reason to play Escalation Protocol without having an Encrypted and Decrypted Cache Key? I think NO, get the key first. If you don’t have the key you will not be able to unlock the Level 7 chest.

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