Endor The Line – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Challenges and Minikits

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Endor The Line is the first story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Here we have prepared a complete guide on how to complete Endor The Line and all its challenges. Learn everything from how to complete the three Endor The Line Challenges, collect all five Minikits, and even achieve the True Jedi Rank by reaching 100% completion of the level.

To reach this rank you must complete many different tasks during the level some of which may not be so obvious. Here we have prepared a list of everything you must complete to 100% of the Endor The Line mission. These are all of the tasks listed off in order of difficulty: 

  • Level Challenges:

#1: In-Fighting – Make the Scouts fight amongst themselves with Jedi Mind Tricks

#2: Challenge #2: No Safe Place – Damage the Scout troopers by overloading the generator

#3: Suggest a New Strategy – Defeat a Stormtrooper with their own weapon

  • Collect all 5 Minikits
  • Earn True Jedi Rank by collecting 65000 studs

Each of these can be completed during your first playthrough of the game, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

Endor The Line Story Walkthrough

Endor The Line Story Walkthrough

Here are all the tasks you need to achieve 100% on the Endor The Line story mission in order. Just remember that it is best to do them as you come across them to make the process much easier to track.

Opening Sequence

As the Death Star II shield generator has been found and the gang is ready to take it out. The party for this mission consists of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. The Mission is one of the classics that depicts one of the fan-favorite moments from the movies. The gameplay perfectly encapsulates the joy of the forest and the challenges are fun to do.

Challenge #1: In-Fighting

The start of the mission immediately puts you in the fray as you are attacked by a group of scout troopers. It is best you defeat them quickly before moving on. With the high-ground advantage, the first encounter is not that hard. To get the first challenge you must make the Scouts fight amongst themselves. To do this you must use Luke Skywalker to target a scout trooper with Jedi Mind Tricks. By selecting the panic option you can cause some in-fighting and complete the challenge.

Challenge #2: No Safe Place

The second Endor The Line challenge requires you to damage the Scout troopers by overloading the generator. To do this notice when the generator has a blue shield and shoot it to cause an explosion. The goal is to deal damage to any enemy nearby. The best part is that even if there is only one enemy, the challenge will be completed.

Minikit 1

In the first area, you will spot three red birds flying above the combat zone. Precisely throw your lightsaber at them or shoot them with a blaster. Upon blasting the last bird it will drop the first Minikit in this mission.

Minikit 2

The Jedi Mind Tricks in this mission can also be used to take control of an enemy. Utilize them to take control of a scout trooper and blow open a cage with a grenade. By doing so you will reveal a keycard that can be used at a pluggable slot. To reach this pluggable slot you must destroy boxes that reveal buildable pieces and assemble the pluggable slot. Once assembled use the keycard to open the indestructible box and collect the second Minikit. This Minikit can also be acquired if you pick up disguises from bodies with Leia after you defeat the stormtroopers.

Minikit 3

Moving forward defeat the rest of the scour troopers and a couple that are on speeder bikes. Once you defeat those on their speeder bikes, you can claim the rides for yourself. However, don’t hurry since there is an area in front of the bikes where a sneaky Minikit is hiding. You can just barely notice it behind the bushes between two trees on the right side. Grab it to collect your third before you speed away on the bikes.

True Jedi Rank

If you have been actively collecting studs you should have about 65000 by this point. If not there are still a few segments of the mission in which you can collect the remaining studs to achieve a True Jedi Rank at Endor The Line.

Challenge #3: Dodge This!

Now that you are on the speeder bikes the next section will focus on destroying enemy speeder bikes and not crashing. The path will often fork left and right, but the directions don’t matter since there are no secrets attached to them. The only difference which side you choose could make is how many studs you collect along the way. But considering how rich on studs this mission is you should already have True Jedi Rank by now.

The third Challenge is  Dodge This, and it requires you to fly through an AT-AT’s legs on a spider bike. Around halfway through section one, AT-AT will be standing along the path, as it is not moving it is your best chance. Simply stay centered on the path and fly through its legs to complete the third and final Endor The Line challenge.

Minikit 4

After the risky maneuver, you will keep riding you will be attacked by a new set of enemies. Keep an eye out on your right side for one that has a Minikit on his back. Make sure to deal with him quickly so you get the fourth Minikit in the mission.

If you continue riding forward and defeating enemies you will quickly reach the end of the speeder bike section. As you reach the next area the mission will come to a conclusion.

Endor The Line Free Play Walkthrough

Endor The Line challanges

For this free play segment, you will have just one Minikit to collect. To do this and reach 100% on the Endor The line mission you will need just one character type. That character type is the Scavanger.

Minikit 5 

The final Minikit in the Endor The Line mission is located at the very beginning of free play. At the very start just drop from the cliff and turn around. You will see a breakable wall shined in a blue glow. Just switch to a Scavenger character and use the Breaker Blaster to destroy the wall. This will grant you the final Minikit that is located just behind it. With this, you have completed Endor The Line with the True Jedi Rank.

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