First Order of Business – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Challenges and Minikits

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First Order of Business is the second story mission in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga’s Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Here we have prepared a complete guide on how to complete First Order of Business and all its challenges. Learn everything from how to complete the three Level Challenges, collect all five Minikits, and even achieve the True Jedi Rank by 100% the level.

To reach this rank you must complete many different tasks during the level some of which may not be so obvious. Here we have prepared a list of everything you must complete to 100% of the First Order of Business mission. These are all of the tasks listed off in order of difficulty: 

  • Level Challenges:

#1: Party Time! – Trigger the disco!

#2: Sneaking Mission – Discover the underground route into the hangar bay

#3: Hazardous Work Environment – Defeat enemies using hazards in the hangar bay

  • Collect all 5 Minikits
  • Earn True Jedi Rank by collecting 60000 studs

Each of these can be completed during your first playthrough of the game, as long as you pay attention to what you are doing.

First Order of Business Story Walkthrough

Here are all the tasks you need to achieve 100% on the First Order of Business story mission in order. Just remember that it is best to do them as you come across them to make the process much easier to track.

Opening Sequence

Following his capture, Poe Dameron is saved by FN-2187 and they are the two members that will serve as your party for this mission. It is important to note that even since this point you should keep an eye out for destructible boxes and consoles to collect studs. This is in order to collect the necessary amount to achieve the True Jedi Rank for the mission. Especially when you consider that you need a sizable amount of studs for a fairly short mission.

Minikit 1

The mission starts you out facing a hallway that goes straight to the hangar bay. As soon as you take control of your character take note of the hallways to your left and right. Instead of going towards the hangar bay head down the left hallway. At the end of it you will enter the right room and break the chair Poe was held in. This will reveal and grant you your first Minikit.

Challenge #1: Party Time!

To complete this challenge return to the start of the mission and turn to the hallway heading towards the hangar. Head forward until you pass the Villain console, heading towards the large door in front of you. Here, in the back corner of the room, there will be some boxes. Destroy them to find broken pieces that can be used to build a Hero console. 

By interacting with the Hero console as Poe you can cause a disco ball to drop from the ceiling. This will cause the stormtroopers and Imperial Officer to get distracted. This will make this area very easy to navigate and grant you the challenge.

Challenge #2: Sneaking Mission

The Imperial Officer mentioned before should have dropped a keycard which will grant you access to the hangar bay. But do not rush there as you still have a challenge to complete in this area. From the start of the mission go down the right path you skipped earlier. Here turn left through the door and you will see a stormtrooper propped up on a lift. By destroying this lift you will gain buildable pieces. Create the grapple point that can be used to open the door ahead.

Follow the path upstairs through the door to a room of cover and stormtroppers. Just defeat them all and head over to the large color-coded console on the left side of the space. You will see three color-coded power cell slots. Find the correct colored power cells around the room by destroying boxes and plugging them into the console. This will open the door to the next room.

In this room, you can complete the Sneaking mission as you find the underground route into the hangar bay. Go through the next room and fall down the hole in a shaft. Down there you will need to push movable boxes in front of the bursting pipes to avoid damage from the steam. Once all obstacles are clear you can head to the end of the room from where you can grapple up. Once Poe is at the top a ladder can be lowered into the shaft allowing both of your characters to reach the hangar. This will complete the challenge Sneaking Mission.

True Jedi Rank

If you have been actively collecting studs you should have about 60000 by this point. If not there are still a few segments of the mission in which you can collect the remaining studs to achieve a True Jedi Rank at First Order of Business.

Challenge #3: Hazardous Work Environment

Now that you have snuck into the hangar bay you have many options on what to do. To complete the third and final challenge you must defeat enemies using hazards in here. On the left side of the hangar, you should notice many enemies in groups. Each group is located around drop doors that open up to space. These doors have targets in front of them that can be shot causing them to open up. To complete this challenge simply shoot all three targets and suck all the stormtroppers out into space.

Upon completing this challenge you can move on to finish the level as you need free play to collect everything else. Head over to the left side of the hangar bay and climb the white ladder with three lifts next to it. Hop across the lifts to reach the next platform. Here use Poe to grapple up to the next platform and solve the pushing puzzle. By doing this you will open up a ladder that will allow FN-2187 to join you. Once both characters are on the platform return the box to its initial spot to reveal a staircase to the final platform. From here head up and use the Villain console to open the next doorway. The next areas are linear and culminate once you reach the TIE Fighter. In the room, there are two pushable levers that release the TIE Fighter and complete the mission.

First Order of Business Free Play Walkthrough

First Order of Business challanges

For this free play segment, you will have Minikits and Banners to collect. To do this and reach 100% on the First Order of Business mission you will need a few character types. The character types required are Astromech Droid and Jedi/Dark Side.

Minikit 2

At the beginning of the mission turn right then left heading to the stormtrooper up on the lift. Here turn right and into the next room where there is a Protocol Droid console. Pass the console and break the environment near the door to reveal an Astromech Droid console. Use it to open the next door and get through the enemies in the next couple of rooms. Eventually, you will reach a room with another Astromech Droid console which can be used to reveal your second Minikit.

Minikit 3 

The third Minikit can be located in the room where you completed the first challenge. Once there go through the door on the left and you will find a locker room with a basketball hoop. By using a Jedi/Dark Side character you can use the force to lift one of the balls and score a basket. This when done successfully will award you with the third Minikit of First Order of Business.

Minikit 4

The fourth Minikit is located in the hangar bay in the far left corner. The Minikit is hidden away in a box that can only be cut open with a lightsaber. This means that you will need to use a Jedi/Dark Side character.

Minikit 5

The last Minikit requires 5 stormtrooper banners to be destroyed banners hidden in various rooms of the mission. Here we have listed the optimal and chronological way of collecting them from the start of the mission:

Banner 1

The first banner is located down and to the left in a hallway from the starting room of the game. It is guarded by a stormtrooper so defeat him to destroy the banner.

Banner 2

The second banner is also located in the first rooms of the game, specifically the starting hallway near the Villain console. Just defeat the stormtroopers in the next room and use a grapple point in the room using a hero character. This will lead you to an area you can climb up to with a banner on the wall just behind the ladder.

Banner 3

The third banner can be found after the first Astromech Droid console for the second Minikit. As soon as you enter the room you can notice this banner on the right wall and destroy it immediately.

Banner 4

The fourth banner can be found opposite of the third Minikit. It is located in the room right next to the shooting range.

Banner 5

Finally, the last banner can be found in the far right corner of the hangar bay. It is located right next to a large door on the left side. With this, you have completed First Order of Business with the True Jedi Rank.

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