What’s a Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator? | Full Guide

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Genshin Impact Wishing simulator is one of the most popular Gacha Games currently on the market, while also being one of the most popular free games on PlayStation. A Gacha Game is a game that has as a core mechanic a system to randomize playable characters and the gear they use. While these types of games are primarily aimed toward mobile players, many offer PC and console ports and have large player bases on them. Genshin wishes come s the core part of the experience so make sure to know what they are!

A quick intro to the Wishing System in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Wishing System is a great and very appealing one even if it may seem complicated at first. But players quickly get a hang of how it works and enjoy the experience. The system works in a way where the game’s premium and freely earnable currency, primogems, are used to buy wishes. There are two types of wishes corresponding to the three different banners available in the game. 

It is important to understand how Genshin wishes to work to be able to plan on how much to save and spend. Luckily Genshin impacts wishing features a pity system and a tab where you can check your pity count. The pity system makes it so that every tenth wish without 4-star guarantees you one, while every 90 wishes guarantee a 5-star. 

Another important mechanic of Genshin wishes is that when pulling on the event or weapon banner there is a hidden 50/50 when getting the featured 5-star. If you happen to get a 5-star from the standard banner and not the featured character banner you have a 100% chance to get them on the next 5-star pull. It is important to note that pity carries over from one event banner to the next. The banners also feature stunning and beautiful art which inspires many Genshin players to make amazing fan art.

The standard banner

The standard banner refers to the banner that is always available within the game. This banner uses Acquaint Fates which each cost 160 primogems and has a set pool of ‘’basic’’ characters and weapons. Everything you can acquire on this banner comes from the original release, and it features five 5-star characters as well as ten 5-star weapons. While all 4-star and 3-star weapons and characters from the game are available. 

The event banner

Genshin impacts event banner is a banner slot that changes two times per update with each usually lasting around 20 days. When wishing on this banner you need Intertwined Fates which also cost 160 primogems per wish. The loot pool in this banner has the same loot pool as the standard banner with one big difference. That being the introduction of higher rates on three selected 4-star characters and a huge pull rate boost to the featured 5-star character. 

The weapon banner

The third and last banner in the game, the weapon banner usually features a rate up of the signature weapon of the featured character. This weapon is paired with another 5-star weapon that is also rated up, as well as with a set of 4-star weapons. Genshings weapon banner has a unique feature in the form of the Epitomized Path. A system where you choose your preferred weapon to guarantee as the third 5-star you pull on that specific banner. The pity for the Epitomized Path does not carry over between banners.

What’s a Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator?

The most common question asked is if Genshin impact is pay to win, and simulators can help answer it. A Genshin Impact wishes simulator is a third-party program that allows players to wish on the game’s banners for free. These apps are very good at simulating the game wishing system thanks to the transparent rates miHoYo gives players access to. All Genshin wishes simulators also excellently emulate the pity system. It is no surprise that Genshin wishes simulators are so popular since wishing is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. 

The simulators can be great fun but there are other ways players use them. Most of the Genshins player base is superstitious and has their special Genshin wishing routines and rituals. The most popular featuring wishing from a specific spot in the game, having certain characters in your party, and so on. But a quickly rising ritual is playing Genshin wishes simulators in order to predict the algorithm or as a superstition. 

How do you use Genshin Impact Wish Simulators?

Using a Genshin wish simulator is as simple as choosing one and occasionally having to create an account. Then depending on the simulator, you may choose a previously available banner to wish on, or just on the current banner available. Allowing for a great experience for anyone looking to wish without spending money. 

What are the best Genshin Impact Wish Simulators?

Genshin Impact Wish Simulators

Thanks to the popularity of Genshin wishes the internet has hundreds of wishing simulators. Which can make choosing the best and most realistic ones a difficult task. Luckily some of the best easily stand out and those that do we have compiled here. Allowing you to experience many different banners with varying levels of immersion.


Being the most popular Genshin wishes simulator that is hailed as the best and most immersive does not come lightly. The simulator is always updated with the latest Event character and weapon banner. Its immersiveness comes from the detailed and realistic shop that features an excellent recreation of the top-up and starglitter pages. Additionally featuring the sam pity system that is implemented in the real game. Granting players the authentic ‘’whale’’ experience completely for free.

Gl Wishing Simulator by Uzair Ashraf

A basic Genshin wishes simulator made by just one programmer named Uzair Ashraf. This simulator grants the player infinite wishes. Featuring four banners including the beginner, event, weapon, and standard banners. As well as an authentic wishing animation and screen that perfectly emulates the one from the game. The only downside of this simulator is that it is outdated and features banners from 2021.

Miwoju’s Genshin Wishes Simulator

This simulator’s greatest feature and the reason it stands out is the fact that it has the option to visit past banners all the way up to the dual Venti and Raiden banner. Making it a great trip down memory lane for veteran players and cool insight into past banners for newcomers. It is just a shame that this Genshin wishes simulator has not gotten an update in a bit but we can always hope for the revival of the service. 

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