All 12 Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophies and How to Get Them

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had your eye on 100% completing Ghost of Tsushima for a while. However, it just seems so impossible knowing the fact that there is 12 Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophies out there.

As if obtaining all the other trophies from the base game wasn’t enough, now we have to try out different things to see if that’ll work. It’s frustrating and requires players to put in even more work than they already have. It’s grueling work when you consider the fact that there are so many different regions, enemies, quests, and tasks to complete.

You’ve probably thought this at least once while grinding all the trophies. And if you have, then our guide on how to get all 12 Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophies will help you out in your journey. Keep reading for details on all of the Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophies as well as where to get them!

Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophies List | PS4

We’ll start by providing you with a list of all the hidden trophies you can get in Ghost of Tsushima:

  • The Headstrong Thief
  • The Unbending Archer
  • The Vengeful Warrior
  • The Warrior Monk
  • Den of Thieves
  • Cooper Clan Cosplayer
  • Have A Nice Fall
  • Honor the Unseen
  • Lost and Found
  • Monochrome Masters
  • Witness Protection
  • Dirge of the Fallen Forge

Of course, all these trophies have their specifics and ways to get them. We’ll be covering all of the ways to get these hidden trophies now.

The Headstrong Thief

This achievement requires you to complete all of Yuna’s Tales. This achievement isn’t so hard to get as you only need to complete a short set of quests. You can do these quests during Act 2. 

There are four quests for you to complete. Those quests are:

  • The Tale of Yuna
  • Silent Death
  • The Black Wolf
  • Message in Blood

Completing the “Message in Blood” quest will give you the chance to duel the questline’s villain, Altan, for a separate trophy. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone while hunting for trophies!

The Unbending Archer

Yet another tale that you must complete to get the achievement. For The Unbending Archer, you have to do 9 quests.

The quests’ names are:

  • The Sensei and The Student (Act 1);
  • The Past Never Passes (Act 1);
  • The Way of the Bow (Act 1);
  • Dreams of Conquest (Act 2);
  • The Ghost and The Demon Sensei (Act 2);
  • The Terror of Otsuna (Act 2);
  • Friends in Passing (Act 3);
  • Laid to Rest (Act 3)

Ishikawa is one of Jin’s allies and his teacher. He is a renowned archer, hence the name of the achievement.

The Vengeful Warrior

Another set of 9 quests you have to do, along with another side quest.

The quests’ names are:

  • The Tale of Lady Masako (a part of the main story)
  • The Headman (Act 1)
  • The Husband (Act 1)
  • The Traitor (Act 1)
  • The Fool (Act 1)
  • The Family Man (Act 2)
  • The Thief (Act 2)
  • The Conspirator (Act 2)

The side quest’s name is “A Mother’s Peace”. This side quest is also available in Act 2 and takes the player back to Komoda Beach.

The Warrior Monk

Norio, the warrior monk in question, is the main subject of the quests you must complete to get this Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophy.

There are 9 quests to complete to earn it:

  • The last Warrior Monk (Act 2)
  • Three Actions, Three Illusions (Act 2)
  • Ghosts in the Fog (Act 2)
  • The Birth of Suffering (Act 2)
  • The Blood Sutra (Act 2)
  • The Cause of Suffering (Act 2)
  • The End of Suffering (Act 2)
  • The Guardian of Tsushima (Act 3)
  • This Threefold World (Act 3)

Den of Thieves

To get the Den of Thieves trophy, all you have to do is discover Umugi Cove.

This isn’t such a hard request from the game, as you’re supposed to visit this area during Act 2 while doing the mission “A Message in Fire”.

This mission is a part of the main story campaign, so you don’t have to go out of your way to pick it up. 

Cooper Clan Cosplayer

The Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy requires you to “dress up as a legendary thief”. Obviously, this means you have to obtain some pieces of armor to get the trophy.

Those pieces of armor are:

  • Crooked Kama Headband – you can find this on the pagoda of Jogaku Temple;
  • Gosaku’s Armor – to obtain this, you must complete the mythic tale “The Unbreakable Gosaku”. However, after getting the armor, you must also acquire the blue Ocean’s Guardian Dye. You can purchase it for 10 Flowers;
  • Sly Tanuki Sword Kit – while visiting Iwai Village, head east along the coast to find a Pillar of Honor where you can obtain this item.

Have A Nice Fall

This trophy is obtainable by killing an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge. A tall request, but one we can make happen nonetheless.

All you have to do is find some high ground or a cliff to fight enemies on. One suggestion is the group of bandits located southwest of Exile’s Bluff. Although the way you knock them off is up to you, we recommend utilizing your Typhoon Kick.

Honor the Unseen

Honestly, this trophy really befits the status of a Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophy. To complete it, you have to bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.

There are many different locations where you can find 10 hidden altars, and we’ll name some of them here:

  • Yoichi Crossroads
  • Izuhara Clearing
  • Komatsu Forge
  • Kashine Hills
  • Kashine Forest
  • Omi Lake
  • Mending Rock Shrine

You can find multiple hidden altars along these areas. Simply bow to them and receive the trophy!

Lost and Found

It’s all too easy to obtain this hidden trophy when you’re out there trying to complete the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy. It requires discovering a Pillar of Honor and collecting its Sword Kit.

Obviously, we recommend doing the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy first to get two birds with one stone. You already have to visit the Pillar of Honor east of Iwai Village, anyway.

Monochrome Masters

Monochrome Masters is one of the easiest Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophies to acquire.

When you visit the first and second regions of Tsushima, take notice of the Black and White Dye Merchants in the shops around you. 

You just have to purchase an item from each merchant to get the trophy. Make sure to scour the area so you don’t miss either of them!

Witness Protection

Yet another one of those easy Ghost of Tsushima hidden trophies. Shooting a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing will net you this trophy.

It’s probably best to get this trophy when you’re in the late game, as enemies have a bigger chance to get scared and run away after seeing your prowess in battle. When this happens, all you have to do is shoot an arrow at them, and you’ll see the trophy pop!

Dirge of the Fallen Forge

To get the Dirge of the Fallen Forge, you have to play the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave.

You’ll have to wait to complete the quest “A Reckoning in Blood” in Act 2 to be able to do this. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can visit Taka’s grave on the east coast of Yarikawa.

First, collect five Singing crickets to unlock this song and equip it. Second, head over to Taka’s grave, and play the song. As a result, the trophy will unlock almost immediately.

And those are all 12 Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophies you need to unlock to get one step closer toward that platinum trophy. Above all, make sure to have fun!

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