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God of War Ragnarok The Plains Collectibles Locations

In God of War Ragnarok, The Plains contain a total of 32 collectible locations. Here we will take you through all of these collectibles inThe Plains region chronologically. These collectible locations cover everything you need to get 100% completion and collect all trophies. Furthermore, everything in this region can be collected as you go through the area for the first time. This is amazing since it means you don’t have to backtrack. Taking this into account let’s take a look at everything we can collect in The Plains:

  • Nornir Chests: 2
  • Legendary Chests: 1
  • Lore: 5
  • Buried Treasure: 1
  • Odin’s Ravens: 5
  • Yggdrasil Rifts: 3
  • Draugr Holes: 1
  • Dragon Hunts: 2
  • Epic Hunts: 2
  • Casualties of War: 3
  • Seasonal Stags: 2
  • Minibosses: 3 
  • Favor Items: 2

For this area, we highly recommend that you collect everything after the story. Especially since most regions can’t be completed on the first visit due to the many required skills. However, to assist yourself in the future you can pick up everything you notice while traversing the area on your first playthrough. 

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To collect everything in The Plains you first must reach the area. To do this you must complete Favor: Scent of Survival in Vanaheim, upon completion you reach the area automatically. Following this you should get 100% completion in The Jungle to also flood the plains. By doing this you can now use the boat to explore the whole area and reach all the hidden collectibles. If you skip out on The Jungle you won’t be able to reach more than half of The Plains collectibles. 

This mechanic makes 100% the game very satisfying and gratifying because of the world changes. Each completion will affect the world and grant you benefits outside of the satisfying feeling of completion. Without further ado let’s get into all of The Plains collectibles you have available.

Favor Item – Casualty of War: The Brooch

As soon as you get 100% completion in The Jungle head straight back to the Crater Entrance called the Mystic Gateway. From here we will start our exploration into The Plains and the collection of all collectibles. The first collectible is a favor item located right at the start of the area. Take note of the first boat dock just west of the Mystic Gateway. Here you will find The Brooch.

Miniboss: Jorgen the Oath Guard

From The Brooch follow the path leading south until you encounter this miniboss. The fight is fairly straightforward but the collectible is missable. This miniboss is the first of three Oath Guards and is a required kill for the Hilt Relic and will also drop a Spear Hind. Both are required to 100% The Plains collectibles.

Yggdrasil Rift

Head to the boat dock and enter your boat. From here row south to find a small island with a noticeable rift on it. This collectible will be easy to see and claim.

Lore – Treasure Map – A Scar is Born

This collectible is located on the same island as the Yggdrasil Rift located along the river. Just like the rift this treasure map is very easy to spot and should not cause problems

Favor Item – Dragon Hunt – In the Dead of Night

From the island row the boat to the southwest boat dock. Here you must drop down into the pit, inside the dragon called Dreki will spawn. Once you enter the area the hunt will immediately begin and will be completed after you defeat the creature. Doing this grants you the favor In the Dead of Night.

Favor Item – Casualty of War: Stein

Found in the same area as the Dreki dragon boss fight this favor item is easy to find. However, to collect it you must first have started this favor in The Jungle. If all conditions are met simply interact with the purple item to complete this favor item collectible.

Odin’s Raven

Ragnarok fighting monster

In the same cave, you are right now take a look at the surroundings of the previous favor item. Nearby should be a raven sitting that you can collect.

Favor Item – Epic Hunt: In Plain Sight

Now, leave the cave and go over to the Lore Marker area where you will drop down. Here, inspect any 2 of the animal corpses. Immediately after doing this attach the rock in the center, and a fight should start. This combat features a Soul Eater miniboss that wakes up when attacked. Simply defeat the miniboss to receive this favor.

Odin’s Raven

In the same area where you fight the Soul Eater, you will find the next Odin’s Raven. From the arena head to the boat dock in the northeast, here you should locate the raven.

Lore – Lore Marker – Apology

Once you have collected the raven follow the path on the left avoiding the main gate in the middle. Once you are on the correct path you will see a locked gate on the right with a poison mist behind it. You must shoot purple runic arrows near the gate to cause an axe to start a chain reaction. This will culminate in a reaction that freezes the poison totem causing the mist.

Nornir Chest

In the same location as the Lore Marker, you need to eliminate three Nornir totems. The first totem is located on the right side of the chest in a tree. The second totem is on the left of the chest, positioned on a hill. The third totem is behind the chest, hidden in a tree. To reach it, you’ll have to throw your axe at the poison totem.

Odin’s Raven

After dealing with the Nornir Chest, turn around and head towards the chasm with a red chest. The raven can be found on the cliffs below the Red Chest.

Favor Item – Casualty of War: The Scroll

Following the raven encounter, jump over the chasm and enter the cave to your right. Speak with the spirit inside.

Favor Item – Casualty of War: The Scroll

From the previous location, climb upwards. Next to the Mystic Gateway, you can throw a spear at the rear of the yellow-glowing rock. Descend near the red chest, and throw two more spears at the front of the yellow-glowing rocks. Then detonate all three weak spots simultaneously. This will clear the rubble, revealing two The Plains collectibles: a casualty of war and a legendary chest.

Legendary Chest  -Honour of the Fallen

This collectible is in the same place as the one mentioned earlier. Simply locate it in the area at the Heavy Runic Attack spot.

Miniboss: Vali the Oath Guard 

Go through the main gate in the middle of the area where the Soul Eater miniboss is located. There’s a miniboss to the left, near a red chest. If this is your second Oat Guard, it will drop the Hilt of Hrotti relic needed for “The Collector” trophy. Please note that it doesn’t count towards the region’s 100% tracker.

Dragon Hunt (Favor: For Vanaheim!) + Frozen Flame & Rönd of the Nine Realms Shield Attachment

After defeating the Oat Guard, head through the gap to find a dragon. Defeat the dragon, climb up the wall, and speak with Birgir. Interact with the Mystic Gateway to complete this Dragon Hunt. It doesn’t register as complete immediately after slaying the dragon; it counts only after interacting with the Mystic Gateway.

Seasonal Stag

the plains collectibles

Located to the left of the Mystic Gateway. Easily recognizable as it is the only one in the area.

Yggdrasil Rift 

Return to the Mystic Gateway and descend to the area where you fought the dragon. There’s a Yggdrasil Rift straight ahead. Inside, you’ll encounter a Lyndwyrm for “The Lost Lindwyrms” Favor. You must have accepted this favor from the Squirrel at Sindri’s house, as he provides the Lindwyrm Trap, which is necessary to extract the wyrm from this rift. After freeing the Lyndwyrm, interact with the rift once more to mark it as completed.

Odin’s Raven

To the left of the Yggdrasil Rift, in the corner of the area where you battled the dragon. Look down the hole at the edge of the area to spot it.

Draugr Hole – Chaos Spark

Return to your boat and row northeast to the lake’s corner. Visit the northernmost boat dock to find the Draugr Hole. Defeat the enemy that emerges from it.

Odin’s Raven

Row back to the beach at the northeast end of the lake, which is on the other side of the river from the Draugr hole, just a short distance away. You’ll discover a blacksmith shop there. Across from the shop is a raven, perched on a cliff.

Lore- Lore Marker – Seidr

The Lore Marker is in the same location as the Raven. From the blacksmith shop, ascend the stairs to find it.

Yggdrasil Rift – Lindwyrm and Gale Spark

To the left of the Lore Marker, follow the path downward to locate another rift by the lake. It contains a Lyndwyrm for “The Lost Lindwyrms” Favor. You must have accepted this favor from the Squirrel at Sindri’s house, as he provides the Lindwyrm Trap, which is necessary to extract the wyrm from this rift. After freeing the Lyndwyrm, interact with the rift once more to mark it as completed.

Miniboss: Egil the Oath Guard

Defeat the miniboss on the cliffs near the favor pickup to obtain this collectible.

Favor Item – Casualty of War: The Brooch 

Return to the Blacksmith Shop. Follow the path along the left side (stay on the upper path, don’t descend). You’ll reach a cliffside guarded by a miniboss (if not defeated previously). At the cliff’s edge, you’ll find the favor item, and picking it up completes this favor in the map overview. Thus granting you the favor item and bringing you one step closer to 100% The Plains Collectibles.

Buried Treasure – Treasure Map – A Scar is Born

From the previous location, turn around and descend the cliffs. Head under the large archway toward The Sinkholes region. Collect the golden glowing treasure there. If you’ve followed the order in this guide, you should have already picked up the treasure map earlier in The Plains.

Nornir Chest

Looking for Nornir Chest Collectible

Starting from the treasure, turn around, climb the ledge, and go right into the area where animals are confined under purple glowing glyphs. Here, you’ll find a Nornir Chest. You must strike three bells quickly before their lights turn on again. #1 and #2 are directly to the right and left of the chest, visible from in front of it. #3 is to the left of the chest, hidden behind a rock with vines that you must burn first. To burn the vines, climb up to the Mystic Gateway (where a Yggdrasil Rift was), and use the Chaos Blades. Then descend and throw the axe at them in the order #1 > #2 > #3 to quickly open the chest.

Epic Hunt – Nocturnal Predator and Gale Flame

Around the Nornir Chest, you’ll find three animals trapped in purple glowing runes. Use your Chaos Blades to free all three of them. They are close together in the same area. Afterward, interact with the platform at the center of the area to summon a Phantom boss. To defeat it, you must destroy all five purple totems. One is to the north, across the lake/river, while the rest are easily visible from the center of the area. Additionally, this should be your last favor to unlock the “Invasive Species” trophy.

Seasonal Stag

Return to your boat and row south into The Jungle region. Near the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway, you can pull a gate’s chain to open it. Follow the path behind the gate to reach a hidden sub-area called “The Wishing Well.” Even though it’s accessed from The Jungle, it counts toward The Plains region. Upon entering the Wishing Well, you’ll spot the Stag.

Lore – The Lost Pages

To the left of the Seasonal Stag, also in the Wishing Well area. Climb up the path and through the opening on the left (top of the area); it’s there in the corridor that leads to a golden chain. This will be the final collectible in The Plains if you have followed this article as a guide.

That covers all 100% of the collectibles you can find in The Plains area in War Ragnarok.” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>God of War Ragnarok. With all of them collected, you can proceed to the next area of the game on your path to achieving a 100% save file.

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