How To Join Goth Clique In BitLife? A Complete Guide

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BitLife is one of those games that pop us as phone ads while you’re trying to scroll your favorite social media that just end up catching your eye. After downloading and installing, you see there’s more to BitLife than you could ever have dreamed of. There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into leading a successful BitLife. You have to study, work, maintain your relationships, stay out of trouble, exercise, and more. There are also so many choices you can make, including your job, your spouse, the number of children you’ll have, and more. This also includes learning how to join goth clique in BitLife.

Join goth clique in bitlife searching for cliques

There is a large number of cliques available to join in BitLife. Some of them include Gamers, Nerds, Weebs, Atsy Kids, Mean Girls, Band Geeks, and Skaters. However, the clique we’re interested in today is the Goth clique.

The Goth clique is pretty straightforward. Because BitLife is a life simulator game, the Goth clique in the game closely resembles what you would expect to be a Goth clique in real life.

Some players may take a liking to the Goth clique both in-game and in real life. For those curious souls, we’ve compiled a guide on how to join the Goth clique in BitLife, along with some frequently asked questions about the clique itself.

To Join The Goth Clique In BitLife, You Must Complete These Requirements

You’ll notice that when you start the game, you have four starting stats, Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. These stats, along with School Faculty Stats such as Relationship, Looks, Strictness, and Popularity, affect which clique you can join in BitLife.

Completing Requirements to join goth clique in bitlife

To join the Goth clique, you need to fulfill certain criteria in terms of your stats. Namely, you need to have both happiness and popularity at a low level to even be able to join the Goth clique.

If your happiness and popularity stats are already low, congratulations! You’ve joined the Goth clique without having to lift a finger. However, if your stats are above the requirement, you’ve got some work to do.

Looking through requirements how to join

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to lower your character’s happiness in-game. This includes but is not limited to getting an STD, getting dumped, parents divorcing, getting robbed, getting arrested, spouses or pets being kidnapped, arguing, being assaulted, and more. There are lots of creative ways to make your character unhappy enough to join the clique. While you can’t dictate what happens to the characters around you, you can definitely do things like argue with them or do everything in your power to get suspended or expelled from your school.

how to join goth clique in BitLife

To lower your popularity stat, all you have to do is act out during your interactions with other people. Insult them, mess with them, bully them, prank them, and more. However, you should be careful when doing this, as some students may try to fight back, resulting in injuries.

Finally, a good way to decrease your popularity stat from the get-go is to start with low-level looks. This stat also affects popularity. The higher it is, the more popular you are, and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the process is pretty simple, some guides on the internet don’t exactly have clear instructions or information on certain aspects of the Goth clique. We’re here to answer that!

I didn’t get an invite for the Goth clique. What do I do?

Don’t worry, that’s not how the game works. Once you’ve met all the requirements to join the Goth clique in Bitlife, all you have to do is go to your school’s name and select the Cliques tab. From there, you need to find the Goth clique on the drop-down list and begin hanging out with them.

Depending on the requirements, they may choose to reject you or start hanging out with you. Hanging out with them means you’ve successfully become a part of the Goth clique.

How many times can I try joining the Goth clique?

You can attempt to join the Goth clique as many times as you like! There is no limit to the attempts you can make.

This is a pretty handy strat if you want your character’s stats to just reach the threshold needed for the clique. You can lower your stats little by little and try joining the Goth clique until you get the amount you need.

Can you join the Goth clique with high looks?

Unfortunately, no. If your character is good-looking, they won’t be able to join the Goth clique no matter what their other stats are.

This is because looks tie directly to popularity. The more good-looking you are, the more popular you are!

How do I lower my looks for the Goth clique?

You don’t! Simply put, there is no way to lower your looks in BitLife. If you roll a character with high looks and you want to get into the Goth clique, you’ll have to keep rerolling until you get a character with low enough looks for the Goth clique.


BitLife is an exciting game where anything can happen to your character, including joining the Goth clique. While the opportunity may show up on its own, you can always steer your character in a different direction.

That’s the best thing about BitLife, the fact that the choice is almost always up to you!

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