How to build Minecraft Dome in the Desert

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Minecraft is one of the best games for creative minds because of its inherent gameplay. Players can build anything they can imagine if they put in the effort. Every master builder goes through stages of learning essential skills, one of which is how to make a Minecraft dome. This is one of the best skills players must learn on their way to create the best world. Domes are a very versatile build to have in any project thanks to their versatility.

No matter if you are building a large kingdom, a small village, or a glass dome over your base the Minecraft dome is used in all. The best part of the dome is that once you learn to make one you can customize it or build only portions. Players that have mastered domes can easily build hangar doors or majestic circular roofs. Domes can even be used to encase your Redstone engine and give it a beautiful look. Furthermore, players can simply by adjusting the blocks easily create a unique build fitting the biome in which it is set.

How to Create a Minecraft Dome?

minecraft dome

Players that are looking to create a Minecraft dome should first pick out a spot and determine the size. For dessert domes, you can never go wrong with glass and other light colors to match the environment. On the other hand, you can pick a dark palette and make your dome immediately seize the eye. Although it is important to note that the materials chosen determine the look of the inside of the dome as well. By selecting glass and other transparent blocks you will not cut out the sunlight. While if you build an obsidian dome you effectively create a dark zone inside. Depending on the size and intention this can be applied wonderfully to create dark cities in otherwise light areas. 

Aside from this, you should take note of the theme and utilization of the dome you are creating. Some common uses for domes and the corresponding themes are planetoids, mars-esque domes, roofs of cathedrals, and so much more. Each of these has its place in the desert but requires proper planning upfront. Only once you have thought through the build are you ready to start assembling the dome. Just remember that the larger the dome the more materials you will need. This increases exponentially so make sure you are prepared to collect all the materials required.

Creating the Dome

Creating the Dome

To create the dome, especially if it is going to be larger we highly advise that you use a size chart. Even if you think that it can’t be that hard utilizing a chart is the best way to get an accurate and perfectly circular dome. While you may manage to hit the nail on the head if you wing it, you most likely will not. The charts are perfect to prevent any situations where you have placed thousands of blocks only to realize that it’s not quite it. This can easily be a nightmare to clean, made even worse if you made a glass dome. Simply because glass is so hard to recollect if you don’t have great enchantments.

By following the chart simply stick to it and start from the middle. From here narrow out your dome in each direction until you are happy. The same applies to half or quartered domes. Just remember that building a Minecraft dome is not an easy task and you can mess up. If it happens, don’t let it discourage you since it will only make your next dome build easier.

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