How to get a Fish Finder Terraria | Guide + Extra Facts

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Terraria is an amazing game with much to do and fishing is a great activity in all parts of the game. In large part thanks to the great rewards you get from it and the Angler NPC quests. To find these fish quickly it is important to acquire a Fish Finder Terraria accessory.

With this, you will be able to quickly get all the loot you want. Which will also help you complete any challenge you have set for yourself. All while acquiring Fishing Crates and other rare and valuable materials along the way.

What does the Fish Finder do in Terraria? 

Fish Finder Terraria

The Terraira Fish Finder is one of the many informational accessories within the game. Its main goal is to provide all relevant fishing information to the player. By using this accessory the player can quickly and easily with a glance know if the time to fish is right.

Just by acquiring this item players save a lot of time and speed up their progression within the game. This is especially important since the Angler NPC is tied to one of the hardest achievements in all of Terraria. This achievement is of course ‘’Supreme Helper Minion!’’ which requires the player to complete a whopping 200 Angler quests.

What’s the fastest way to get a Fish Finder in Terraria? 

The fastest way to get a Fish Finder in Terraria is to utilize a trick that involves messing with the save function of the game. By turning off autosave the player can effectively force to get a specific item without doing multiple quests. To start preparing your character with the quest fish in the inventory near the Angler’s house. These fish can be acquired at their respective biomes or ones the player creates with the infinite water trick. Following this save and exit, then rejoin and turn off autosave. Now when you turn in the quest you will get your reward. If it is not what you want simply exit the game without saving and do the same again.

This loop is how you can get all your desired items, which in this case will be the three components required to craft the Terraria Fish Finder. These are of course the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, the Sextant, and finally the Weather Radio.

How rare is the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide in Terraria? 

While turning in quests for your items or doing the aforementioned loop you will have a set chance to get each of the items required. All three items have the same chance to drop as a quest reward. It is important to note that only one can drop at a time. This means you will have to do the loop many times depending on your luck. The odds of getting any accessory is 1/30 or a 3.33% chance per completed quest. Through this, we can determine that you can expect to be doing this for a little while. 

Resemblance to Dragon Ball 

Many refer to the Terraria Fish Finder as the Dragon Radar. This is simply because it very closely resembles the tracking device used to find the Dragon Balls in the series. In the series, the portable Dragon Radar was designed and built by Bulma, Goku’s wife. The radar searches for the faint electromagnetic pulse of the Dragon Balls and leads anyone to them. In Terraira the Fish Finder simply provides the player and any nearby teammates with useful fishing information.

How do you craft a Fish Finder Terraria? 

Fish Finder Terraria

Crafting the fish finder is quite easy once you have all the components. All of these are attained by doing the Angler NPC quest. You will also need the Tinkerer’s Workshop which is purchased from the Golbin Tinkerer for 10 Gold. To unlock this NPC you will need to first defeat the Goblin Army at least once, and then locate the Tinkerer in a random cave. With all this ready all you need to do is walk up to the Tinkerer’s Workshop with the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, the Weather Radio, and the Sextant to craft your FIsh FInder.

With that, you are ready to start your fishing journey and complete the Angler’s hardest challenges.

Does the Fish Finder need an accessory slot?

Unlike traditional accessories, informational accessories just like the Fish Finder does not need an accessory slot. You can simply place the Terraria Fish Finder into your inventory and receive all the benefits with no loss of functionality. The only place in your inventory where the Fish Finder does not work is when equipped to a social slot.

Because of this if you acquire the components of the Fish Finder before you have access to a Tinkerer’s Workshop. You can simply carry all three pieces in your inventory to gain all the benefits of a Fish Finder. While this will take up more space it can serve as a good solution while you wait for the Goblin Army to attack.

What can you craft with the Fish Finder?

craft with the Fish Finder

The fish finder is one of the four pieces to crafting the PDA, the ultimate informational accessory in Terraria. The PDA displays everything you will ever need to know including the time, the weather, the moons current phase, fishing power, which ore is nearby, which enemy is nearby, how many enemies are nearby, the player’s DPS, the player’s movement speed, and lastly the coordinates of the player. But this is not the end since the PDA when combined with either an Ice or Magic Mirror will create a Cell Phone.

Which adds the ability to teleport home on top of all the displayed information. Both the Cell Phone and PDA do not need to be equipped to work, holding them in your inventory is just fine.

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