How to get Enhancement Cores | Ultimate Guide – Destiny 2

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The question of how to get enhancement cores is a useful one for every Destiny player out there. While there are many different ways to obtain them, most newcomers won’t know the best or most efficient way to farm them.

Just like with nearly everything else in the game, there are multiple ways to get an enhancement core. This can mean either good or bad news for you, depending on if you prefer your grinding sessions to be a bit more dynamic. 

The many ways players can get enhancement cores vary with each expansion. This is because Bungie just loves (or loved?) removing old content and replacing it with new content. The number of areas that have become inaccessible over the years is an interesting one. If you have FOMO, you’ve probably not been having a good time with Destiny 2.

Still, we’ll give you some pointers, and tell you the best areas where you can find and farm enhancement cores. Keep reading to make farming for enhancement cores an easier task!

What are Enhancement Cores useful for?

Enhancement cores have two important uses in the game, which makes knowing how to get enhancement cores also important.

Players can use enhancement cores to upgrade their gear in Destiny 2, which is their weapons and armor. Upgrading the armor, of course, gets it closer to Masterwork quality, which is the highest quality of gear available in the game.

However, there is also the unique feature of infusing a piece of gear with another piece’s power score. This can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to two weapons or even just for aesthetic purposes. 

As you can see, there are many reasons players will need Enhancement Cores to get them through the game. Doing a tough raid or keeping up with the highest gear level is nearly impossible.

How do you get Enhancement Cores from farming?

Below, you’ll find a list of all the ways you can farm enhancement cores in Destiny 2.

Dismantle Legendary Items

Now we know this sounds like a horrifying situation, but hear us out. Dismantling legendary items you don’t need any more nets you the biggest number of enhancement cores at once.

If you dismantle a tier 4 or higher weapon that’s just sitting around in your inventory, you’ll get at least one enhancement core. However, this also depends on your RNG. If you’re really lucky, dismantling Masterwork gear might give you up to seven enhancement cores!

This works a little bit differently for armor, though. Your armor will need to be at least tier 7 to give you enhancement cores. 

That being said, all that’s left now is to find a way to farm legendary gear in Destiny 2.


Some vendors may have a few enhancement cores in their stock to sell. We’ll cover which vendors sell enhancement cores and when you can catch them soon.


There’s a decent amount of bounties in Destiny 2 that give you 1 enhancement core upon completion, and Banshee-44’s bounties are a great example.

They aren’t too demanding and you can complete most of them quickly, and they reset every day. Oh, and you have 3 characters to do them daily!

Reputation ranks

Working on increasing your Vanguard rank, Crucible rank, and Gambit rank can prove to be beneficial to you after all!

While you pick these up at each activity’s respective vendor, you obviously can’t buy them with money there. This means they can’t be classified as vendor enhancement cores.

As you gain a reputation for a certain activity, you’ll be able to get enhancement cores as rewards for it. If you reach the max rank, you’ll prestige and reset your rank, letting you earn six enhancement cores instead of three per rank reset.


If you have a Masterworked Ghost, you’ll find that equipping it with a Lesser Core Harvest mod can be a very useful tool.

You can also get enhancement cores from Adept or Hero Nightfalls, Empire Hunts, and Legend or Master Lost Sectors. This will net you 1-3 enhancement cores per activity.

What vendors sell enhancement cores?

 If you have an abundance of legendary shards but no enhancement cores, you can find a small number of vendors who sell enhancement cores.

The first one is the Cryptarch Rahool in the Tower. This is also the NPC that decodes engrams for the player! However, his enhancement core selling business shouldn’t be going so well considering he charges 30 legendary shards for one enhancement core. 

The other vendor selling enhancement cores is Spider on the Tangled Shore. You can find him in a cave there, where he will sell you five enhancement cores a day for 30 legendary shards. 

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