How to Sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

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Have you ever wanted to run your own dinosaur theme park? If so, Jurassic World Evolution is right up your alley. In this theme park management game, you get to experience both the fun and grueling aspects of running your theme park. Managing security, creating dinosaurs, entertaining guests – these are all things you’ll be dealing with.  One of the things that will be on your mind early on in the game is how to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about turning your unwanted dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution into cash, as well as a few more related FAQs. Stick around if you’d like to learn more. 

Jurassic World Evolution – what you can do with Dinosaurs

In Jurassic World Evolution, your focus will be anything dino-related. You can sell them, move them, get rid of them. On the other hand, creating dinosaurs is a bit more tricky. You see, there’s no chance of breeding in Jurassic World Evolution, as all the dinos here are females. Instead, you’ll use genetic engineering with the DNA from dug-up fossils to create new dinosaurs.  Now we will guide you how to sell dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution!

Getting Fossils 

If you’re looking to create a certain species, you’re in for a ride. First, you’ll need to find the correct genes in fossils. In order to find more genes, you’ll need to build an Expedition Center. Then, simply click on the Expedition Center, and select the dig site you want to excavate. You’ll have your fossils ready soon enough. 

When your fossils are ready, take them to the nearest Hammond Center to incubate an egg. Here, you’ll be asked to plug in the genes you got from the dug-up fossils. These genes will allow you to change the stats, appearance, and temperament of the dinosaur. How cool is that?

Another cool thing about fossils is that you can also sell them. If you’re not that desperate to extract DNA, you can just go ahead and sell the ones you don’t need and earn some extra money. 

How do you get rid of Dinosaurs?

There are different ways of getting rid of dinosaurs. One of those is selling them. In case your dinosaurs are acting up or you have way too many, selling is a great option to get rid of them and make some money on top of that. 

However, when a dinosaur dies, you have to remove them quickly. Not only is there a risk of spreading disease, but your park’s rating will also suffer. Don’t worry though, it’ll go back to normal once the dinosaur is safely removed. 

What do you do with dead dinosaurs?

Keep in mind that death in Jurassic World Evolution is just as inevitable as death in real life. Before getting rid of it, you should check its stats in order to see how the dinosaur died. Usually, most dinos die of old age, but if the cause is something else like disease or conflict, you might need to check it out. 

Call A Transport Team

In Jurassic World Evolution, when a dinosaur passes away, you’ll get a notification. You’ll find it at the top of the screen. The first thing you’re going to do is use the ACU Center. This is how you’ll request your transport team – choose the building and then, select the bottom option. 

Next, you’ll find an indicator on the screen. Now, you’ll be able to choose what you wish to transport. 

Removing the Dinosaur

After you’ve done all that, hover over the dinosaur’s corpse and select it. An option that says ‘Remove’ will pop up. Soon enough, a helicopter will arrive to pick up the corpse. The deceased dino will then be taken away, removing any risk of contamination or disease. 

How to sell Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution?

And now, the question that’s been on your mind forever – how to sell dinosaurs. If you’re a beginner, chances are you’ve gone a bit overboard with creating dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution early on in the game. That’s okay, we’re here to help you sell those unwanted dinos and, in turn, make some money. 

Preparing the Dinosaur

Unless you’re a dinosaur whisperer, tranquilizing your dinosaur is a must. Head over to the ACU Center, then select ‘tranquilize dinosaur’ as a task. You can also do it yourself, but that might take a while. So why not save some time? Once you have it sedated, wait for a helicopter to pick it up. 

Selling Your Dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution

When the chopper picks it up, a prompt to sell the captured dinosaur will appear in the bottom left part of your screen. Press the correct button and confirm the choice by pressing yes from the menu. Once you’re done, money will be added to your account. That’s it!

Have Fun Playing Jurassic World Evolution 

There’s not much you can’t do with your dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. However, it’s really easy to go overboard with creating new species. Over time, you’ll learn to be a bit pickier with the dinos you create.

Meanwhile, you can easily sell your wanted dinosaurs. That way, you’ll free up space for new dinosaurs, and you’ll make some money along the way. So, have fun selling your dinosaurs, and creating new and better species!

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