Is The Forest Cross Platform In 2023? What We Know So Far

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In large part, thanks to the game’s popularity many players ask the question is The Forest cross platform. As a game first released in 2018, it has attracted a following significant thanks to its mechanics and world. With thousands of new players each month eager to experience it fully. These new players have the option of playing the game on a variety of platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Since the game experience is improved by playing with friends you should keep reading to see the state of cross-play in The Forest.

The Forest – Quick Introduction

The forest introduction

The Forest is a multiplayer survival game that is basic at its core but offers an amazing experience to its players. The story places you as a survivor of an unexpected plane crash onto a seemingly deserted island. Following this devastating event, you witness a bloody person take your child away, once you wake up you make it your only task to save him. During your adventure, you quickly see there is something more nefarious going on at the island and its inhabitants. 

The gameplay lets players work together or alone to survive and build bases as big as they want to. Through hunting and collecting materials to build up the base players get a grasp of the intrinsic gameplay. But setting up a base will not be smooth since you will have to face constant attacks from the cannibalistic inhabitants of the island. To aid with this players can build a plethora of buildings to serve as defenses and traps for these foes.

The game’s stunning story and amazing gameplay have not only made many fall in love but sparked a successful franchise. With the release of the series’ second game and spiritual successor Sons of The Forest. The sequel despite its recent release is widely well-received and quickly becomes a favorite for casual players and speedrunners alike.

Is The Forest Cross Platform? Explanation

To answer the question is The Forest cross platform, we have to take a look at its available platforms. Despite the game’s wide arrange of platforms there is no crossplay, and players are restricted to the unique platform they are playing on. Unfortunately, that means there is no way for you to join forces with your friends on PlayStation or Xbox if you play on PC.

While you can buy the game on another platform to play with friends, you will have to start over again. This is because there is no cross-progression or way to transfer saves across platforms. 

Why is there no cross-play in The Forest?

no cross-play in forest

While the developers have not stated directly why there is no crossplay in The Forest many fans have their speculations. The general consensus is that this feature was not implemented because the original scope of the game was quite small. The game was expected to be a small release compared to the remarkably popular title it became. As the game was later on added to other platforms crossplay was sadly a feature not included.

This does not mean the developers will add it as a future in a future update. It is important to note that nothing is confirmed or set to be confirmed. This is just speculatory wishful thinking of what would be a great feature many fans would love.


The Forest is an amazing game any fan of the survival horror genre should play and experience. Thanks to the game’s multiplayer function playing with friends is the best way to go about playing through it. Although it is important to note this function only works for players on the same platform since the game does not support crossplay. 

Players will quickly see that there are lots to enjoy in the game from the satisfying base building and survival to the story. The latter of which is what makes the game truly shine. Especially since discovering the mysteries of the island is a great experience. By getting through the story the player will experience many emotions and difficult situations which will perfectly prepare them for the sequel.

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