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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Locations of All Lucky Dice in Tangledrift

Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Tangledrift region are crucial for achieving 100% completion in the Flowering Tower area of Gearbox Software’s latest video game. These collectible Lucky Dice, like others found in Dice Chests, offer extra loot and experience points. Therefore, it’s advisable to make it a priority to find all of them while exploring this area. Finding each can be done during your first exploration of the area.

In Tangledrift, there are a total of 21 Lucky Dice Chests to open. In this guide, we will lead you through the precise locations of all of them in order. This can serve as a perfect guide for collecting all of them or checking for some you may have missed.

Where to Find the Tangledrift Lucky Dice Chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

tangledrift Lucky Dice Chests

To ensure our guide is as helpful as possible, let’s begin with a map of the Tangledrift Lucky Dice Chests’ locations, highlighting all collectibles in this region. As you can notice on the minimap, the Flowering Tower region is very diverse and has many nooks scattered around. Some Tangledrift Lucky Dice are in smaller areas accessible through side quests. while others are located out in the open. 

It’s recommended to start your search for the Tangledrift Dice Chests after completing all four side-quests in the region. This will grant you access to all sub-areas. The quests you need to complete are: “A Small Favor,” “Burning Hunger,” and “Ron Rivote” side-quests. Once these side-quests are finished, you can proceed to collect all Lucky Dice Chests in Tangledrift, following the order presented here. Of course, you can simultaneously search for other collectibles in the region or change up the order as you like.

It is important to note that these collectibles look like floating, yellow, and glowing D20s. By intersecting with one you will roll anywhere from 1-20 and depending on your roll your loot will be better or worse. Each Lucky Dice can only be used once per account meaning that only one of your characters may use them. To make up for this once you have collected all of the Loot Dice in Tangledrift and the other locations you get a special bonus. This bonus is a 35% increase in overall loot luck account-wide. When you consider that you need to find 260 dice in total the increased chances are well worth it.

Now that you are familiar with the Lucky Dice and their importance let’s take a look at where all Lucky Dice are in Tangledrift.

Lucky Dice 1 – On a Plateau

Upon entering Tangledrift, use the first stalk to slide down to the area called “Beanageddon.” After dealing with the enemies in the clearing, you’ll spot the first Lucky Dice Chest sitting on a hill near a house. You can reach it by jumping on the purple plants to reach the hill it is located on.

Lucky Dice 2 – On a Haystack

The second Tangledrift Lucky Die is located outside, near the previous one. Look for it in the area known as “What’s Left of Driftwood,” on top of a haystack near a house, close to a New-U station. If you are struggling with this chest take a step back and look at the area before trying again.

Lucky Dice 3 – Behind a Store

A few steps away from the previous Lucky Dice chest is the third one. It can be found on a porch at the back of “Ye Old Gift Shop’’. This Lucky Dice does not require any platforming as it is out in the open near a fruit stand.

Lucky Dice 4 – Next to a Tower

The next Lucky Dice Chest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Tangledrift can also be easily spotted. Look for it near a large stone tower, across the path from vending machines and the “What’s Left of Driftwood” fast travel point. It is located right next to the tower in a wooden box.

Lucky Dice 5 – On a Balcony

After collecting the previous collectible, head south and use three red mushrooms to access a floating island where the fifth Lucky Dice is located on a balcony. To get to the dice you must use the wooden platform to reach the roof of the house. From there simply drop down and collect the Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 6 – Behind a House

For the next Lucky Die collectible in Tangledrift, head east from the previous one and look for three red mushrooms. Jump on them to access the “Chains of The Elder” area. You’ll find the collectible behind a house at the island’s edge. If you don’t know which house just go around each one until you find it, this dice is very hard to miss.

Lucky Dice 7 – On a Suspended Platform

Once you collect the previous Dice Chest, use the red mushrooms to return to the previously suspended island (where you found the fifth die) and head towards the upper structures to reach the “Last Light” area. Look for a suspended platform or island on the southern side. You can reach its top by jumping on the yellow flowers until you reach the suspended island. On it you will see the Lucky Dice on a tree.

Lucky Dice 8 – On the Porch of a House

Lucky Dice 8 bridge

To reach the next Lucky Die in Tangledrift, head toward the broken tower after collecting the previous collectible and start ascending. As you climb, you’ll eventually reach a large vine similar to a slide. Ascend it, but pay close attention to the right side to spot a red mushroom you can jump on to reach the houses in the distance. After landing, you’ll find the next Dice Chest on the first porch.

Lucky Dice 9 – Inside a House

After collecting the previous Dice Chest, go around the houses and jump on the red mushroom to return to the tower. Climb it, then follow the path south, moving from one suspended platform to another. You’ll eventually reach the “Murder Church” area, which contains multiple Tangledrift Lucky Dice chests. The first one you should approach is inside a house and can be easily spotted from outside.

Lucky Dice 10 – Near a Broken Cart

Now that you’ve helped Ron Rivote return to the Murder Church area, pay attention to the hill on the left side as you enter, as you’ll spot another Lucky Dice near a cart. To reach this one, go around the hill and climb the platforms below the mausoleum. For this Lucky Dice, we advise that you approach the platforming slowly since you can fall easily. 

Lucky Dice 11 – Behind an Invisible Wall

Right after entering the Murder Church, turn left, and you’ll find stairs leading to a basement. At the end of the stairs there is an invisible wall you can break to discover the 11th Lucky Dice in Tangledrift. This is one many players miss if they are collecting them without a guide.

Lucky Dice 12 – In a Room on the Second Floor of the Church

After clearing the main room in Murder Church, face the large altar or flower, and head left. You’ll see a stalk with some smaller yellow flowers. Jump on them to reach the second floor, from here head to the balconies above the main room. One of these balconies provides access to a small room containing the next Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 13 – In a Chimney

After collecting the previous Lucky Dice, head to the church’s second floor through the small door on the right side of the altar. You’ll find some vending machines here for restocking. Now, slide down a large stalk, but be prepared to jump on the right side. You should see some wooden planks. Land on them and follow the path around the exterior wall through a broken window to find the Lucky Chest inside the chimney below. If you miss the jump, use the “Tangledrift – Murder Church” fast travel point and try again. Once you reach the room the Lucky Dice will be in the fireplace. 

Lucky Dice 14 – On Top of a Wall

Upon reaching the “Upper Keep” area, clear the courtyard first. Then, turn left, and you’ll spot one of the Tangledrift Lucky Dice on the upper wall. Follow the stairs on the right side to reach and collect it. You can spot this Lucky Dice from the bottom of the stairs, it will be on the right.

Lucky Dice 15 – On a Bean Stalk

As you cross the first courtyard, head towards the next tower, and you’ll need to cross a stalk acting as a bridge. When you reach the other side, look to the left, and below; you’ll see another Lucky Dice on a patch of land. Be cautious because there is an air vent that can push you away.

Lucky Dice 16 – Behind an Invisible Wall

lucky dice 16

For the next Lucky Die, you’ll have to enter the Keep. Begin by clearing the central courtyard, then head inside. Eventually, you’ll find a New-U station, and while looking at it, on the right side, you’ll notice an air vent. In front of the air vent, there’s a fake wall you can break to discover the 16th hidden Tangledrift Lucky Dice Chest on the map. This Lucky Dice is another one of the commonly missed ones so it is important to pick it up.

Lucky Dice 17 – On a Balcony Inside the Keep

After clearing the main room inside the “Upper Keep,” follow the stairs on the right side (north) to reach the second floor. Here, you’ll spot a Lucky Dice collectible on the balcony on the other side. Jump on the yellow flower to cross the gap and reach the Lucky Dice.

Lucky Dice 18 – Behind a Mirror

Retrace your steps back to the previous balcony on the second floor, and on the wall, you’ll see a strange mirror. Go through the mirror, and you’ll be teleported to a cellar where the next Lucky Die is found. Look for it on the right side of the chest.

Lucky Dice 19 – Near a Portal

To find the next collectible, you’ll need to confront the “Parasite” boss. The arena where you’ll battle the Parasite can be accessed from the “What’s Left of Driftwood” area as part of the main quest. Once the boss is defeated, enter the portal that appears, and you’ll be teleported to a remote area. Head to another portal on the small island, and you’ll discover the Lucky Die. It is located near a barrel on ground level and is easy to spot.

Lucky Dice 20 – On a Table in Zoseph’s House

The 20th Lucky Dice is located in the area known as “Ratty Shack.” To reach this location, you must go through a portal inside a small ruin near the Warsmith in “What’s Left of Driftwood.” It’s best to approach this area while playing the “A Small Favor” side-quest because the Lucky Dice is inside Zoseph’s house. If you have already completed the quest, there is a small portal that allows you to enter Zoseph’s Manor, and the Lucky Dice you seek is on the table. You can reach it by jumping on the crate near the table.

Lucky Dice 21 – Near a Campfire

Finally, after defeating Kastor The Normal-Sized Skeleton, and exiting the basement, head toward the “Avie’s Idyol” area on the same island. Here, you’ll find a campfire, and right next to it, you will find the last Tangledrift Lucky Dice Chest.

With this, you have collected all of the Lucky Dice in Tangledrift and gotten one step closer to the luck increase and 100% completion.

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