What does lure do in Minecraft? Lure Enchantment Guide

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Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular adventure survival games with an amazing reputation. A crucial part of survival is food since you need it to keep your hunger bar up to regenerate your health points. And a great source of food especially in the early game is fishing. Fishing is quite a simple mechanic in Minecraft, but it does come with some depth. Like the Minecraft Lure enchantment and its peers. You can enchant your fishing rods using various means in the game. These enchantments boost the productivity of your rod and can even grant it very unique properties. Allowing you to catch all the food you need and even some rare and valuable items.

How do you get a Lure enchantment in Minecraft?

When looking to get the Lure enchantment on your fishing rod, you have many options to choose from. The easiest and fastest way of obtaining the enchantment is oddly enough fishing. When fishing you have a small chance to fish out an enchanted book with Lure or an enchanted fishing rod with it. 

Another way of obtaining Lure is through an enchanting table, this however is a bit tougher since you need diamonds. The diamonds are required for the recipe and for the diamond pickaxe needed to collect obsidian. So this method is slower because of the demand for very rare and valuable materials. But when you have the table all you gotta do is enchant books until you get Lure on one. Lastly, combine the book and rod at an anvil.

What does Lure do in Minecraft?

When fishing in Minecraft players have to cast their fishing rod into the water and wait for an item or fish to hook on the bait. The time it takes is at most 30 seconds, with lure decreasing this time. This makes fishing way more active and greatly increases how many fish and items you get over time.
Minecraft lure

Lure Enchantment Tiers

Lure comes in three tiers with each further enhancing the power of the enchantment. You can increase the tier of Lure in many ways. The easiest is stacking Lure books with themselves at an anvil to gain one of a higher tier. This also works for combining two fishing rods with the same level of Lure. Taking into regard that if the level is not the same, the level does not increase and the higher level takes the spot.

Lure I

The first tier of lure reduces the time to hook by 5 seconds, decreasing it to a max of 25 seconds.

Lure II

Lure II doubles this effect and reduces the time to hook by 10 seconds, decreasing it to a max of 20 seconds.

Lure III

Whilst Lure III as the max level of the enchantment reduces the time to hook by 15 seconds. This brings the time to hook to 15 seconds, which is twice as fast as a rod with no enchantments.

Does Lure affect Luck of the Sea?

Lure is the best enchantment to pair with Luck of the Sea on any fishing rod. Luck of the Sea is an enchantment that increases your chances of catching treasure and fish while reducing the odds of hooking trash. By itself, it greatly benefits the player with its buff to drop rates with only lacking speed. This is where Lure comes into play, and if you add Mending you have the perfect unbreakable fishing rod.

Is Lure good for AFK fishing?

As for AFK fish farms, Lure is not completely necessary but it does help with productivity. An ideal AFK fishing rod consists of Lure III, Luck of the Sea III, Mending, and optionally Unbreaking III. With these enchantments, the rod shouldn’t break and will work at maximum efficiency and produce the most loot. The only other enchantment available for fishing rods is Curse of Vanishing. But you are advised to stay away from it since it causes the fishing rod to disappear upon the player’s death.

Is the Lure enchantment worth it?

Of all available fishing rod enchantments in Minecraft, granted there are not many. Lure stands out as an enchantment that is well worth the time and effort to get. It may seem underwhelming but players can quickly notice how much it upgrades the fishing experience. Additionally, there is a trick to speed up fishing by a decent amount. This entails recasting your rod if you don’t see a fish approach your hook within the first 4 to 6 seconds. To have the best time when fishing consider building yourself a creative bridge or boat to fish from.

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