Spice Up Your Cookie Run with These Irresistible Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings and Builds

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If you’ve already had your fun with the Parfait Cookie and the Mango Cookie, it’s time to sail new seas in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Specifically, Mala Sauce Cookie toppings-flavored seas. Preferably in Mango Cookie’s little boat.

Enough Cookie Run jokes aside. We know you’re here to get the inside scoop on how to acquire Mala Sauce Cookie and what to do with her once you’ve got her. There are a lot of ways you can go with Mala Sauce Cookie. However, it entirely depends on what type of Cookie Run: Kingdom content you want to do with her. 

Of course, there’s always the tried-and-true method of using the best toppings no matter what. Still, if you want to learn more about all the possibilities, our guide will tell you everything you need. Keep reading to find out more!

Meet the Mala Sauce Cookie

The Mala Sauce Cookie is, just like the Parfait and Mango Cookies, yet another Epic Cookie. However, her release date came after those two mentioned above, as she debuted with the Interdimensional Super Mayhem update along with Twizzly Gummy Cookie. She’s a Charge type who primarily sits at the front of the team. 

Mala Sauce Cookie toppings

Just like the name suggests, Mala Sauce Cookie is a very fierce and brave Cookie, if her appearance didn’t already give it away. One might even call her a tough Cookie! Despite that, she’s kind and friendly once you get to know her.

Mala Sauce Cookie’s skill is the Spicy Mala Strike, which goes on a 15-second cooldown after you use it. She strikes her mace against the ground and deals area damage. Mala Sauce Cookie does 70.4% mace DMG, 164.1% Lava Explosion DMG, and 30.4% burn DMG every 0.5 seconds for the next 6 seconds. Additionally, her team gains an additional 25% CRIT% Boost for 8 seconds.

This ability makes Mala Sauce Cookie a great teammate to have throughout your adventures. However, an even better fact about this Cookie is that she has a Magic Candy skill!

This skill is called the Flaming Mala. Upon using it, she increases her range and adds a Stun for her mace. If the enemy is resistant to the stun effect, she instead deals an extra 379.8% Fire-type DMG to them. Her extra burn DMG becomes 26.8%, but the effect stacks up to x1. Finally, her ally crit boost now lasts 12 seconds.

Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings Build

The two best Mala Sauce Cookie toppings are Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry. 

Solid Almond gives Mala Sauce Cookie anywhere from 1% to 1.7% DMG resist per topping, depending on rarity. If you equip five Solid Almond toppings you’ll get a +5% DMG resist increase, no matter the rarity. 

The Searing Raspberry topping gives you 1% to 3% ATK, depending on the rarity. If you equip 3, you’ll get a 3% ATK increase and if you equip 5 it gives you a 5% ATK increase, no matter the rarity.

Overall, if you can’t go for higher rarity toppings, consider going for a lot of toppings on one Cookie.

Exploring the Versatility of Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings

Some may also argue that Swift Chocolate is also a good topping on the Mala Sauce Cookie. The Swift Chocolate topping can give you anywhere from 0.4% to 1.8% Cooldown Reduction. If you equip five, you get a 5% Cooldown Reduction. Being that the Mala Sauce Cookie is one of the more aggressive cookies you can have in your build, we see where this is coming from.

However, others are not so sure that Swift Chocolate is a good choice. They argue that a 5% reduction on Spicy Mala Strike (which has a 15-second cooldown) only reduces the cooldown by 0.75 seconds. Compared to this, a 5% ATK increase is a much better option, according to these players.

Really, the best thing to do is to try each one out and see how it fits your playstyle. These decisions also depend on the rest of your team and its dynamic. But, it’s worth noting that Mala Sauce Cookie deals 27.6% of her damage as a burn, so it might be worth more to capitalize on her damage through Searing Raspberry. This is especially true if your other damage dealers aren’t pulling their weight.

Mala Sauce Cookie toppings

If you’re looking to keep Mala Sauce Cookie’s damage high but you also need some defense, going the bruiser route isn’t too bad either. For that, you should definitely be equipping the Solid Almond topping.

How to Get Mala Sauce Cookie Guide

Getting the Mala Sauce Cookie isn’t all too hard at all. All you have to do is unlock her from the Cookie Banner or the Featured Cookie Banner. Of course, you’re better off getting her from the Featured Cookie Banner, but everyone’s luck is different.

If you don’t feel like investing your time in checking the banners, you can also obtain Mala Sauce Cookie from chests. Specifically, you’ll need chests that give Epic Cookies. It’s worth noting, though, that you can only get Mala Sauce Cookie from these chests after landing on the Escape Level 20.


Overall, the Mala Sauce Cookie is a great addition to any team in need of a bruiser or serious damage dealer. Unfortunately, without toppings, the Mala Sauce Cookie doesn’t do either of these jobs very effectively.

You can set your toppings according to what you want to capitalize on most when it comes to the Mala Sauce Cookie. Make sure to stock up on Solid Almond or Searing Raspberry toppings for this very reason.

Good luck and happy cookie running!

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