Mango Cookie Toppings | Guide + Extra Facts

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play RPG and city builder with various battling game modes. This game has a variety of exciting and unique Cookies to collect and add to your roster. Assembling powerful or extraordinary team comps is just part of the fun of the game. The other part is building your city and seeing it come to life with all the Cookies you’ve acquired so far.

With a variety of Cookies at your disposal, Mango Cookie is one that’s sure to catch your eye. This cute little tropical Cookie has a lot to offer to a Cookie Run: Kingdom team. 

In this article, you can learn more about Mango Cookie, figure out the best Mango Cookie toppings, and find out how to get him. Keep reading for all the Mango Cookie goodness!

About Mango Cookie

Mango Cookie is an Epic Cookie released in June 2021. He accompanied Sea Fairy Cookie in the first half of the Tropical Soda Islands update as the two newest Cookies. In terms of rarity, he’s not the rarest Cookie around, but not the most common, either.

He has made an appearance in the Tropical Soda Islands Story. Here, he guides Princess Cookie and Knight Cookie through the Islands. He may be a minor character, but Mango Cookie has left a big imprint on our hearts!

Mango Cookie Toppings

We’ve also gotten to know Mango Cookie a little more up close in the story. Here, we learn that he’s a very friendly fellow, and loves to greet other Cookies with a warm welcome. Mango Cookie has a lot to say about his adventures at sea. 

He has delivered several funny and interesting lines throughout the story. As such, Mango Cookie is a definite fan favorite in terms of his personality!


Mango Cookie is a Magic type Cookie with a priority position in the Middle. This is usually where Magic-type Cookies go, so it’s not a surprise this is his priority position. This position allows Mango Cookie to deal serious damage to the foes. As a result, Mango Cookie has a high ATK stat, although his HP and DEF are low. These types of Cookies require a good tank to protect them.

Mango Cookie Toppings  Gameplay
Source: Cookie Run

Mango Cookie’s skill, Mango Juice Wave, sends out a wave of tropical mango juice which allows him to damage enemies. He deals a hefty 75.7% of DMG, with an increase of 1% per level. At max level, he can dish out 140.2% of DMG, which is a devastating blow to enemies. What’s great about Mango Cookie is that his skill also buffs your allies. Mango Juice Wave gives them an additional 10% ATK for 7 seconds. This is a flat buff and doesn’t increase as Mango Cookie levels up. The skill has a 15-second cooldown.

Mango Cookie Toppings Build

Technically, you can build whatever you want with Mango Cookie. Compared to Parfait Cookie, he’s a more versatile character that can adapt to the situation.

However, if you’re looking for the absolute best Mango Cookie toppings, you’re looking at Swift Chocolate M and Searing Raspberry M.

Swift Chocolate M reduces Mango Cookie’s cooldown, allowing him to cast Mango Juice Wave more often. If you’re looking to rush your run and plow through your enemies, you should definitely equip 5 Swift Chocolate M’s on Mango Cookie. It’ll give you a 5% cooldown.

Searing Raspberry M is the second of the best Mango Cookie toppings. The topping gives you an additional 5% ATK, which should make Mango Cookie a more formidable opponent.

It’s important to mention that upgrading your toppings gives you random stat boosts. However, pretty much any stat boost will be a big help to Mango Cookie. Being both an attacking and buffing Cookie, he’ll benefit from both stats like ATK and DEF.

How to obtain The Mango Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

As with most other Cookies, Mango Cookie was easiest to obtain during the Tropical Soda Islands update along with Sea Fairy Cookie. Unfortunately, this update happened a long time ago, so obtaining Mango Cookie isn’t as easy as it used to be.

The best way to obtain Mango Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is to try and get a hold of his Soulstone. The Soulstone can also be used to improve his HP, ATK, and DEF. To get Mango Cookie’s Soulstone, you have to go through World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 12-12 and 13-27.

Stage 12-12 doesn’t guarantee you will get a Mango Cookie Soulstone. However, Stage 13-27 includes Mango Cookie as a reward. Therefore, you’ll surely get it by stage 13-27, if you don’t have it already.

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