Merge Mansion Hood Ornament Guide and Walkthrough

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Merge Mansion is an exceedingly popular game that you may have seen through ads on your devices. The game has a simple concept and many items players aim to get. One of the most asked about is the Merge Mansion Hood Ornament merge. This is because the merge is connected directly to a special event and its quest within the game.

Here we will teach you how to get the Merge Mansion Hood Ornament and complete the event as fast as possible.

What is Merge Mansion and How to Play?

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

For those unfamiliar with the game, Merge Mansion is one of the most popular and captivating puzzle games out right now. The game is set in a mystical and magical realm with an amazing story. Some of you may have seen the advertisements featuring Pedro Pascal, one of Hollywood’s most popular stars right now. Merge Mansion takes you through its story filled with mystery and discovery through its puzzles. The gameplay consists of puzzle-solving by strategically planning your merges and exploring to find new ones. 

As the merge mechanic is at the heart of the game it is important to get familiar with it. By merging many different items you will unlock new rooms and locations to continue merging. As you do this the story will piece itself and the mystery will be revealed. Aside from the merging you will encounter many intricate puzzles. Each will test your logic, observation, and creativity. For me, these are the highlight as they can be quite challenging, so completing one is quite a thrill. 

Another feature of Merge Mansion that stands out is the many characters you meet as you play. Each adds depth and expands the universe of the game through its unique charm. Some even aid you through tips and directions on where to go next while also granting you a closer insight into the story. Overall the game is an immersive gaming experience that you can enjoy on your phone no matter where you are. Furthermore, the game is quite lenient for today’s standards and allows you to play whenever and however you like. So what are you waiting for the mansion awaits you with its secrets!

Getting the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion

To acquire the Car Hood Ornament players have to play the Linsday’s New York Story event. This event puts Linsday Hopper in the spotlight as she navigates the big city. The event is unlocked once you get far enough in the game, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet. To unlock the event you have to simply reach the point where you have cleaned up the garage.

This will grant you access to Linsday’s New York Story but know that you don’t need to do this immediately. In fact, this story is completely optional but you should do it since the Hood Ornament is quite cool. 

Completing the Merge Mansion Quest for the Hood Ornament

Once you start the Event you will be placed in New York and start off from scratch. First, you will need to earn Makeup Tools and work towards merging them into a Nail File or something better. This only requires a few merges since it is only Level 4. Once you have the items you can use them to drop an item from the Lindsay Hopper chain and advance further in the quest.

Make sure to take note of all the items available as you are nearing the final stretch of the quest.

Merging Objects to Get the Hood Ornament

Finally, you have to merge all available items to Level 11 or to the Car Hood Ornament. Once complete you will be taken back to the Mansion and you can continue the story from there. The merging order is as such:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Safe
  • Bull
  • Bag of Money
  • Bear
  • Empty Safe
  • Theater Mask
  • Spray Can
  • Modern Factory
  • Car Hood Ornament

And there you have it simply follow this order and you are done. Overall this quest is quite enjoyable and quick but it grants you a nice ornament to improve the mansion. Lastly, it is important to note that if you do not take up the quest within three days of unlocking it it will go away. This is temporary as it will come back in a few days but it is noteworthy since it causes many new players to panic. Check also this God of War puzzle which can be fun if you like merging!

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