MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst: What it does + How to Get It | Destiny 2

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There are so many rare Exotic weapons and upgrades you can get. Some of the most famous examples are Gjallarhorn, Eriana’s Vow, and Vex Mythoclast. Most of them are versatile in both PvE and PvP, able to perform well in a wide range of situations. However, most PvP players will be looking to obtain the MIDA Multi-Tool and its upgrade, the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst.

With an impressive base impact of 61 and reload speed of 82, this weapon has quickly become a staple in PvP, namely game modes like Crucible. But for those who truly have their ambitions set high, this weapon is not complete without its upgrade, the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst.

Why is it so, you may ask? And once you realize the value of this upgrade, where do you even find it? Keep reading, as we’ll explain everything below!

What does the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst do?

As we’ve already said, the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst is an upgrade for the PvP-famous weapon, the MIDA Multi-Tool. For further context, in Destiny 2, Catalysts serve as upgrades.

Once you apply the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst to the weapon, it gains the No Distractions perk. The No Distractions perk is very useful in PvP, as it reduces flinch for a short period. The extra DPS you can get from this aim helper can become crucial in clutch moments. However, the perk doesn’t last all that long, as the description states. Either way, it’s still pretty useful if you’re not all that good at PvP.

Since its introduction in season 3, the D2 MIDA Catalyst has become a coveted upgrade for the beloved Exotic scout rifle.

How do you get the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst in Destiny 2?

First, we’ll talk a little bit about how to get the MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 2. It’s a simple task in 2022, although it used to be a lot harder. You can simply acquire it from the Monument of Lost Lights at the Tower for the low low price of:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 100,000 Glimmer
  • 150 Dusklight Shard
  • 1 Ascendant Shard

Now, let’s move on to acquiring the Catalyst for this weapon. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as acquiring the MIDA Multi-Tool itself.

Players will have to win the Glory Rank 3 Fabled and up. This essentially means you have to farm Competitive playlist matches up to this point to even get a chance at obtaining the weapon. Even then, there is a drop rate for the Catalyst, and it’s not always the same. Better get to practicing your aim, eh?

As you win more Glory Ranks, the chance increases. But what are the chances of obtaining the Catalyst at each glory rank, anyway?

How rare is the MIDA Catalyst?

Although the chance of obtaining the MIDA Catalyst increase as you gain a higher Glory Rank, the chances don’t look that good at the beginning.

Since you have to win the Glory Rank 3 Fabled and up, this is the lowest tier where you can obtain the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst. At this Glory Rank, your chance of obtaining the MIDA Catalyst is 5%. It’s pretty low for a start, but hey, at least it’s a chance, right?

Once you reach Glory Rank 4 Mythic, the chance increases, albeit by a little. At this rank, you can expect a 5% – 10% chance of obtaining the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst. 

However, this next piece of news may fix that sour look on your face! You’ll be happy to know that once you reach Glory Rank 5 Legend, the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst is a guaranteed drop! 

Considering you reach Fabled I at 2100 points and Legend at 5450 points, this means you only need to grind 3350 points for a guaranteed MIDA Catalyst drop! Exciting, right!? Well…

How to upgrade the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst

So you’ve sold your soul to the PvP gods and finally gotten the Catalyst. What next? Well, the next step is upgrading it! All it takes is, you got it, more PvP.

Upgrading the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst is perhaps the toughest job of all. It requires obtaining 200 precision kills in the Crucible while using the MIDA Multi-Tool.

This whole part seems a bit unnecessary, but trust us, you’re going to want this upgrade for the MIDA Multi-Tool Catalyst! Just hang in there a little bit more, and power through all those PvP matches. It’s a chance to improve your aim, too!

Is the MIDA Catalyst still good in 2022?

Whether the MIDA Catalyst is good for you in 2022 depends on whether or not you’re the type to want to grind for it.

If you’ve already got a good scout rifle and you’re not all that big on PvP, perhaps you’re better off investing all your hours of grinding elsewhere.

However, if you’re really into the Crucible and all the painstaking hours of grinding that are bound to come with it, this upgrade is a good choice for you!

When it comes to whether or not the upgrade itself is good, we think that’s a no-brainer. Who could say no to an in-game aim helper?

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