Minecraft Block Palette – 6 Stunning Japanese Texture Packs

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One of the beauties of Minecraft is the freedom and creativity it grants its players. One of the most unique ways the game does this is through the Minecraft block palette. These palettes are prominent in the base game and grant thousands of combinations to work with. For those looking for a Japanese aesthetic, there are many options to choose from in the base game. But if wish to take your world to the next level you can’t go wrong with texture packs.

Texture packs are free downloadable packs that change the appearance of items, blocks, and mobs in Minecraft. Each can serve as a wonderful addition to any playthrough and make it unique. Additionally, all texture packs are very easy to install and implement into your playthrough. This easily makes them the best way to adjust and personalize your game. With these, you can easily make Japan in a Minecraft dome or biome.

Important things to remember

Minecraft Block Pallete

Texture packs can be mixed and matched as much as you like so don’t be afraid to download many. If some textures overlap you may need to do some troubleshooting and pay attention to the load order. But if you download individual mods for blocks, armor, mobs, and effects everything should work with no issue. 

Furthermore, when looking at texture packs they may have a number next to them. This number signifies the number of pixels located on each block. The higher the number the more realistic the pack will look. It is also important to try and keep texture packs at least close in pixel numbers so as to not look jarring.

6 Stunning Japanese Texture packs

6 Stunning Japanese Texture packs

Without further ado here are our picks for the best Japanese Minecraft texture packs. We have included a texture pack to fit the theme perfectly and change each aspect of your game. You can choose to use only a few or all of the mods depending on your tastes. If these are not to your liking there are many more Minecraft texture packs located on Planet Minecraft. Each will offer you a unique Minecraft block palette to adjust. 


The first texture pack on our list may not remind you of Japan at first. But in fact, Jicklus has a lot of potential for this Minecraft block theme and its palette. The high-quality textures quickly transform the world and grant it a cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, when paired with the Spring Blossom addon it even further adds to the theme. We suggest Jicklus as one of the fundamentals for your Japanese-themed world. 

Yuushya 16x

Yuushya is a 16x texture pack with stunning textures spanning many building blocks. The 16x pixel layout perfectly pairs with Jucklus as the two texture packs complement each other. Aside from the many block changes Yuushya also features flower pots and a vast catalog with many decorations. The texture pack also has an advanced version that is more akin to a mod where new and unique items are implemented. Installing this mod can take your building to the next level especially if you get all the add-ons. Overall this is an amazing pack to feature due to the many options it offers.

Kal’s Grimdark Samurai

This texture pack is a pack focused on adjusting the look of each armor piece in the game. There is no better way to feel like you are in Japan than wearing a full set of Samurai armor. The best part of this mod is that it features each wearable armor piece in the game including the turtle helmet. If you pair this mod with our next pick you can fully immerse yourself as an ancient Japanese Samurai. Lastly, the pack also has many functionality benefits if the player is using Optifine. With this mod, you can adjust the wear of your armor simply by renaming it at an anvil.

Kal’s Katanas

Kal’s Katanas is a texture pack that adjusts the visuals of each sword in Minecraft. When paired with a Japanese armor mod the mod offers a very immersive experience. The mod perfectly fixes the immersion break of combat if you have already changed many textures in the game. Furthermore, the katanas look good enough by themselves and can be used even without other Japanese texture packs.

Rhines’ Kitsune Mask CITs

This pack is one of the simplest but best texture packs you can add to your Minecraft playthrough. The pack changes the carved pumpkin from an annoying wearable item to a cute accessory. The pack does this by changing the pumpkin into one of 12 stunning kitsune masks. The design can be easily changed simply by remaining the carved pumpkin in an anvil. Furthermore, even if you change the look of the pumpkin you will still keep its Enderman-repelling effect. This allows you to freely venture in the end with no worry of getting attacked by swarms. 

Japanese School

For our last pick, we have chosen one of the most detailed Japanese texture packs out there. This texture pack gives you some of the best Minecraft block palette options for more modern designs. It can also be paired with other texture packs to give them even more details. But as the name suggests the texture pack is best used in constructing a school. Furthermore, if you utilize any detailed shaders you can get some stunning screenshots. The best part of the mod is that it keeps getting updates and new features.


minecraft block palette

Minecraft block palettes are one of the best and most important features of the game. To add to this players can install texture packs to get a unique and better look. We highly recommend that you try out many combinations of texture packs until you find your perfect match. Just remember to not stress too much and simply trust your instincts and be patient if you encounter any texture overlaps.

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