Minecraft Igloo 101: Location, purpose, items, and more

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Minecraft has had its fair share of new additions with each snapshot. From the game’s simplest beginnings to the recent Caves & Cliffs update, Mojang is finding new ways to keep players coming back. Although the Minecraft igloo is not exactly a new addition, it’s perhaps one of the most intriguing structures

Many players aren’t even sure if igloos really exist in Minecraft. Even if they do know, they’re not too sure about specifics. That’s why our Minecraft igloo guide is here to help answer all the basic questions about these interesting structures in the game!

In which biomes can you find a Minecraft Igloo?

Considering igloos in real life are round structures made of snow, Minecraft igloos follow the same logic. They’re also made of snow blocks, and try to keep that round shape despite everything in the game being square-shaped.

Snow structures can only exist in snowy areas, so it makes sense that the biomes containing igloos are the snowy plains, snowy taiga, and snowy slopes. Typically, these biomes aren’t too rare to spawn and you might find several of them in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft Igloo

That being said, if you’re ever wondering where to find igloos, you can check out these biomes!

Are Igloos rare in Minecraft?

However, because igloos only spawn in the three aforementioned biomes, this also means that igloos are pretty rare in Minecraft. 

Considering how many different biomes you can find in the game, the chance of one of these three biomes appearing in itself is rare. Add that to the chance of an igloo spawning in those biomes, and you have a pretty low percentage on your hands. Basically, igloos are pretty rare in Minecraft.

Of course, some of these snowy areas have a better chance of spawning the structure than others. Because snowy taigas are so dense with spruce trees, you’re not likely to find Minecraft igloos in this biome all too often. We can say the same for the snowy slopes, as the lack of level terrain makes it hard for igloos to spawn on a flat surface.

Your best chance of finding igloos is in the snowy plains biome, where there is a large expanse of empty, flat terrain where the igloos can spawn.

What’s inside of a Minecraft Igloo?

A Minecraft igloo is pretty simple on the inside. The interior of the igloo has carpet over it along with a bed, a furnace, and a crafting table. It’s pretty convenient for a traveling player looking to explore the world.

Although this seems quite simple, most players never look beyond this interior. This means the igloo gets to keep its secrets hidden deep underground.

The “secret room”/basement in a Minecraft Igloo

The secret room in a Minecraft igloo is hidden beneath all the carpet. If you were to remove the third white carpet straight ahead from the doorway, you would find an oak trapdoor. Upon opening this trapdoor, you can climb down the very long ladder to enter the secret room.

Secret room

This basement, along with the way leading down to it, is covered in stone bricks. The basement itself contains a brewing stand, a cauldron, and a chest containing certain items, depending on your chances. 

However, the most interesting thing about these secret rooms is the two cages containing a regular villager and a zombie villager.

Igloo Villagers

These two villagers, locked behind iron bars and separate from each other, have been standing in the igloo for who knows how long. 

Igloo Villagers

Luckily, the chest and the brewing stand have all you need to cure the zombie villager! The chest contains a golden apple, while the brewing stand contains a splash potion of Weakness. Simply splash the potion on the villager, then give him the golden apple. After this, he’ll be back to normal in no time!

minecraft tab

However, it’s important to note that not all igloos will have a basement, so don’t be surprised after knocking out all the carpet only to find out there is no secret room!

What’s the purpose of a Minecraft igloo?

While the Minecraft igloos have no clear purpose (pretty much like any other structure in the game), they’re great for any travelers looking for shelter. 

The bed, furnace, and crafting table are great to spend the night, cook the meat from all those animals you’ve been killing along the way, and restock on your tools.

Basically, Minecraft igloos are there to make your life easier!

Minecraft igloo seed

There’s a ton of frozen world and igloo seeds to help spice your game up. Although there is no exact information on their existence, there may even be Minecraft igloo village seeds! 

Some seeds have an igloo at spawn and others have a bit of walking to do before you get there. However, each seed is guaranteed to have an igloo! 

A few examples are seed 1372204, seed -986625532, and seed 274644153. As of 1.18, all of these seeds will generate igloos in the adequate biomes.

Meta description: Seeing a Minecraft igloo is one of the more special events in the game. Check out our guide to find out why!

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