Minecraft Pink Glazed Terracotta – Tips and Tricks

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Minecraft has an abundance of different blocks for players to mix and match when creating their masterpieces. Whether you want a fancy hotel for your guests or a cute and cozy cottage for you and your significant other, there’s something out there for everyone. While there are some beautiful blocks out there, none stand out in their colors and patterns so much as the Terracotta blocks.

If you’ve never seen a Terracotta block in Minecraft before, you’re safe to assume that it’s quite similar to its real-life counterpart. The very name denotes what you should expect! The word has Latin roots, ‘terra cocta’ meaning ‘cooked earth’. In Minecraft, this block is great for a variety of uses. From creating intricate floor patterns to beautiful murals that will wow your visitors no matter what!

In this article, we’ll talk about how to craft Pink Glazed Terracotta in particular and learn how to work its magic. We’ll also give you a few ideas on how to make the most out of your Pink Glazed Terracotta. Without further ado, let’s get crafting!

Crafting Glazed Terracotta

The Terracotta we see in the game comes in many different colors. To craft Glazed Terracotta, you first need to obtain regular Terracotta. If you prefer to find it naturally generated, you may find it in the Badlands. However, you can also cut the search short and obtain it by smelting pieces of Clay. 

One piece of Clay gives you 1 Terracotta block when smelted with any fuel. You can search for Clay in Lush Caves, in shallow surface water, and by placing some Mud over a block that has Pointed Dripstone underneath.

Combining Terracotta with different dyes gives us the 16 colors available in the game. These are the Terracotta colors you can craft:

  • White terracotta
  • Orange terracotta
  • Magenta terracotta
  • Light blue terracotta
  • Yellow terracotta
  • Lime terracotta
  • Pink terracotta
  • Gray terracotta
  • Light gray terracotta
  • Cyan terracotta
  • Purple terracotta
  • Blue terracotta
  • Brown terracotta
  • Green terracotta
  • Red terracotta
  • Black terracotta

Smelting any color of Dyed Terracotta further gives us Glazed Terracotta. This is the block you’re probably truly looking to use in your builds. Glazed Terracotta can come in beautiful patterns depending on the color you used. 

However, the pink variety in particular has a stunning hue and design that can fit perfectly within many Minecraft builds and give them an elegant feeling! Let’s find out how to craft Pink Glazed Terracotta.

Crafting Pink Glazed Terracotta

First of all, it’s important not to confuse Pink Glazed Terracotta with Magenta Glazed Terracotta. While they may be somewhat similar in hue, Pink Glazed Terracotta sports a lighter shade of pink against the strong Magenta. 

Magenta Glazed Terracotta also contains directional arrows that are great for guidance. However, you cannot achieve an elegant design with Magenta Glazed Terracotta the same way you can with Pink Glazed Terracotta. 

Additionally, unlike Magenta Glazed Terracotta, the pink counterpart cannot generate naturally anywhere in the game. With that in mind, let’s move on to finding out how to craft Pink Glazed Terracotta.

For this block, you will first need to create Pink Terracotta, for which you need Pink Dye. Luckily, there are several ways to get it. You can use Peonies, Pink Tulips, or Pink Petals by placing one piece in the middle of the Crafting table to get Pink Dye. If you don’t have any pink flowers at hand, you can simply combine Red and White Dye to get Pink Dye. Finally, if you’re out of White Dye, you can substitute it with Bone Meal and combine it with Red Dye to get what you need.

Next, you need to arrange the undyed Terracotta in a circle with your Pink Dye in the center. You may use the image below for reference. This will give you 8 blocks of Pink Terracotta.

Crafting Pink Glazed Terracotta

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Now that you have your Pink Terracotta, you can place it in a Furnace. Note that you can only do this in a Furnace. Blast Furnaces will not smelt Clay, Terracotta, or Glazed Terracotta. Smokers, obviously, are the same, as they can only smelt food.

Placing the Pink Terracotta block in a Furnace with any fuel will eventually give you the Pink Glazed Terracotta you seek!

How to use Pink Glazed Terracotta

Now that you have your beautiful Pink Glazed Terracotta with all its mesmerizing patterns, it’s time to put it to use!

The way to use Pink Glazed Terracotta is about the same as using any other Glazed Terracotta block. The direction you are facing when placing the block matters because the texture of the block will change. This is so that Glazed Terracotta can form a complete, cohesive image when placed in a 2×2 area. 

Knowing there are four different directions in a 2×2 combination, there are 256 possible combinations of Pink Glazed Terracotta. This is also true for other colors!

However, if you want to make a pattern, this is where the numbers get much bigger and the possibilities become endless. It depends on the number of Glazed Terracotta blocks you want to use and what configuration you place them in.

Pink Glazed Terracotta Ideas

Now that we’ve revealed the amazing possibilities of Pink Glazed Terracotta, it’s time to give you some ideas on how you can make your Terracotta pop out in a room!

Option 1: Constant 2×2 configuration

Pink Glazed Terracotta Ideas

Mojang has already given us a beautiful pink pattern with this Glazed Terracotta. Why not use it? You can place your blocks in a 2×2 configuration over and over again until your Pink Glazed Terracotta floor or mural reaches the desired size.

Option 2: Repeat in one direction

Repeat in one direction

If you like the somewhat unusual asymmetry of it, you can place all your Glazed Terracotta blocks in the same direction. It’ll give you an interesting, almost leaf-like pattern with the pink variety!

Option 3: Mix and match

 Mix and match

If you don’t like how the Glazed Terracotta looks on its own, you can always combine it with other blocks! In the image below, we’ve alternated Pink Glazed Terracotta blocks with Pink Concrete around a Smooth Quartz center.

 Mix and match

You can also switch out the Pink Concrete for full Smooth Quartz.

Option 3: Make it a centerpiece

Make it a centerpiece

Placing a 2×2 Pink Glazed Terracotta configuration in the middle of an otherwise white Smooth Quartz floor will make it pop! You can do this as many times and in as many placements as you like.

Option 4: Chess-board pattern

Chess-board pattern

Finally, you can place two blocks of Pink Glazed Terracotta diagonally from each other with a different block complimenting the other side. This can create a beautiful pattern resembling a chessboard!

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