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All you need to know about Nadia | The Arcana

If you’ve spent your time obsessively playing The Arcana: A Mystic Romance and swooning over all the different characters, know that you’re not alone. Thousands of players around the world have tried out and loved this obscure but entertaining otome-inspired dating sim. It’s also safe to assume that many of these players have, like us, fallen head over heels for Nadia the Arcana.

Nadia is the countess of Vesuvia and her patron Arcana is the High Priestess. With an authoritarian and somewhat closed-off personality, she may seem a bit emotionally unavailable to the player in the beginning. Still, getting to know her may showcase a side that will surprise the player. Careful, courteous, thoughtful, and playful are all attributes we can use to describe Nadia.

If you want to approach this fierce and beautiful love interest in the game, you’ll have to be careful. As with every character in the game, different choices and actions can lead to different endings. Naturally, many players may make mistakes that lead to an ending they may not have wanted.

That’s why we’ve compiled a simple guide for all you need to know about Nadia Satrinava. We’ve also included a small FAQ filled with fun facts about your favorite love interest, just in case you want to go the extra mile.

Nadia the Arcana

Nadia the Arcana: How to get an Upright vs Reversed ending

What is an Upright and Reversed ending?

Much like every other interest, Nadia has an Upright and a Reversed ending. If you’ve never played the game before and don’t know what any of this means, fear not!

An Upright ending is one the player can consider a “good” ending. This is the ending where everything in the plot falls perfectly to place and gives you a cozy and warm ending with romance to boot.

In contrast, the Reversed ending is one where not everything in the plot goes as well as the player would want. Still, you get to keep your love interest, though they may have given in to their worst impulses. 

How to get each ending for Nadia the Arcana

The way to get different endings for Nadia is, of course, to give different answers during your conversations with her. While there are different sources to extract this information from, there is also conflicting information.

We’ve found that the best answer guide is the one you may find on the Arcana fandom wiki. This Nadia walkthrough tells you, at a glance, which answers will give which effect for Nadia.

Simply follow the guide and choose the answers with the Upright effect for the Upright ending, or the Reversed effect for the Reversed ending.

If you don’t want to follow the guide and want to try it out yourself, there’s a simple rule to follow. If you want to get the Upright ending, you should tell the characters what they need to hear in certain situations, not what they want to fear. 

On the other hand, if you want the Reversed ending, you should tell the characters what they want to hear. Essentially, you are letting them indulge in their impulses, thereby helping reverse them.

However, Nadia’s case may be a bit specific. Every now and then, you should challenge Nadia’s thoughts and opinions, and don’t be afraid to use your powers. Additionally, you should push Nadia to improve and correct the relationships she has with other characters. Finally, take incentive and be real with her. Nadia will appreciate a partner with a strong backbone that isn’t afraid to tell her the truth for fear of sparing her feelings. Still, make sure to be a kind and forgiving apprentice and person. All of these actions should give you the Upright ending.

In contrast, the Reversed ending requires a totally different approach. Always agree with Nadia’s thoughts and opinions, and shy away from your powers. Give Nadia your unconditional trust and loyalty. Tell her what she wants to hear and don’t be afraid to lie to her to spare her feelings. Always look to her to guide the way and convince Nadia that she is the only competent person she knows. This method, essentially, requires you to give up your backbone and bend to her will.

Nadia the Arcana FAQ

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get into some fun facts about Nadia the Arcana. Just like any other character, the greatest development lies in the details. 

Can you reverse Nadia?

Much like every other love interest, it’s possible to reverse Nadia. As we stated earlier, this is possible by selecting the choices that give the Reversed effect. The Nadia walkthrough highlights the effect each answer has on whether or not Nadia becomes reversed.

Keep in mind that if you do accidentally select the wrong option, there’s no need to fear. Selecting one Upright option will not affect your ending if most of the other answers you select are the ones that give a Reversed ending. 

Where is Nadia in the Arcana from?

Let’s do a bit of digging into the history of Nadia. 

Nadia was born as a princess in Prakra, as her family was the one ruling the nation. For those who are curious, Prakra is located north of Vesuvia geographically. So we must say that Nadia is from Prakra.

However, because Nadia was the youngest of six sisters, she always felt like she had something to prove and kept getting overshadowed by her sisters. As a result, she left Prakra and arrived in Vesuvia, nine years before the events of the game started. This is also where she would eventually marry the Count, Lucio, and rise to the position of Countess of Vesuvia.

How tall is Nadia | Arcana?

According to Nadia’s physical description, she is 5’10 or 178cm tall. 

How do Lucio and Nadia meet? 

While it’s confirmed that neither Lucio and Nadia are from Vesuvia, they still became rulers together as Count and Countess. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about their relationship outside of this. 

This part of their story may be concealed on purpose, to let the player imagine their own scenario in which the two of them meet. It may also just be an unimportant event for the game’s story and plotline. 

Either way, Lucio and Nadia’s story is an interesting one. It’s pretty clear from the lack of information and general attitude of the characters that their marriage was not driven by love, but rather by power.

Of course, this doesn’t leave out the possibility of a future update telling us the story of how these two characters met. Still, keep in mind that the story may hide behind an event or some sort of paid content.

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