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Mobile gaming is a controversial topic in the gaming world. Some consider this platform to be invalid in the world of gaming, while others insist that mobile gaming is real gaming. However, Cookie Run and its spin-off titles are changing how we think about mobile gaming.

This free-to-play RPG and city builder came out in January 2021 for iOS, Android, and Apple devices. Since then, it has had over three million downloads and a loyal fanbase.

With 6 game modes and lots of content to offer, you can collect different types of Cookies in the game and experiment with different builds. By building a Kingdom and collecting Cookies, you can become stronger and advance in the battle modes.

Collecting an Epic Cookie is an important part of the journey, and the Parfait Cookie can help you get there. Learn more about her and the best parfait cookie toppings you should choose. Keep reading!

Parfait Cookie: An Epic Cookie

Parfait Cookie is an Epic Cookie, meaning she’s smack dab in the middle in terms of rarity. Don’t let that fool you, though, as Epic Cookies are powerful and definitely a welcome addition to the player’s roster. 

Most of the time, you can get an Epic Cookie through their event. This means it’s best to grab an Epic Cookie right after its release. Unfortunately, Parfait Cookie’s release date isn’t all that recent, as she was introduced to players in August 2021. This means you’ll have to rely on luck to get Parfait Cookie on your roster. You can try obtaining Parfait Cookie’s Soulstone in World Exploration Dark Mode. All you have to do is go through stages 12-30 and 14-15.

Parfait Cookie Toppings

She’s a Support type with a priority position at the Rear. Her skill is Paru-Paru-Parfait, healing allies, giving them a buff, and increasing their resistance to debuffs. While casting her skill, she is briefly resistant to interrupting effects. The skill has a 17-second cooldown. Unfortunately, no Magic Candy is available for Parfait, so you can’t upgrade her skill.

Parfait Cookie’s concept is that of an idol singer, presumably mimicking the K-Pop industry prevalent in South Korea today. She also had her own event that depicts her life. The event ran until September 2021.

Parfait Cookie is a great choice for pretty much every game mode, although she’s especially great in PvE situations.

Best Parfait Cookie Toppings

While there are a few different toppings you can go with depending on what you want to do with Parfait Cookie, two toppings are the best choice. Those toppings are Solid Almond M and Swift Chocolate M.

Equipping 5 Solid Almond Toppings on Parfait Cookie gives her an additional 5% damage resistance. On the other hand, five Swift Chocolate toppings reduce her cooldown by 5%.

With these two toppings, Parfait Cookie can survive for longer during battles while healing her allies more effectively.

Toppings that give other types of buffs won’t do much good for Parfait Cookie since she’s a pure support type, unlike some other support types that can also deal damage. You’re better off focusing on giving her defense and letting her focus on healing her allies than trying to give her damage toppings.

Is Solid Almond Topping Best for Parfait Cookie Defense?

There are three types of toppings that give you some form of damage resistance. We’ve already discussed the Almond topping, so let’s review the other two.

The Fresh Kiwi topping gives you a 5% Debuff Resist when equipping 5 of them. On the other hand, five Hearty Hazelnut toppings give an additional 20% Crit Resist to Parfait Cookie. However, the Solid Almond topping is the only one that gives complete damage resistance.

Parfait Cookie Toppings

However, it’s important to mention you should upgrade your toppings before putting them on any Cookie, not just Parfait Cookie. You can do this by using Topping Pieces and Coins. This also gives the topping a random bonus effect. In that case, M toppings can have a total of three random bonus effects.

The type of topping doesn’t matter, as any topping can receive any bonus effect. If you get lucky enough, upgrading your Solid Almond topping will give you an even bigger defense boost. Even if you don’t get the 

Parfait Cookie Sub Stats

The sub-stats you focus on when it comes to Parfait Cookie will, naturally, vary depending on the type of content you’re looking to bring her in for.

For example, PvE players will want to improve Parfait Cookie’s ATK, DMG resist, and Cooldown Reduction. 

On the other hand, PvP players will want to improve DMG resist, Crit Resist, and Debuff Resist. If Parfait Cookie, the support, falls, your entire team is pretty much toast.


Overall, Parfait Cookie is a very strong Epic Cookie that can carry your team through several types of content effortlessly. Her skill and the amount of healing she provides to the team is a tough advantage to pass on for many players.

We’re also sure you wouldn’t mind having such a beautifully designed Cookie with a unique Skill animation on your roster. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the most out of your team comp including Parfait Cookie, and carry you to victory!

If you’re more of a Mango Cookie lover, you’ll want to check out the best toppings for him, as well!

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