How to make a Pixelmon PC & Start Catching Pixelmon

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It’s time to play Pokemon, but it’s Minecraft?! To play Pixelmon, you need to build the irreplaceable Pixelmon PC. In this guide we will be covering all the basics you need to know, how to build a Pixelmon PC, how to catch Pixelmon, and many more!

A brief introduction to Pixelmon

Pixelmon isn’t the best-looking game out there, but it’s probably the closest thing to an open-world Pokémon game aside from the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. It’s essentially Pokémon but in a Minecraft-created setting. Every Pokémon, from Charmander to Calyrex, has a clumsy, spherical replica floating throughout the earth. All you have to do now is look for them.

In a woodland habitat, you’ll encounter a bug- and grass-type Pokémon, whereas near the beach you’ll find water-type Pokémon. You’ll have to go to the desert if you’re a fire person. The world is generated at random, with Pokémon centers, stores, and even gyms strewed about. This does mean, though, that you can face a level 40 Graveler with nothing but your level five starter.

Getting away from difficult bouts and killing a bunch of Caterpies and Wurmples to level up your treasured squad isn’t new to any kind of Pokémon. Scavenging for Apricorns, fruit that can be used to build Pokéballs, and attempting to locate a settlement in the vast Minecraft wastelands where you may heal your Pokémon and relax makes for a unique experience.

Why do you need a Pixelmon PC?

A Pixelmon PC is essentially the place your Pokemon are ported to once you have caught more than 6 Pokemon/Pixelmon – the maximum number you can carry on you at a time. However, once an “excess” Pixelmon goes to the Pixelmon PC system, you can access it from any PC in the game.

Pixelmon PCs can be made, but you can also find them in certain Pokémon Centers, and sometimes Pokémon will drop them off, as well. If you want to pick one up with you, it will drop as an item once you break it (as per Minecraft’s standards) – you can use a pickaxe if you want to accelerate the process. 

The PokeChecker function also allows you to check the stats of your Pokemon on the Pixelmon PC by right-clicking the Pokemon’s icon. 

The PC in itself is very similar to “Bill’s PC storage system” in the vanilla games. You can consider this as the well-known “Someone’s PC” if you have played the original games. The PC contains 30 boxes with each having a capacity of 30 Pokemon, making the sum up to 900 total Pokemon! 

That number is barely enough for the 898 available Pokemon to catch at the moment. The PC has all the basic and already known commands such as withdraw, deposit, release and move Pokemon. However, keep in mind that the Pokemon are not healed when stored in the PC. Henceforth, don’t forget to heal them up before going into the wild or you’re randomly going to get wiped by enemy Pokemon!

How do you make a Pixelmon PC?

Making a PC is simple, but procuring some of the necessary ingredients can be difficult. We’ll show you the recipe first, then give you some pointers on where to obtain each component.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make a PC.

  • 1 x Glass Pane
  • 1 x Redstone Lamp
  • 6 x Aluminum Plate
  • 1 x Redstone

Open a crafting table and place the above-mentioned ingredients in the crafting slots.

As you can see, making a computer is just like making any other object in Minecraft. Some ingredients, however, can be difficult to come by.

You can make Aluminum Plates by pounding on an Anvil, or you can obtain it via Pokémon drops. Pokémon mentioned below can drop Aluminum Plates.

  • Bronzor
  • Bronzong
  • Klingklang
  • Magneton
  • Skarmory
  • Togedemaru

Redstone Lamp: can be made in the same way that they are in a regular Minecraft game or found at Pokémon Centers.

Redstone Dust: Similar to Minecraft, you can find them by mining very deep below the ground.

Glass Pane: You can make them in the same way as you would in a regular Minecraft game. You make it by placing 6 blocks of glass in a 3×3 crafting grid.

You can also use dye to change the color of your PC after it has been constructed. To change the color of a dye, simply hold it in your active inventory space and right-click.

Short guide on Pixelmon Commands and the Catching System

We will be listing some of the most useful and important commands you should use while playing Pixelmon:

  • /breed Gives the player an egg from the Pokémon they’ve chosen. The order will fail if the Pokémon is unable to breed.
  • /breed If two Pokémon in the player’s party are capable of breeding, it will produce an egg.
  • /checkSpawns [specific | type] Shows the probability of all Pokémon spawning in the player’s location. Only verifies the block the player is standing on if you add a specified argument. When you specify a type, you can only see spawns of that type.
  • /endbattle [player] If applicable, forces the player’s current battle to finish. It applies to the player who forced the command if no player is specified.
  • /freeze Turns on/off the movement for all Pokémon in the world.
  • /givemoney Provides the specified amount of PokéDollars to the designated player. Negative values deprive the player of money.
  • /pokebattle Starts a battle between two Trainers.

Catching Pokemon

You can’t become a Pokemon Master without catching wild Pokemon. The formula is very similar to the original games. Firstly, you need to locate the Pokemon you want to catch. Secondly, after starting the encounter, you’re given the choice to either throw a Pokeball immediately or to weaken it first. I recommend weakening it first with some not very effective to reduce the wild Pokemon’s health bar to red.

False Swipe is an amazing move for catching Pokemon as it never reduces the Pokemon’s HP below 0! Status moves, such as Thunder Wave or Sleep Powder are also very useful for catching wild Pokemon with low catch rates, such as legendary or mythical Pokemon. The type of PokeBall is also an important factor. For example, using a dive ball on water-type Pokemon increases the chances of catching. By using the right variant of a Pokeball, you increase the chances of catching your wanted Pokemon.

The nerve-racking moment of the PokeBall wiggling is no different in Pixelmon. After three shakes and a small spark, you’ve caught your desired Pokemon! The Pokemon instantly joins your party. If the party is full, it is transported to your Pixelmon PC. 

By following our guide on building the Pixelmon PC, and all of our tricks and tips on catching Pokemon, you’re guaranteed to become a brilliant Pokemon trainer! Go out into the wild and catch ’em all!

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